Friday, 22 August 2014

Window Woes

My goodness, can you believe it's Friday already?
I, frankly, don't know where this week has gone.....
Other than getting the new curtains made, it doesn't seem that I've accomplished a whole lot of anything around here.
It was one of those weeks when I just allowed myself to become too distracted by outside circumstances, therefore not getting much accomplished at all.

I'm in high hopes that my weekend will not be such a waste!
I have been wanting forever (it seemed like forever!) to find a window pane to hang on my wall. I've seen so many creative ways of finishing them, haven't you?
A couple of weeks ago, while rummaging around in our back lean to, I spotted an old window pane in front of a regular window but it had no glass in it.
There was my window pane I'd been wanting all this time right under my nose.
Well anyway, my husband removed it and I've spent a lot of time since trying to decide what to do with it.
I go back and forth between the two photo examples I have shown you.
I decided it's time to get your opinions!
This will be hanging on my kitchen wall, so keep that in mind when you chose.
Which one do you think will work best photo #1 or photo #2?
Hurry, ladies, and let me know so I can get this finished by Monday!
Have a good weekend-Kimberly


  1. Hi Kimberly,
    Two great inspirations. I would pick based on where in the kitchen you are putting it and are you going to need it to just be a a work station or art work. Ha ha not help am I!!!! I love the first one for a work station focal point for the kitchen. I know what ever you do with the window it will look great.

  2. The question you need to ask yourself is whether you want it to be only decorative or do you want it to be functional as well. Both examples are great, but they serve different purposes.

  3. Good morning! I will be as anxious as you to see which way people sway on for me, I actually REALLY like them both! But agree with Donna. Do you NEED a more functional item? Or are you looking just to "decorate"?? But imagining that doesn't help much, so if I am pushed up against the wall, I like the first one best...(but only marginally, lol) Enjoy your day Kim!

  4. beautiful!! I love an old window,, endless options!!!

  5. Hi I love them both but I would go with #1 as my choice! Have a nice weekend and good luck.

  6. What a great project!
    Personally, I like option 2.
    It is more decorative, than functional, but that's what I like about it :)

    Happy crafting !

  7. Hi Kimberly,
    Well being of the organizer type, I like the first one.
    I think that would be really handy to have all of those things in one place.

  8. My eye went to the second right away. Form or function...that is the question...

  9. Kimberly, I'm in favor of Photo #1. You can never have too much organization!

  10. I'm with all the rest, number 1!
    Please, show and tell when you are finished.

  11. Photo #1 is my choice too--it has practical use as well as being pretty to look at. Have a nice weekend!

  12. How wonderful that you had one all along. I have to admit I like them both. There are just so many options. xo LAura

  13. #1, you can alter, add, and the little hooks are perfect, and a calendar that can be changed each month, lovely. But also #2 is pretty, decorative, but my choice is the first one. Cheers,Jean.

  14. Both are neat, but this is a clear case of pretty vs. practical, and since I'm so aesthetically geared, #2 is an obvious choice...but that's just me!


  15. I think one thing we are all in agreement on is whether this will be a functional piece or just something pretty to look at in the kitchen!
    I currently have a memo board and message area in my for me I'd say pretty! #2 ;)
    I have one a window in my living room and I display my cross collection there.
    Now... as to the storage shed ...don't you just love finding things like this? Little surprises? I'm having fun going through my barn for that very reason.
    Have fun with it.

  16. Kimberly, Kind of hard to chose, but I do like the chalkboards. Maybe you could change it out seasonally. Enjoy it. Xoxoxo,Susie

  17. I guess it depends on how you're going to use it. In my house I know that #1 would be great for about a week, and then for the next 50 weeks the same old and stale messages would be left on it. I like #2 because I'd fill it with paper or fabric that I love, and then I'd have something beautiful to look at any time!

  18. Hi Kimberly! I am probably too late to say which one, but I really like #2. Both are nice and the first one is more usable, but the second one is very pretty :)

    Hugs to you

  19. I like the first one! Happy crafting!

  20. #1 gets my vote. Organization is a good thing ;)

  21. Well you know I love the 2nd one, but the first one would be great for organization in the kitchen. Are you needing that, or are you like me and rarely write anything down? You may have it all done by now.

  22. Number 2 if its art you want if you are wanting a place for your keys etc.

  23. I'm a little late in commenting on this window idea and I really like them both. I guess your decision is to do a combo which would look great too. Can't wait to see your window!


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