Tuesday, 7 April 2015

Bread Brags


Okay, I'm sure that after you have read the title of my post you're now thinking that  I'm going to be bragging about my wonderful bread making abilities.
Well, you couldn't be further from the truth.....
I think I gave up on making my own homemade bread over twenty years ago.
After multiple (maybe thousands) of attempts at getting the dough to raise, I finally had to admit this bread making was just not my thing.
But guess what.....
It turns out it is my husbands thing!
Tim has been making his own special whole wheat bread for years now.
He started out working it the old fashioned way.
You know all that hand kneading. Then he progressed on to a Kitchen Aid with the special bread making mixer attachment. Next to a bread making machine which he literally wore out pretty quickly since he makes a loaf of bread every week. Then five years ago (I'm guessing, I have a short memory), he purchased a commercial bread making machine.
 And believe me, it was well worth the investment.
Occasionally Tim decides to try a new recipe.
Last week it was two new recipes!
Both of the breads he chose were Italian.
The Focaccia is considered a flat bread and the Ciabatta (slipper in Italian) is a wonderfully chewy bread that is good, we think, as Bruchetta or even just garlic toast  to go along with your spaghetti.
You do see now why I had to brag, don't you ladies?
The breads were just too beautiful not to share with someone.
Now that I've discovered that Tim's bread making talents go beyond just the regular weekly whole wheat loaf of bread, I'm thinking, dreaming really, of a  batch of gooey, giant sized cinnamon rolls for his next out of the box experiment.
I don't know though, since Tim doesn't like sweets at all I may have to do a little arm twisting sweet talking to get him to make them for m e.
How about you, what is your favourite out of the ordinary bread to eat?
Do you make it yourself or buy it from the bakery?
If you would like the recipe for either the Focaccia of the Ciabatta breads let me know and I'll e-mail it to you.
Until next time-Kimberly


  1. Oh these breads look so good! Bread is my weakness!! My post today is about bread as well. :)

  2. Yum looks so good you lucky lady.
    I use to when I had a bread machine but that's it. I like to go to Panera for really good bread.
    Happy Tuesday

  3. that man is a keeper!!!!!

    I like to make potato bread, its just yeast dough with mashed potato added, and I also like to make sour dough bread!I have never made it in a machine though, just me and brute force, lol, I be thinking a machine might be good but I love the kneading part, its very calming,,

  4. Kimberly,

    When I first started making bread, I had all kinds of issues. The bread wouldn't rise properly. I finally figured out it was my yeast, and the humidity levels.
    Now, I bake bread all the time.... my favorite bread is Challah or french bread.

    Your husband is a keeper my friend, he knows how to bake!!!!
    Mine can only make spaghetti and boil water when in the kitchen.

  5. That's wonderful that Tim is the bread maker. My son is this family's bread maker. I do not even try to hold a candle to his delicious breads. A good bread making machine is a great investment...what brand do you mind if I ask?

  6. That is just wonderful! I would love the recipe for Ciabatta.
    I bought a heavy duty mixer, a Magic Mill and my bread making skills changed too.
    You do get spoiled don't you?

  7. Oh wow, I love bread. That looks very good. It's nice that your husband can make the bread . I have made bread before, but decided it's was a lot of work and I did not have that kind of time when my children were small, so I gave it up . Blessings, xoxo,Susie

  8. Good for him awesome way to go why not . Cinnamon rolls YUMMY ! Sounds like your gone have him busy in the kitchen lol Gota love a man in an apron hehe ! Thanks for sharing , Have a good week or shall I say a YUMMY week !

  9. My bread baking skills leave me breadless! No skills here, none! My mother was the Queen of bread making but nothing rub off. So you are one lucky lady! As for me one slice of bread and the I can feel the glue on the hips! Good thing no one bakes bread around me, oh my did I gain a pound just writing about bread????

  10. I love home made bread and I don't make it. I must say Tim looks to be an expert bread maker though. I'm not a big bread eater but if it's home made then watch out! Our son-in-law makes their bread weekly now instead of buying it and it's really delicious. I will buy brown bread or rolls from the local bakery once in a while to get my fix. :)

  11. Kimberly, I've never been able to master bread making, either. I love homemade bread and need to get another bread machine. They do a decent job, I think. Oh, how I'd love to be able to do the kneading and such myself...but I just don't have the right touch, I guess. Tim's bread looks delicious!

  12. Yes please to both recipes, they will be put to very good use here and our daughter's breadmaker too, Well done Tim, have you ever thought of going commercial and supplying a bakery with specialty loaves? Here in NZ, one lady from Europe did that, and her business is thriving, not totally taking over her life, but enough to be worthwhile.

  13. Yum yum, looks so good Cheryl. Blessings Francine.

  14. Lucky you!
    How wonderful that your hubby will bake bread for you :)
    My dad also baked bread for he and my mom, once he was retired.
    He loved his Zojirushi bread machine!

    I love bread and I love baking bread. Right now, my favorite bread is Squaw bread/brown bread, although a close second in ciabatta bread.

    Warm regards...

  15. I'm interested in the commercial bread maker! Tell me more! I've been making my own bread for years but had to give up the kneading as my arthritis didn't like it so I have an old regular bread maker and I make "no-knead" bread from Mother Earth News. I also love the recipes on the King Arthur website and they have a great "store" too online.
    I also use my Kitchen Aid mixer LOTS! Unlike Tim though I like sweets!LOL!

  16. home made bread making I bet makes your home smell soooooooooooo good.
    Wishing I could eat bread with out a tummyyyy iusses...wink-- look so yummy..

  17. Oh I do love me some bread! I have a wonderful crusty bread that couldn't be easier. Lucky you but I do love the whole process of making bread.

  18. I could never master the art of homemade bread making either. Your husband's creations look delicious. I hope you get your cinnamon rolls soon.

  19. These all sound so good. I would vote for some cinnamon rolls too-yummy!


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