Monday, 1 September 2014



Hello friends
Happy September to all of you!
I am sitting here at the kitchen table this morning with my hot cup of tea and a warm (not woolly) sweater on hoping that this rainy and dreary Fall like weather is not going to last much longer....
I suppose one advantage to the rotten weather is that since I can't be outdoors I have had no choice but to keep myself busy in the kitchen.
I've told you already that I have made the new buffalo checked curtains. I am also now finished with the repurposed window and then went on to de-clutter my kitchen cabinets the other day as well.
This day I am going to work on converting one of my pantries into a work desk area. 
 I wish I could show you the before, but I'm guessing it doesn't take too much imagination on your part to envision a messy old broom closet!
I will take photos of the after (if I do actually get the project finished in time), when my Sis is here visiting.
But on to another subject...
I have made a Canadiana board on my Pinterest site.
I started it with vintage Canadian posters. But then I couldn't help myself.....I started adding beautiful photos from the gorgeous lakes, falls and wilderness areas of Canada too.
Like this photo someone had taken at Humphrey Falls in BC.
And a  photo of the coast line of beautiful Newfoundland.
I've included some timbits  tidbits of Canadian living on this board as well.
And also some favorite Canadian paintings too.
If you have the time and think you would enjoy it, drop by.
If you don't have the time, no biggie!
Also, in the very near future I hope to start a series on
I think it will be fun!


  1. Hi Kimberly-

    Love the pictures you have on your board. It sounds like you have made your rainy days into great project days. It is rainy and humid here today, too. UGH!

    Going to try to sneak back into blogland after my break- lol xo Diana

  2. It is a lovely 80 her today, but the mornings are cool. I think Fall is coming. I chuckled about your pinterest being one subject and them you couldn't help yourself!! best get back outside before our cloudy weather moves in. hugs!!

  3. Small house living sounds like a great idea. Love seeing photos of the beauty in your area. I have a Florida folder in pinterest for favorite photos. Sweet hugs!

  4. Sounds good ! Canada has a lot of beautiful nature and land . On my bucket list is to travel across Canada ! There is so much of our land yet to discover ! Thanks for sharing , Have a good week !

  5. You've been keeping quite busy! The photos you shared are beautiful! You live in a magnificent place.

  6. Hi Kimberly, Sorry about your rainy, dreary weather. We NEED rain --so you can send yours to us!!! It's hot here this week --after a fairly mild summer overall. I'm SO ready for FALL.

    Neat to add a Canadian board on Pinterest. Those two posters/photos are gorgeous. Such a beautiful area!


  7. I will have to check it out! You are welcomed to repin one of my polar bear photos from the Churchill area. Look for my Pinterest board for personal photo favorites.

  8. Lovely pictures. Looking forward to seeing your redo in the kitchen.

  9. Look forward to the new series... beautiful pics.

  10. Kimberly,

    Beautiful pictures, can't wait to see the kitchen redo.

  11. Gorgeous photos from the west and east coasts of our beautiful country. Seeing those people standing at the top of that cliff in Nfld. makes me terribly nervous though. Why do people do that??? LOL I'm such a scaredy cat though. I hope you have some nicer fall days to come. Ontario sure hasn't had a very good summer in some parts.

  12. I wish I could see those curtains! Drat your broken camera! Lol, oh well, some day you'll have a whole lot of posts to share catching up with all your pretty projects. Canada is beautiful and I look forward to seeing what you have pinned on your Canada boards.

  13. Funny you should mention it as I just started following you (all of you) on Pinterest and loved your Canadiana board! I'm still working on my porch! LOL! When I start feeling overwhelmed I go to your boards and it re-inspires me!

  14. I've seen a few episodes of Tiny house living- it looks very cramped to me, but if I had to do it, and could find a place to put all my junk, I would think it would be so much cheaper to live that way. We lived in Labrador- it was so beautiful..and COLD.

  15. Those are beautiful, Kimberly. It's been rainy here too and it actually inspired me to clean and organize my baking pantry. It's possible that no one else would notice the change, but it's nice to have it done. There are so many parts of Canada I'd like to see, but not drive to.

  16. Gee oh my, all photos are eye catching.. I hope one day I get take a trip to see all these beautiful's a plan.. Indeed!


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