Thursday, 16 January 2014

Bringing Back Red

                      I am adding Red to my kitchen.
If you’ve been a long time follower of mine you know that my past kitchens have always contained Red.
When I redecorated my present kitchen for fall I changed out my summer colours to neutral colours and left it this way throughout the Christmas holidays.
But I am so..done with the neutrals. For. Now.
I’m not sure if I’m just suffering from Cabin Fever, but I definitely felt the need for colour in the kitchen again.
Something cheery.
It always surprises me though, how much time a project like this takes.
My intention is to just grab a few pieces out of storage to add back to my kitchen decor.
But then it becomes a snowball of ideas  that just keeps growing and this simple (I’ll be done in a day) project ends up taking three or four days!
That’s how it is for me, at least.
Just look at the mess I’ve created!
But you know how it goes with decorating.
You try this, you try that.
You hang something, then it doesn’t look right, so you take it back down again and try something else.
I often end up putting half of the goods back into storage again.
I think it’s a good thing I’ve got such an easy going husband…
Who, by the way, has his own home project he’s been working on.
But that I’ll share with you in a later post.
So tell me, are you suffering any Cabin Fever?
Or are you keeping it at bay with your own projects?
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  1. Red just seems perfect in your kitchen!

  2. Love red, looking good except for the table, :). I do see many goodies on it though, Blessings Francine.

  3. I like winter so no cabin fever here...yet! I saw a red tea pot the other day while thrifting...would have been perfect for you:)

  4. LOVE red in a kitchen. Just seems to always work, you know? As for me there is lots of burgundy. However, when I change things out in a kitchen or anywhere for that matter I get rid of things. Generally because it has been around for soo long I am DONE with it, haha. I don't store or pack away decorator items. I am either using it or it is gone...maybe that is not very smart on my part. As for cabin fever, not something that happens in California. It was 88 yesterday! And NO, I DON'T like it being THAT warm in January. lol Enjoy your day Kim!

  5. I love red in your kitchen or in any kitchen especially if it's a white kitchen. Red also goes with aqua and turquoise so well and gives a nice punch of colour. I love what you've done Kimberly and know the 'dilemma' you were in when you decided to add things to your decor. lol Have fun! it looks great. I haven't been doing much decorating since the holidays and have kept a lot of winter things out so far but I'm getting tired of them already. Our weather has been really mild all week and I've been out to town so no cabin fever at this point. :)

  6. Hi Kim.. I love adding red every now and then and am doing the same thing. Or trying.. It takes so long to get anything done with the flu chasing our tails here in NB..
    I always love your pics as they are so cozy and warm.. I pinned one of your pics and have had it pinned over 45 times, I think..
    God bless.

  7. Kimberly,

    Your reappearing reds are perfect, paired with the turquoise and white in your adorable kitchen! Red makes me happy, and as you know, it is the star in my home. It is rich, but not heavy, bold but not overly bright and warm, but not hot, especially when paired with white, blue, or yellow.


  8. I love red. A splash of it here or there just seems to brighten a space.
    I am feeling less Cabin-feverish since much of the snow here has melted.

  9. I think that red in a kitchen is so cheerful! I'm knee-deep in photo training right now. It's that time of year - to study up before heading out for photo journeys.

  10. Red is such a happy color and I love it with the blue!

  11. I am a tried and true red fan. My kitchen features red with a light green for accent. Do I have cabin fever, YES! And I can get outside but it has been so gray. I am graving sunshine. Take care, Hugs!!

  12. YES, Yes and Yes!! I love the cheery cold red and use it in my kitchen year round but I think I need to renew some colors for just that little tweak that might just put a smile on my face....just like it did when I saw your post.

  13. I love the red you have put back. I always think red adds so much to any design.
    I bet it is because of the snow. You know red and white? Have a lovely day.

  14. Red it a wonderful color to accent any room. My kitchen and living rooms have the red accents. Now I'm thinking maybe the bathroom needs the same accent color.

  15. Red just feels good in a kitchen!

  16. I like your red.
    I have white Kitchen also.

    Not sure if hubby would like me decorate kitchen red.

    As you get older. Men get set in their ways with bright colors.

    You turquoise color cabinet.

    My Mom had same at cottage it was a brown pine look though.Or is that a frig.

    I know I love red lipstick.
    I wear that alott myself.
    My daughter sometimes wears a red coat with her long blond hair and pretty face as she has.
    She looks great.

    So enjoyed your blog.

  17. I looked as I went out.
    It is a turquoise or blue cabinet.
    Not a frig.
    Just like my Moms at cottage.
    She used to keep the glasses in there and every day plates and the cute fruit juice glasses. Which had so cute little animals on the outside. Like Rooster, chickens and an odd flower. Do you remember those?

  18. I love color - pops of color makes one a happy camper - I would hate to live in a world of all gray shades..
    I love your choice of red it's lively..makes me want to sit await and taken it all in - the freshness of a kitchen is always bring people into sit a while...

