Monday, 13 April 2015

Signs of Spring


This photo, ladies, is my contribution to all of those being presented out there in Blogland as proud signs of Springs arrival.
No pretty photo of purple crocus's showing their full faces or daffodils inching their way through the Springs warming soil here. 
 I have to tell you though, it's "A" okay with me. Just seeing the bare ground once again has me jumping for joy!

Not bad...
And this thermometer was in the shade.
 Our car's reading was 15C, or somewhere around 64F today.
Glorious warmth again, whether it's in Centigrade or Fahrenheit!

 The sounds of  water running was like music to my ears. You could hear it running off of the roofs and trickling down the roads.

Our front side walk-encouraging!

Our back yard-not so much.
On the back side of the screened in porch the snow is still waist deep.
But it's getting there....
All in all it's been a beautiful Sunday!

I want to end this day by sharing with you one of my favourite old songs. I was reminded of it this morning when it was performed on a Sunday program I watch each week.
Hopefully it's a favourite of yours and you'll enjoy it too.



  1. Still waist deep? Oh my goodness! It does sound like spring is coming though!!

  2. So glad to hear you are getting some warmth there finally. :-) I hope you can get rid of the rest of that snow soon.

  3. Spring is definitely coming to your neck of the woods - yippee! Wishing you a beautiful and warm week. Hugs!

  4. I hear you Kimberly! It's so exciting to see the thermometer go above freezing and to see the snow melt. I like this version of His Eye is on the Sparrow. I've never heard of this group before. Lovely.

  5. Hahahahaha...I just wrote up tomorrow's post and it looks so much like yours! Maybe I should rethink posting it. It's a little above 70°F here today and the sound of running water is a joy. It won't take long, at this rate, for that snow to go.

  6. Oh- Your weather is so much like ours--but I will say-that just about all of our snow is fully gone. yay!!!

    That is a beautiful old son. The pastor's wife in our old church used to sing this-so I always hear it in her voice. xo Diana

  7. Oh my, Now I feel like a complete whiner. Here I have been feeling bad about our weather after seeing some of the California bloggers talk about their gardens in full bloom, (don't read California blogs this time of year if you live in a cold climate!)and you have it much worse that I do. The snow is melted here and I have one crocus blooming and daffodils ready to bloom. I can tell you, it's nothing but spring from here on out:>) That's a good thought isn't it?!

  8. You just keep jumping for joy, and in no time you'll have tulips popping through the ground:)
    Happy Spring!

  9. At least the snow is melting and the temps are warmer! Happy spring to you.

  10. Spring?? With waist-deep snow?? Some bare patches are a good sign, and before too long the grass will show, bulbs will pop up, and that degree will be higher on the thermometer. Down here, lots of snow, both North and South Islands, roads and schools closed, a good start for the ski season.

  11. Well I will just have to take your word for it that these are all signs of spring, lol. Goodness looks like a lot of snow still. But with those temps it won't be long I am sure. LOVE that hymn. Hope you have a good week!

  12. I am so glad you have spring!!! It is so nice to see you have dirt.
    I think it looks lovely.

  13. Yay for melting snow! I know you are longing for spring flowers and hopefully it won't be long now.
    I love this song and while I haven't heard this group before, they are wonderful! Have a nice week!

  14. Kimberly,

    Finally signs of Spring. After reading your post about Spring, I bet you're smiling from ear to ear.

    Enjoy the signs of Spring, soon they'll be flowers and green grass to make you smile even more :-)

  15. glad to see a bit of grass - but still so MUCH snow YET to be melted..wink!
    Glad snow is melting...


  16. I know exactly how you feel, Kimberly as I watch and appreciate the same signs.. grin..
    Blessings.. xo

  17. Our snow is all gone but we went up to Petoskey and the bay was still covered in ice. You could see steam rising off of it from the warmth of the day. I doubt it will last much longer. Come on spring!


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