Tuesday, 21 January 2014

How To Decorate With Colour

How To Decorate With Colour
I wanted to share a few tips with you on how to decorate with colour.
Many of you, like myself, don’t live in a climate that allows us to have blooming flowers year round.
But never fear, we can bring colour and flowers into our home without spending even a penny!

Like here.
If you are like me, you no doubt have a stash of floral scrap booking paper in your craft room just waiting to be turned into sweet flowers;)
Do you have an old vintage suitcase?
I do.
A really ugly beige one.
I need to try painting it or decoupaging it like this one.

Now if I was experienced at crocheting, I know I would definitely want to make this!
So far the only crocheting I've mastered is pot scrubbers!

For more colourful inspiration please check out my Pinterest page and visit the Color My Decor board that Brenda started over the weekend.
It is full of many wonderful way to add colour to your home during these long Winter days.
This sampler is the inspiration piece for my latest project.
If it turns out you will see it.
If not, I think you know exactly where it’s headed for!
What things are you doing to brighten your Winter days, my friend?
I'm all ears....
and eyes!
I am partying here:
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  1. There is so much pretty inspiration out there and the more color, the better :) I did my new craft room in lots of color with a vintage theme - the color makes me smile :)

    I hope your day is going well, Kimberly! Hugs to you

  2. Good tips for having pretty colour in our world this time of year . Thanks for sharing . Have a good week and stay cozy !

  3. I'm not a big color person, but I do like pops of color here and there. Some great ideas. xo Laura

  4. You're so right Kimberly, this time of year especially, I need some color! My pretty stash of primroses is the way I'm feeding that need right now. That and my sewing with pretty bright fabrics helps a lot!

  5. Such a pretty and colourful mosaic, Kimberly! January definitely needs pops of colour to brighten both the monochromatic paleness outside, lack of sunlight, and dull and dark interiors due to the latter. Very inspiring!


  6. I was wanting a vase full of flowers so badly during our awful cold snap. I went outside and cut some hemlock boughs, worked perfect in a vase. My husband loved it.
    I brought the woods inside. :-)

  7. Very pretty---and loads of colors available when one decorates.... Another blogger today shared some colorful wall hanging --which also add color to one's room.


  8. Kimberly,

    Very pretty flowers, especially when it's so dark, and cold outside.

  9. Thanks Kimberly, need some color here instead of white, :). Blessings Francine.

  10. Well you've seen my attempt to add some color :-) Boy that teacup pincushion is the cutest thing! I need to get myself a spot to sew again. I never mastered crocheting or knitting- no patience! I love color so I'm all for more!

  11. Thanks for the great tips....all homes need splashes of color. Just has a way of warming the place...

  12. Great tips! I like to use pillows, flowers and pops of color like that to brighten up my days! I love to knit, I'm a one stitch knitter!

  13. Cheery colors can really do a lot to brighten my day during the winter. Thanks for sharing these great ideas.

  14. I love color and this year especially, red and turquoise which I seemed to pick up from my blog friends across the pond. I love your photos and I am going to order that pattern from Sarah Jane as that has been a saying in my family for generations.

  15. These are really pretty pictures and so bright and colourful. I think I visited Brenda's blog yesterday and loved it. I've been changing out my winter decor already for a bit more colour other than red and white. I just need it right now. When my tulips are done I think I'll buy another bouquet of something. Maybe even half off roses. Just to add more colour. :)

  16. I've been wanting to buy some primroses for a pop of interior color, but there are none to be found yet!

  17. Oh, I love that sampler...How cute. The crochet tea is adorable too..But I don't crochet either. I am headed to your board, bring colors make me happy too


  18. I love the sampler and I've always loved the quote. As for color, I love pops of color, but where I'd really like to see color right now is outside in my flower gardens!! :)

  19. I love to add red and turquoise to my decor, they do bring a cheerful atmosphere inside, exactly the way flowers would.
    I am going to check out Brenda's page.
    Have a good week!

  20. I just LOVE this post- I really like that second pic with the paper flowers. How fun is that! Now...where can I put some of those? xo Diana

  21. These are some adorable ideas, Kimberly! I usually have quite a bit of color going on in our home, except in January-February. It's not because it's cold and dismal (this is the AZ desert, after all), but I seem to need a time of restfulness after all the Fall thru Christmas decorating. Don't get me wrong, it is far from "Plain Jane" around here. My pops of color are mainly in our kitchen-family area and my craft room -- simple Valentine's Day decor and small doses of my favorite color, turquoise! No purchases required!

    Had to laugh about your reference to crocheting. I'm doing the pot scrubbers, too, but have found some wonderful YouTube videos sharing very easy-to-follow tutorials on Granny Squares, little hearts & flowers. I'm enjoying it and feeling that I'm finally getting the hang of it!

  22. these ideas are great - really like the idea with the paper flowers on the wall - that would be great on the wall of my Grand-daughter's rooms.. I have 6 and one on the way..
    Can't do much in the house we are living in because it's not ours but in my room I keep it bright with light colors on the bed and smelling fresh daily with melting wax....


  23. After reading this post and looking around, I need more color.

  24. YUP, color my world if you would please! Great tips Kimberly. I love throwing in color here and there!

  25. I love lots of bright cheery colors in my home. You probably don't want to hear how I brighten my winter days. (I went to the beach and it was in the 70s) Sweet hugs!

  26. Everything looks so cute and cheerful! Even though my home is mostly neutral in several rooms, I've gotta have color in a couple of rooms for the "cheer" factor! Thanks for sharing at Thrifty Life Thursday!

  27. Those paper flowers are so cute...thanks for sharing!


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