Friday, 3 July 2015

How To Make a Hoop Thread Holder


I debated about whether to title my post today "how to make a hoop thread holder" or "how not to make a hoop thread holder'.

I had debated about checking pinterest for a tutorial, but honestly how hard can it be to put something so simple looking together? I figure you buy a hoop (I get all mine for peanuts at resale shops), buy two one eighth inch dowels ($1.09 each for me), cut the dowels to determined bobbin length, and then just stick the cut dowels in between the inside and outside of your hoop.

It didn't work that way.....
It was all good for the first five dowel inserts, but after that the space between the inside and outside hoop became too wide and the dowels started falling over.

This is when I brought out my hot glue gun and began to glue each dowel to the inside of the hoop.
Now be sure at this point that you have your threads handy to measure distance between your dowels. My machine embroidery thread has a very wide bottom and won't fit on a regular thread holder, which is why I decided to make my own holder.

Now look at what happened!
The distance between the two sides of the top hoop made it impossible to use the screw that is attached for tension so I decided I would just wire the too top sides together.
As you can see the tension ripped the bracket right out of the wood.
At this point I was tempted to trash the whole project. But I needed this thread holder! 

In the end I decided to wire the inside and outside hoop together with thin wire at intervals and cover it with pretty tied fabric strips
All in all it turned out okay. I estimate I put three hours into the project. Now that I know what to anticipate it may only take me one hour to complete the next one. I need three!
I did check pinterest to see how someone else recommended putting this together and there is a tutorial here.  I guess I should have read it first.
It's a lesson learned...



  1. It turned out really cute--even after all that frustration and hard work!! I love it!

  2. Colour wheel in threads, a great idea. The next ones should be so easy to do.

  3. Kimberly,

    I love it!!! What a great idea for your sewing room, and it helps organize your thread.

  4. It looks great even if you did have a few bumps along the way!

  5. Love it! You did great! So pretty AND practical.


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