Thursday, 16 July 2015

The Good Ol' Days

Do you ever find yourself romancing about the good ol' days?
I do.
 I often think about how much politer society was back then. It seemed to me that people were less narcissist and more industrious...
That folks were neighbourly and more willing to lend a helping hand. I mean a real hand, not a hand out!
Well, you know the whole scenario. We could all write a book on how wonderful everything was way back when.
But then, while surfing through pinterest, I run across a board with old ads and then I say to myself, "Just how stupid could people have been back then?"
Honestly, does anyone know if these ads are for real?

It certainly gives a whole new meaning to the, "You've come a long ways, Baby" quote!
If I ever met the person who created this sign I know I could come up with an alternative use for that big old cast iron skillet of mine that's hanging on my wall.
Gee it's enough to make a non-violent gal like me see red!

Funny, I never realised all of the torture I had been subjected to while I was raising our four children!
Someone please tell me if these ads are for real or not, or are they actual signs or just ones someone has made up to humour us?


  1. Haha! I don't know if they are real or not, but they made me laugh. :)

  2. They look real to me! And I remember that advice being given by a doctor to an aunt in the 1960s. Don't know if she followed the advice or not. Make your wife a pet...hahahaha...some women might fare better that way!

  3. Kimberly,

    I'm not sure if they're real or not.....they're entertaining though!

  4. I love reminiscing about the good ole days!!! Great adds,Blessings Francine.

  5. Oh my gosh, keep her for a pet!? I'd be whalin' on the guy who thought up that ad right along with you! Unfortunately, I have a feeling they may be real!

  6. Well I certainly got a kick out of these vintage ads! That's crazy isn't it that this was allowed. We have come a long way baby!! Thanks for the chuckle Kimberly. I hope you have a wonderful weekend. P.S. Are you using your new blog any? I haven't seen it come up. Just wondering.

  7. Hi Kimberly, did you remove the ads? I don't see them. Am really curious about the one that made you want to use your iron skillet. :)
    Take care and enjoy your Friday and the weekend, too!

  8. Like Cheryl, I'm wondering if you took the ads down or if they were removed by something mischievous in cyberworld!

  9. These are some crazy ads! Oh my goodness!


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