Friday, 12 September 2014

Small Home Living Series House #3

For the third house in my Small Home Living Series I have chosen a 480 sq. ft. home that is located in Blanco, Tx.
I'm sorry to say that I was not about to find any personal information to go along with this Small Home Living house, but I think you will appreciate touring it none the less.

We begin with the view of the living/dining area from the loft bedroom above.
It's very warm and cozy, isn't it?
This next photo is a view from the living/dining room looking towards the kitchen, the bathroom and the loft.
I think this ladder with the shelving for storage organisation is an ingenious idea.
We had a ladder like this in our cabin.
 Were we still living there I think I might have had to ask Tim to build shelves just like these!
A fully equipped kitchen.
There are two doors in this bathroom. I'm assuming one is for storage and that a  shower is behind the other door.

The loft/bedroom area.
And lots of wonderful porch area.

I'm not sure about Texas, but here in Northern Ontario you could make this screened porch area into a summer bedroom.
 Wouldn't that be grand to bed out in the open were you could fall asleep star gazing?
Now that I have shown you three Small Living Homes this past week, please let me know which one is your favorite.
What is it that you liked that made you chose one particular home over the other two homes?
Small Home Living House #1 here.
Small Home Living  House #2 here.
And today's Small Home Living House #3.
I will give you the results on Monday for the over all favourite.
Until then, have a good weekend!
I'm hoping we will get a weekend morning that's warmer than the 30's here!



  1. They are all so beautiful. I wouldn't mind small home living. our house isn't huge anyhow. But I'd like my kids to be out of the home before I downsize that much!

  2. Love these little cozy sweet homes. All so cute.

  3. This one is my favoriteI I love the loft and porch!! Have you seen the show Tiny House Nation? You might be able to find it on line. I'm fascinated with this movement!

  4. It's a toughie to decide as there were features in each that liked. I guess #2 but I would like to have the screened in porch of the #3 and the loft like the 3 boys had in #1 too. I'm not hard to please! LOL!

  5. Another great 'small' house! I love the porch and the screened porch too. I think my favourite of the 3 is the second one. I like the old fashioned feel of it and it's decor. They all give one lots to think about in our world of 'too much stuff'. Have a blessed weekend.

  6. If I had to choose, it would be this last one because of the outside porch.
    During the summer,we live on our porch.

    (I don't understand why the photographer didn't put the lid down on the toilet! Pet Peeve of mine.)

  7. #1, the loft bedroom has been planned so thoughtfully, and I read their story, I can see they are such a loving caring family together. Hugs,Jean.

  8. haha!
    I had to laugh at Christine and her comment about the toilet...
    it caught my eye too. This is something I didn't learn until I started blogging!

    Now on with the house-- this one is my favorite. I love everything about it; the blue color on the outside, the screened porch. The basket storage under the step ladder AND! IT'S IN TEXAS!
    enjoyed seeing these homes. Thanks Kimberly for showing them off for us!

  9. Oh I want this one, adorable and so so cozy. Blessings Francine.

  10. House #2 probably appeals to me the most, but I like all of them.

  11. Kimberly,

    This house is gorgeous. I love the book shelve ladder.
    This house would look great out in the country overlooking a river.

  12. House number two is my favorite. However, this house has a killer porch. I was sad to see the porch unfurnished as it makes me feel the owners don't use it. Lovely homes!

  13. This one looks cozy and so cute! I think I like the first one the best. They are all great, though.

  14. I loved them all and would have to really think to choose. I love screened porches so I would lean toward that one.

  15. Hello.

    Great photographing. Design, composition and ideas. Very sweet atmosphere.

    Greetings and hugs.

    Have a good weekend. From Japan, ruma❃

  16. I especially love the ladder shelf. In addition to offering storage, functional, and downright adorable, it also defines the space.

  17. Oh my, that ladder shelf has me drooling. Love, love it! I also love the plank walls and that fabulous porch and sun room! Must come back and check out the other two.

  18. HI Kimberly, I like some things about all three.. BUT--the porches win it for me --so I'll choose No. 3....


  19. I love the ladder with the basket storage.

  20. cozy -- What caught my eye..was the ladder with the storage baskets -- great idea..


  21. I featured this home on my blog too! Kindred spirits :).

    I like features of each of them, but the screened in porch sealed the deal for this one.

  22. This is pretty spectacular Kimberly. I think the high ceilings and of course, the porch make this seem much roomier than 480 sq ft! Absolutely beautiful!

  23. Cute!
    All of the little homes have been so cute, and so well planned out.
    I do think that this one is my personal favorite though.

    Smiles :)


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