Monday, 25 May 2015

Marigolds, Bees, Forget-Me-Nots, and Tulips

A Collage of Spring Flowers
Last week was an unusual one....
We had several days of warm weather and sunshine followed by a drop to freezing temperatures and snow!
The last two days were warm again-27C (78F).
Yesterday we made a quick trip down to Sault Ste. Marie, Michigan. While there we always do a bit of shopping.
However, now that the exchange rate makes our Canadian dollar twenty percent less than the US dollar, it isn't a whole lot cheaper to shop across the border any longer.
We can still get dairy and poultry products for less in the US, so we bought milk, cream, eggs, and cheese.
When passing through customs this trip imagine our surprise when the border agent ask us if we had bought any eggs or chickens.
After the usual "Do you have any alcohol or tobacco to claim?", "Are you bringing any firearms across?" "Did you purchase any produce while visiting the states?"
He ask, "Did you purchase any eggs or chickens while visiting the states?"
"Yes, why?"
No answer.
"See that green disposal bin over there (he points to one), throw all of your eggs in it."
We reply "okay" not wanting to hold up a whole line of cars that were behind us with more questions and also knowing that the news is just covered with the tragic bird flu outbreak happening in the US, so this must somehow be related to it.
Well, to make this long story short...
As Tim was disposing of our four dozen eggs (nearly ten bucks worth), he spoke with another border patrol who said that the eggs had been purchased from an Indiana egg farm (one of the states that has been hard hit by this bird flu) and therefore is not allowed in Canada.
I am reporting this as a warning to any of my Canadian friends who may occasionally do grocery shopping across the border.
I wish I could have been forewarned.
I am just so grateful that Tim changed his mind about purchasing chicken or our loss would have been so much greater!

Before I wrap this post up for the day I have a question...
Can anyone tell me what this perennial plant is?
It has a very sweet fragrance to it.
I am wondering if it isn't a herb...
Please let me know before I poison myself by trying to make a tea from it.
Just kidding!
I have an announcement to make tomorrow, so please come back to find out what it is.
It is very important!!!
Until then-Kimberly


  1. Oh, to have to dispose of the eggs, what a blow, I hope they all cracked well, and could not be recovered by the border patrols. Your plant? not one I know. Stay warm, or cool, according to the dayt.Down here 3Celsius earlier, snow galore down south, and 2 hours north of us.Winter has arrived, merino from top to toe now.

  2. I was across to sault michigan last weeks and they asked us on our return as well, we didn't buy any but my friend did, chicken breasts, into the same green garbage can
    you have my attention now, lol, wondering what the surprise is, are you moving again?

  3. Shame about the eggs. We aren't close enough to any border crossings to shop down there. Hm-m-m wonder what your surprise is .....

  4. I'm not sure about the plant but I'm anxious to hear your news! I'm sorry about the eggs too...what a shame! Sweet hugs, Diane

  5. Oh that is crazy about the eggs! Better to be safe though! I love forget me nots!

  6. What a sinking feeling that must have been to throw all those eggs away! I didn't realize that there was a problem in Michigan. It makes me even more glad that we have our own little flock. Earl looked up information on the bird flu and chickens that are in an enclosed coop are quite unlikely to be exposed. They have their little outdoor run but it is enclosed completely so no other wild birds can get in.

  7. Oh that is a shame to have to throw the eggs away. Will be watching for the news you have! Take care and enjoy your week.

  8. What a shame to have to throw away all the eggs! Honestly, they should post a sign before you enter or have the guard advise one not to purchase certain food items that are banned at the time. It's just wasteful. I like your flower collage. Very pretty. Strange weather indeed. We had snow flurries on Saturday morning for a while. Yesterday and today have been very warm and humid. Your mystery plant looks familiar but I can't name it. Sorry. I'll watch for your announcement tomorrow.

  9. Kimberly,

    Birds and eggs are issues right now with the bird flu. I can understand they're trying to prevent issues however, it's costly to those people shopping. Were there any notices in the place where you shopped about bird flu?

    That plant looks almost like an herb, the leaves are close to the Italian parsley or Cilanto. Have you taken a leaf off and moved it around in your fingers to see what it smells like?

  10. What bird flu? I haven't heard anything and I watch the news every night. I do buy organic eggs but I don't know if that makes a difference or not when it comes to bird flu. Maybe it was just in Indiana? So sorry about your eggs though...I guess there was no savings there.

  11. I've been a way for a while -- now I am enjoy reading your post catching up on all the happenings.. your Collage of your Spring Flowers are lovely!!



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