Tuesday, 24 September 2013

I'm Home!

I'm back from Ireland? No!
England? No!
Spain or Italy? No!
I'm back from Lower Michigan.
We started our trip in the U.P. where our daughter and SIL live with their family.
This always involves  hiking and exploring, as they are a very out-doorsy family.
Because it poured rain the second day of our visit so we went to Marquette's Children Museum.
I can't begin to show you all of the photos from there!
I have some very good videos of this Boa with both of the children and their Papa; with it draped around their necks and all that gross stuff.
But I thought a picture of it would suffice for you!
The bearded man in this photo is the Museum Manager.
Here's Lambert in the bear hug chair.
We next attended my SIL's wedding.
Again I did mostly videos so I don't have many good pictures.
We are so happy for Janie and John.
She is a beautiful Christian lady and has waited many years for the Lord to send her just the right fellow.
Lastly it was on to our son and DIL's home.
We all look beat, don't we?
We were on the last leg of our trip and it was late in the day.
All Little Reecie wanted to do was get  his Kung Fu Panda video playing.
Again-way too many pictures to show you here.
Today I am busy unpacking and planning my sewing and craft projects.
I know most of you have access to Hobby Lobby's and all kinds of fabric shops, etc.
I don't.
 So it's almost like Christmas for me when I get to Kalamazoo to shop.
More details on this in another post.
This one is already way too HEAVY.
I'll be back soon, hopefully with one of my projects accomplished!
Take care-Kimberly


  1. Welcome home! Love the photos of the grands :-)


  2. Looks like a great visit with your family!

  3. Welcome home, Kimberly! You sure had a great time, but it must be nice to be home, too. Enjoy your down time with your intended projects!

    Happy Autumn!


  4. You were all wearing a smile! Cute pictures and I'm glad to see one of you tucked in s well. Looking forward to seeing more. Glad that you have your sewing room restocked!

  5. I'm so glad you had a fun holiday with your family and got home safely. It sounds like you have some work projects to do. Hugs, Pam

  6. Welcome Home Kimberly, what a wonderful time spent with family...sweet Grand kids, enjoyed the pictures,nBlessings Francine.

  7. I didn't think that was photo heavy at all, Kimberly. I love that we were close to the same place at the same time. We were in Marquette last Wednesday. Love it there. xo Diana

  8. what a great trip and your treasures you brought home sound wonderful!

  9. Welcome home!!! You have been missed. What lovely pictures. Blessings

  10. You know, I live rural. So...Joann Fabrics and Hobby Lobby are about 45 minutes drive; nothing like your drive. But, still we don't get to those places very often, so when we do... it is fun!!! Even for us, Walmart is about 20 minutes... and I just don't like their selection. :/

    Your trip and time with family sounds like so much fun.
    Glad your home safe and sound.

  11. Glad you had a wonderful visit and photos . Oh have you ever tried Lens Mill they have everything crafty and it is a huge ware house store here is their website http://www.lensmill.com/guelph.html They have many locations I just don't know which one is closest to you ! Thanks for sharing . Have a good day !

  12. Kimberly,

    Based on reading your post, it sounds like you had a wonderful time on your trip to see family.

    I love marriages when the husband and wife are older and wait to find the right person (soul mate).

    You both look tired but happy, I can see you're enjoying the grand babies.

  13. Welcome home! It sounds like a wonderful trip full of family and fun and the perfect way to end summer and enter fall.

    This has been one of the busiest summer's of my life since my children were young. I completely forgot how much time a baby takes up in the day --lol--but I am enjoying every moment of watching my granddaughter each day.

  14. So glad you had such a nice trip. I bet you are glad to be at home again.
    So nice you got to buy lots of goodies on your trip.

  15. awe...safely home - glad to know!
    Lovely photos of your family and is that a snake I see be held by your grand daughter -- out doorsy indeed!

    And I did not think your looked beat - now if you did not have a smile on your lovely pretty face = then I would-have thought differently..wink!

    Happy to read you had a nice trip and you brought home tons of crafty goodies for your future projects - can't wait to see them..

    Thanks for keeping me posted..

  16. It's nice to see you back, I look forward to seeing more of your kitchen. So finish it and post some photos, please! Lol, I know how those things go, but I do enjoy seeing your projects. Have a good day!!

  17. It sounds like you had a lovely time visiting with family. I enjoyed seeing your photos. Welcome home! :)


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