Tuesday, 21 July 2015

Lace Curtains


I have really taken a shine to lace curtain lately.
So much so that I am seriously thinking of hanging them in my kitchen windows.
I had not been a fan of lace curtains in the past. I suppose because I had not seen many that I liked before. But pinterest has changed all of that.
 Now my world has broadened....

Even if I had found lace curtains that I liked, I never would have thought of hanging them in my kitchen.
I thought that they would be too frilly, perfect for the bedroom, but never the kitchen.
I can see now how wrong I was!

This lace curtain appears to be a patchwork of several different laces and vanity scarves.
I've been fortunate these last couple of months to have found varying lace pieces cheap at rummage sales, so I could attempt to make my own....
Although I don't think they would come out quite as pretty as this panel did.

Now in the end, after I have raved on and on about lace curtains, the homemade roll up shades in the photo above are my favourite. I'm not sure why I like them better, but it may be because I think I have figured how I can make the centre panel detachable and then change it with the seasons.
What do you think?
Which curtain is your favourite?
Would you ever hang lace curtains in your kitchen?



  1. Depends, I like the tailored look of the last one...Funny though seems what ever I say I'll never do I end up doing, you too?:)
    I guess that's why they say never say never:)

  2. I love them all. I might use the lace for spring and summer because they feel so light and airy, and the roll ups for fall and winter.

  3. Good morning! The answer is YES! I personally LOVE lace curtains pretty much anywhere! lol. But of these choices here I guess I too prefer the bottom choice though I think it is because I like the way it is all tied together with the rest of the kitchen, and I LOVE the idea of changing things out for the season. Anxious to hear what you come up with! Enjoy your week!

  4. I'd hang anything! Currently, I am using a dresser scarf as a kitchen curtain. I used a chunk of burlap all last fall. (I am a particular fan of cheap burlap beaten into submission such as gardeners use.) I like the last photo, too, though it looks too expensive for what's going on in my world.

  5. I like lace curtains and used to have them in my kitchen window. I still have a lace valence at the back door and in the dining room windows. And, I have lace panels at the side of the living room window too! I don't close them, they are just to soften the window. Vintage lace curtains are so pretty though and I enjoyed seeing these examples you shared. Currently, I have white muslin fabric hanging on spring rods (no sew with hooks) in the dining room, kitchen and bathroom windows. I'm cheap. lol Have a nice day Kimberly. I hope the weather is sunny there! (it's not here)

  6. I like any kind of curtain. I would hang them in every room if I could. Except, My husband forbids curtains. He never forbids anything ever except curtains. Our last house was a tomb, with five windows I think. When he picked out the plans it was for windows. So no curtains. :) I like the bottom picture the best by the way. :)

  7. The roll ups are my choice, and if you can alter the panel, perfect for you.

  8. I like the roll ups best too but all of the lace curtains are pretty!

  9. I hadn't thought of lace curtains in the kitchen...but I have added handmade (by me) lace edging...to el cheapo by the yard, fabric. Still not the same.
    I think lace would be pretty in the kitchen... however,
    I JUST this year... IN THE PAST FEW MONTHS, made my own roll up shades for my living room. Very plain jane-- repurposed from made by me drop cloth curtain panels!
    I absolutely love my roll up shades. Hey! I have some more lace edging, that would look pretty nice on the top flap of my roll up shades. You've given me an idea!

  10. I like lace curtains and have them hanging in my living room. I've never had them in my kitchen, but I wouldn't be against having them there.

  11. I like lace curtains almost anywhere, but not in every room at the same time. In the kitchen would be great - love the examples you've shown. Isn't Pinterest fun that way? I like the shades, too. Decisions, decisions.

  12. These are all gorgeous inspiration photos! Makes me want to bring in some lace, too...

  13. It's fun to change things up and lace is always fashionable. Here in Florida, we have to have some serious window coverings because of the bright sun. But I love to open everything up most of the time. Hugs!

  14. Kimberly,

    Lace curtains are my favorite. I would hang them in my kitchen but not my bedroom. I need a dark room in order to sleep. All of these lace curtains are beautiful. I even like the shades on your last picture.


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