Tuesday, 12 May 2015

Someone Pinch Me!


Yes, pinch me!
Because I can not believe that it had been three weeks since I had written my last blog post.
When I calculated the length of my absence I was floored.
I did spend part of that time working on a Mother's Day bag for my MIL.
As many of you know my own Mother passed away a little over two years ago. I try to concentrate on what a wonderful mother she was and not on my loss and just how much I miss her on this special day, but it isn't always easy...
 Tim and I are especially appreciative that we still have his mother here with us though. She is the last remaining of our parents now.

Nana (our children's name for her) and I went to a very nice women's tea on Saturday.
It was one of the nicest teas I had been to in recent years-real cucumber sandwiches and yummy tarts, followed by several cups of  good strong tea!

In case you haven't caught on yet, the photos are of the knitting bag that I made for her as a Mother's Day gift!
You might remember that I had finished the cross stitching panel while we were in the Yukon, the rest I put together this last week.

Believe it or not, the very hardest part of the whole bag was sewing the X stitched reinforcements.
I wanted them to look perfect!
Did you notice the beautiful pink embroidered flower located on the centre brown panel?
 It was created with my new embroidery machine..
Naturally, my mind is just spinning with all sorts of plans for this little Brother of mine.
But before I can have any fun with the new machine I have to devote myself to making two Quiet Books for our two youngest grandsons for Nana to deliver to them when she heads back down south to visit.
Wish me luck, as I've got a feeling they are going to be a whole lot of work after looking at all of the little pattern pieces I'm going to have to cut and sew.
I hope you all had a great Mother's Day and I also hope you don't get the snow they are predicting for me here tomorrow!


  1. what a beautiful job you did on that bag, it is amazing! Your husbands Mother is truly a treasure to the family, we miss them so much when they leave, she will love this bag, your new machine is wonderful and I predict many creative pieces in the future!

  2. That is a beautiful bag and I know it will be appreciated by your MIL. We heard about the snow up there, and I just shuddered. Hopefully it isn't as bad as they were predicting.

  3. Oh it came out beautifully! Hope that you can get to some embroidery soon. I don't know how you can stop playing altogether.

  4. That bag is beautiful!! Don't feel bad about not posting. I'm the guilty one that can seem to get it together and post. I tell myself it is because I lead a boring life, Ha-Ha. I love hearing from you and glad things are going great! Hugs

  5. I love the bag, turned out beautifully... Wonderful new machine too.Blessings Francine.

  6. I think the bag for your mother in law turned out beautifully. I like the pinks and brown together and the cross stitch is perfect as well as the embroidery. I hope the snow didn't amount to much. Blessings. Pam

  7. What a cute bag! You've given me ideas for some fabric swatch-books I was given. (haven't been sure what to do with them) They'd be perfect for something like this!
    Don't feel bad about not posting either-- because, well...I've not kept up with you. I know!
    But it's true-- You're not in the Yukon anymore?
    You've moved again?
    it's like Where in the World is camp and cottage living?
    I'm heading off to read some back posts now. ;)

  8. What a precious handmade gift, for a special "mother".

    The details are really incredible.
    You should be very pleased because it's was made with a lot of love!

  9. Beautiful bag... you did a great job!!

    Your new machine looks like it will be a lot of fun... I'm thinking of so many great things you could make :)

    Have a happy day.


  10. Kimberly,

    Beautifully done Sweetie! I love this bag!!!! I hope you had a lovely Mother's Day.

  11. What a beautiful bag! I know she loves it and will enjoy using it. I'm a Nana, too! Hugs!

  12. Beautiful bag! Yes parents are treasures...miss mine everyday!


  13. That's a beautiful bag you created. I'm sure your MIL will treasure the love that went into making it.

  14. What a beautiful knitting bag! You did a great job with this.


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