Monday, 20 April 2015

No Weather Report-I Promise


I had to start my post with a promise that I would not be informing you of the local weather report here today.
It seems to have become my favourite subject of late!
So sorry about that, ladies.

Instead I'll talk about some happenings in my life that I've forgotten to mention to you.
Starting first with my kitchen corner redo...
 You see, I know just how much more exciting it is to you to know about my little furniture rearranging in the kitchen than it is to hear about how slowly the snow is melting in my back yard. Ha!
Well, it's definitely more exciting to me at least.
You might remember that I had this small china cabinet here before, but it is now moved into the spare bedroom were it has become a blanket cabinet.
Yes, it's true.
That photo will follow later.
I also forgot to tell you that I started work on painting my bathroom cabinets last week.
Whew, was that a job!
I first sanded the cabinet surfaces. Then I washed them down. After they were dry I painted the cabinets with primer. And lastly, I applied three coats of paint to the surface. I still need to go back and apply another coat in some places. So not quite lastly yet!
Of course by the time I got to the second coat and realised this wasn't doing the job, I remembered I'd read somewhere (Pinterest, no doubt) that you should mix a bit of your paint colour with your primer to avoid having to apply so many coats over the bright white surface.
As always, a day late and a dollar short!
I spent today gathering ideas for a new bag that I want to sew as soon as my bathroom project is finished.
Bag #1

All of the bags are styled very similar and each one has great tutorials to follow.
So what do you think?
Which one would you choose?
Happy Monday All!





  1. I like the outside pockets on Bag 1.

  2. I like #1, all those pockets, great for anything small.And the handles that go all the way round, super.

  3. Painting cabinets is a lot more work than one imagines sometimes. Soon you'll be done!
    I like #1, too, because of the pockets and the fun Amy Butler fabric (I think) although your fabric choice will likely be different.

  4. I love your corner re-do. It looks so nice and that old fence gate is awesome!! Love it! Those bags all look nice but I was drawn to #1 for the fabric colours although it has a few too many pockets which things could fall out of. I guess it depends on what it will be used for. Can't wait to see what you make and also to see your bathroom. You've been busy! Have a great week Kimberly.

  5. I have absolutely no idea how I have missed all your posts...they haven't been coming up on Blogger Dashboard. I got caught up this morning. You have been very busy and I can't wait to see the latest...the bath.

  6. Kimberly,

    You've been busy I see :-)

    I have some painting myself, just trying to get motivated to do it.

    I love all the bags!!

  7. I really love how you used that old metal fence (maybe) on top of your cabinet like that!
    What a great idea!!!!

  8. I love all the details in your kitchen corner, I assume that old phone doesn't work, but it sure is cute! Painting cabinets isn't for cowards, haha, I found that out when we painted the kitchen cabinets a few years ago and now they need some touch-ups where the paint has worn.
    I like all the bags, #2 catches my eye with the outside pocket, which I always seem to need. It depends what you will be using it for. I look forward to seeing your fabric choices :)

  9. Wonderful kitchen corner! (I never know what to do with all the extra blankets...good idea you had.) No snow here. PTL! Yours will soon be a distant memory.

  10. Oops...I vote for 1... maybe it's because I like the fabric best???

  11. I like all the bags, and could probably use these for many different you go ahead and make me a few, ok? Just teasing! I do like that chevron pattern!
    Storms rolled past us last night with nary a drop of water..lots of wind though. I hope your snow is MELTING!!

  12. I like number 1 with all the pockets . Raining here today and chilly . Glad you snow is melting . Some times with furniture you just have to change them up . Thanks for sharing , Have a good day !

  13. Is that your kitchen with the gate and that nifty pay phone?? That is awesome.
    I wanted to see your bathroom cupboard. I need to do that this summer. So thanks for the hint about the primer.
    I would have a hard time deciding about the bag. I like them all but I think I would make the first one with the outside pocket. So, I am curious about the weather, is the snow gone?

  14. I like #1- for color and function!

    Your kitchen looks good all organized like that. And, that is quite a job to paint the bathroom cabinets. That is a lot of coats. xo Diana

  15. Kimberly, Ha, this is more fun than the weather...but I laughed as I read how you sneaked in the fact that the snow was melting slowly. LOL. Those are very pretty totes. Hope you are enjoy your time. We should be getting thru this week , then have nice days again. I just want to sit on the porch. Blessings, xoxo,Susie

  16. Sweet kitchen nook, love that blue cupboard still. Great looking bags, very nice.Blessings Francine.

  17. I think I like that first bag the best. I really like the fabric in that one. Your kitchen nook looks great. You have a good eye for coordinating and decorating.

  18. Looks like #1 is the winner Kimberly. Sorry I haven't visited lately. Hope all is well. I'm going to read some of your recent posts now to catch up.

    I see it's still cold there. Believe it or not, up until last week we still had some snow on the ground too!

  19. Your dining corner looks so CUTE!
    Love the phone graphic and the old phone.
    That bag is adorable too... I like the one you made for your MIL...
    all of these are so cute.
    I love the green and turquoise!
    make that one.... hehehe!


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