Wednesday, 29 January 2014

Paper Medallion Craft

Here is the paper medallion craft I’ve been working on, friends.
Done, finally!
When I ask you to guess what it was I was making, many of you thought I was working on lampshades.
Some of  you thought they might be cupcake holders….
And there were three who guessed flowers or rosettes.
You three were right!
This is a fun craft. But it is very time consuming. There is a lot of folding.
A Whole lot!
Here is a close up look of the extra details I added to a couple of the medallions by punching one with holes and cutting the other one.
If you are interested in trying this yourself here is the BH&G Tutorial that I followed.
Have fun…
I apologise for the poor photo quality. After three weeks Blogger still has not fixed the problem with my photo uploading, so I'm using Live Writer.
The photos are perfect there, but after they are transferred they show up blurry for some reason.
If you have any recommendations, please let me know.


  1. Those are pretty. Yes, it does look like they would be time-consuming because of all the folding.

  2. Ha, I would have never guessed that it was medallions. They look great, it was certainly worth the effort.


  3. These are so cute Kimberly! I made some small ones for rosettes for prizes at work, and while they are time consuming, I think they are adorable. Have you tried using a different browser than usual? I had a hard time uploading photos in Explorer for a while but they did fine in Google Chrome.

  4. Those are too cute! Could you make them out of cloth and attach a pin so that they could be worn on a lapel?

    My talented friend....hugs!

  5. Wow, they look great Kimberly, good job, Blessings Francine.

  6. Ahhhh---thought about 'flowers' --but thought they were too big.... Very nice!!!! Looks like fun! Thanks for sharing.

    Try Picasa --to up lead your photos...


  7. Kimberly-
    Those are JUST stinking cute.

    I love them. Wouldn't have guessed medallions in a "m'dallion" years...haha!

    I am using livewriter with my blog now and I like the way my pictures are turning out. AND- I also use Google Chrome. Not sure why the problem.
    Occasionally, I do have a problem with my pictures-- and I noticed I have dust inside the my camera, I can see it. I bought new rechargeable batteries(mine were 3 years old) that helped a little.
    But I still notice they seem a little grainy at times.
    so...maybe it's your camera?
    I don't know--just putting some ideas out there.

    anyway... love the paper medallions.

  8. I would have guessed lampshade. (As far as I know, my comment was gobbled up. I gave up after two tries. I do not like what is going on with Blogger or Google Chrome or wherever the problem lies. What browser are you using? I'd try a different one just to see if that makes a difference.)

  9. Kimberly, I would not have guessed.. your photos, two are great, the last one a little blurry, maybe a little out of focus when you took it close-up. I do all my photos in Picasa, edit, crop, frame, then save in " my pictures", then in Live Writer use "insert" and have no problems. I so like Live Writer, can do my blog off line if I am,perish the thought..., out in the boonies somewhere. with no internet access.. then save to publish later, if at home, can publish straight away. You have lots of patience to do these lovely crafty things. Cheers from Jean.

  10. Believe it or not I picked up my lap top right now to see if you had posted what those were, lol. And you had! And I LOVE them! Such detail. And yes, they look like soo much work! But certainly worth it. Hope you had a good day!

  11. Good luck with your endeavours.

    Thank you. Love love, Andrew. Bye.

  12. They turned out great, your paper choices!

  13. How darn cute:) I see my guess was way off. Lol

  14. These are cute Kimberly. I'm sure they were tricky to make but they make sweet wall art. Sorry I can't help you with your blog/photo problems. Hugs, Pam

  15. I love them and they are really cute. I think I guessed flowers...HA!!!
    I don't know anything about getting photos on here. Are you on Google+? That causes lots of problems.

    The ONLY way I can load pictures to my blog (using blogger) is when I am using Google Chrome. Otherwise they won't load- xo Diana

  16. I love these Kimberly. They do look like you put in a lot of work. xo Laura

  17. pretty pretty indeed I was far off in my guessing -- these would also look so cool in bright colors for a girls room on the wall.. Great idea -- folds after folds oh my indeed - get a group of ladies to help share the folding issues next time - treat them to home made lunch - wink!

  18. Well duh, now that I see what you made I feel like I should have been able to guess :) They look great, Kimberly! Beautiful job...have a great day tomorrow. Hugs!

  19. These are TOO cute, Kimberly! I was having other issues with Chrome and after I got my laptop back from servicing it, I found that the techies had installed Firefox and I'm VERY pleased! Have you tried switching browsers?


  20. Those are so cool!
    They would be a great way to decorate for a baby shower or birthday party or even a wedding.
    Thanks for sharing.

  21. OHHHHHHHHHHHHH...I like those!! Blessings

  22. Those medallions are really cute.
    It took quite a long time for blogger to fix my blogger issues. Maybe three months. Now I can but it was sure hard for so long. I think your photos look fine.

  23. Darling! It really adds a splash of pattern and color wherever you want one.

  24. Kimberly, an update on photos..Karen at Pixel Posts has posted a link that might help you. Her blog is on my list. Cheers, Jean.

  25. well, guess I was wrong...I had guessed a wreath.

  26. Yay! I love when I'm right! :) Nice color choices and they look cute on your wall.

  27. I love these cute paper medallions! You will be a Fabulous Feature from Great Idea Thursday's this week! Be sure to stop by Thursday night and grab your button :)


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