Monday, 18 May 2015

Blue Bells

The Blue Bells have opened, the Bears have come out of their dens, and it was a whooping 25C (78F) here today.
Oh, wonderful glorious Springtime, at last!
The Blue Bell Vignette came together as a result of the need to rearrange my front flower beds.
And as you can see, we are enjoying lounging in our summer porch once again.
Tim was kind enough to move all of my porch furniture out of storage a couple of weeks ago.
I loved the way that I had originally set it up last year.
So much so that I went back to my post here, and copied it to a 't' again this year.
For a person who is constantly changing my decor, I believe I've surprised even myself with this action!
Well, it's not Texas for sure.
But with my Blue Bells, the nice hot weather, and a glass of iced sweet (heaven forbid) tea, I feel like I could've been in Texas.
However having visited Texas in even late summer I believe I'll leave Texas to my three nephews who love to call it Home Sweet Home.



  1. 25 wow!!!! You certainly have spring, your Bluebells are beautiful! I also love the turquoise, container, great color, my new favorite color,

  2. Morning Kimberly, Love the sweet blue blooms, so pretty. Glad your enjoying warm weather, snowed here last night yuk!!!!!!! Blessings Francine.

  3. I'm a delighted that you are finally getting Spring weather . . . enjoy!
    Connie :)

  4. Kimberly,

    Spring is in the air!!!! Bluebells are so pretty, and vibrant.

  5. How pretty! When springs comes to the North it is such a treat!

  6. The blue bells are so pretty and glad you have nice weather!

  7. Lovely colours together. and a perfect setting on your porch.

  8. It's great that finally, porch sittin weather is here :)

    Have a great week!!


  9. At first I didn't realize the temperature was Celsius and thought 'wow, it's still cold there' lol. But 78 seems a bit more in line with Spring ;).

  10. I love that green table! How cute. So nice to see spring flowers and to be able to enjoy decks and porches now. Your porch looks like a great spot. I'm going to go back to your link to refresh my memory of what it looks like. Enjoy!

  11. Wonderful! I am very happy for you! Your porch is so completely wonder you copied yourself.

  12. warmer weather is always welcome after such a long winter..thrilled to dead for you..


    PS - like that unique green table - eye catching..

  13. Blue bells looks beautiful with bright blue color...

  14. Bluebells are wonderful spring flowers. How great to sit on your porch and enjoy the season!

  15. The bluebells are beautiful! So glad to hear spring has finally arrived for you.

  16. so nice to see the weather warming and the flowers popping up. Your pretty flowers are one of my favs to see first thing in the spring.....they are actually called 'grape hyacinths' (still pretty no matter what they are called though) :)
    Love your "camp and cottage living" rocker.


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