Monday, 6 April 2015

Monday Thoughts

I can't believe it's Monday already.
I wonder where last week has gone...
I did get a couple of projects finished last week! One was a closet conversion. Tim and I turned our office closet into a sewing nook for me.
More about this later this week!
I will share my small kitchen pantry conversion with you today.
I actually finished this closet before we went west to the Yukon last Fall, but I didn't have a camera at that time to take a photo to share with you.
As you can see I went a little crazy with the scrap paper squares!
I do like how it turned out, if I may say so myself.
I haven't started using it yet, but I think this little nook will work great for my blogging!

Here is a closer look at the stool that I painted to match the little office nook.
I'm sorry to see that the photos are so rotten. I can't figure out why they are so fuzzy.
They were clear in my photo gallery-very strange.
 The forecast this week is for below zero temps again.
Fortunately I have tons of things to keep me busy inside.
Hope your week is beginning with a smile.





  1. Kimberly,

    I love your desk and stool to work from, great conversion!!!

    I hope you and your husband had a beautiful Easter?

    The cooler weather I would rather have than tornadoes. Severe weather expect for us this week Monday through Thursday.

    Stay warm!!!

  2. I just love the black white and red and grey,, its so classy! I see cherries in my mind when I see this, have a great week, its cold here as well,

  3. A place of your own to work in, leave papers to read, words to type, lovely, So glad your Easter was at home.

  4. I am loving what I see so far..perfect to have a little place for it all. I did alot of embroidery last week (it's on my blog now) and I thought about you while I was doing it. I don't know anyone else with a machine. I am excited to see what you turn out. The stool is adorable! Have a good week..

  5. Red and black seem to give off so much energy! I love it! Enjoy your week my friend. Hugs, Diane

  6. Fun colors!
    Looks like a very cheerful space, and the little stool is adorable!

    Have a great new week!


  7. Oh Kimberly, what a sweet little nook! I love the colors and the stool is just darling.

    Have a wonderful week. Hugs!

  8. How very nice, I can't wait to see all of the rest of your projects.
    I love that little nook. Oh goodness, 0 temps!! I would be glad for inside projects too. Have a wonderful week.

  9. That turned out great, Kimberly. I love your cute stool, too. I am so glad you are home now and I am anxious to see your closet conversion. xo Diana

  10. That's cute, Kim! I hope that you get to mostly look at the stool without having to sit on it long. It would never work for my blogging! LOL! Perhaps that's the trick to time management.

  11. I really like the way you used scrap paper squares to decorate the nook. And the painted stool is cute, too!

  12. I hope your weather warms up soon! Meanwhile, you can blog away in your cute new nook.

  13. Love your little office in the closet! Great idea. The stool is sweet.

  14. Darling! You are so talented! The pictures look clear to me....maybe your eyes are tired? What a cute craft nook.
    You have below zero? Doesn't Spring come to the Yukon? LOL!
    Your painting on the stool is so pretty. It reminds me of Dutch designs. did you copy it or just think it up yourself? Very pretty!

  15. very thrilled your back home in your comfort zone.. That fun place to retreat to...your are SO creative your ideas!

  16. I love your nook and the stool you made to match. What a cozy place! I hope you had a nice Easter. I am behind on reading and commenting on blogs and trying to get caught up.


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