  19. I keep the color red out for the Christmas holidays all the way to Valentine's Day!
    I don't think of you as a neutral type gal anyway.

    (love the blue with red!!)

  20. Yes, I am suffering! I went out with the boys sledding yesterday and it felt so nice to be out on a mild day in the fresh air. I've been cooped up for as many as two and a half weeks at a time never venturing past the front door. Pathetic.

    I adore red in the kitchen. I am so not a neutral person and since that's all the rage right now, I feel very left out.
    Hope that we get to see the whole kitchen pulled together with its cheery touches of red.

  21. A woman MUST have red in her kitchen!

  22. A woman MUST have red in her kitchen!

  23. I love the color Red in decorating and like to have a hit of it here and there..Your kitchens are always so pretty and such an inspiration.

    I am not having Cabin Fever but I do dislike the dark, rainy days and the mass quantities of mud at the Little House..ugh. xo

  24. I so agree--I need red this time of the year! In the summer time I often go more pale--but there is something about the gray winter time that says, Kim--You need red!

  25. Red definitely warms up a kitchen! I have been keeping the cabin fever away with several projects. Just finished another one that I will post about soon.

  26. Red and blue are such perfect colors for the kitchen :) Have a blessed weekend.

  27. Oh, in reply to your comment on my blog--YES, YES I do love Mrs. Pollifix and I didn't even realize about our names. Although my name is just Kim--my Mom named us with names that could be used for both a boy or a girl....but I have not found many guys named Kim! There was another mystery series I enjoyed that took place in Egypt--they were quite humorous and I forget the name of the series!

  28. Love's taken over mine as well :-)


  29. Red is a favorite color of mine, as well.
    Cabin fever, or no, it's just a cheerful and happy color!

    We've been incredibly busy here... you'll have to read my post. I just about don't have any finger-prints left.. I've about worked them off :)

    Take care...

  30. I like putting everything out...but you are smart to be selective. Red is a cheery color and I love your beautiful bowl with the handle. It's gorgeous! You need a Valentine tucked in the center...or would that be too much! Enjoy your decorating!

  31. Red seems to belong in a kitchen.

  32. Red is such a bright, cheery color. I think it is perfect for your kitchen. :)

  33. I love red ---and my house is filled with it--especially during the Christmas season.. Your kitchen will be gorgeous.. AND--this work gives you something to do so that you can get rid of the 'cabin fever' feelings!!!!! Love it.

  34. Well, you know I love the red! I tried to do neutral in my craft room, but nope! I needed a pop of color. I added mustard barn doors. I just like bright and cheery I guess. I see others with neutral and love it, but it's not me. I have made a huge mess just pulling out my Valentines décor. Still cleaning up.

  35. Forgot to mention that I had that same little bluebird sign. I put it on the outside of the kids playhouse at our previous home. My son bought the home. Think I need to ask him if He wants it, or if I can have it back. lol!

  36. Always good to add a splash of colour to ones kitchen . Thanks for sharing . Have a good weekend !

  37. Kimberly- I have always always loved red in a kitchen. My hubby does not like red (I swear it is because his mother wore red lipstick and they had a love/hate relationship!;>) I think it is bright and cheery. My mother had red and white checked curtains in her kitchen for years and it always felt like such a happy place.

    Can't wait to see your hubby's project! xo Diana

  38. I love the red!
    Right now I am decorating with items my grandma left me. It is special. I am thankful for them too.

  39. Im not suffering from Cabin fever yet…but am soooo looking forward to heading to the cottage soon.
    I also love pops of red in my kitchen.
    I painted my whole craft room red

  40. I am! It takes the form of spending 5 hours scrubbing the kitchen from top to bottom yesterday, which makes it sound like it was a sty, but I mean taking things out of cupboards to wash the insides and scrubbing the floor on my hands and knees. That kid of cleaning. I keep playing with switching between loving neutrals and needing color. I think there must be a happy medium but I haven't quite found it yet! As for making a mess decorating, that's a given isn't it? ;>)

  41. I love red and have lots of it in my house. In fact, my walls in the kitchen are red! My kids talked me into painting this after I dithered about what color to choose and I love it. Happy decorating!

  42. I love red in the kitchen! Don't worry about the mess, from it might born a wonderul idea!
    Visiting from Throwback Thursday
    Greetings from Italy,

  43. Hi Kimberly,
    I say yep go for the red and color in your kitchen. It is you. Ha ha this coming from the white and neutral girl here! I think it will be so pretty. Go for it.

  44. Red in a kitchen is just so cheerful and comforting. I'm so drawn to it I made an entire Pinterest board just devoted to Rustic Red. You might find some inspiration from those photos even though they're not all kitchen pics.

  45. I love the red that you are using, but then I have always loved red and have always had red in my home. I hope you show more photos of your kitchen.
    I have been far too busy to even think about cabin fever. Most January's have found me suffering badly, but not this year. God is GOOD!!!


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