Saturday, 21 April 2012

Spring Fling

Here's a little something I treated myself to for making this long and
arduous journey to the Yukon. I've sworn off most mags, but when I saw
this one I couldn't resist. It is not only full of garden displays; it has recipes,
and home decorating ideas as well.
It's new to me, but maybe some of you have seen it before. It is published
quarterly. Or I guess one could say seasonally.

This magazine will always remind me of our trip out to the Yukon. Not
just because it helped to pass the time with me day dreaming. It will be
because when I first went to get my reading glasses out of my purse to
read this mag,  I at that time discovered that I had no purse!!! Oh my
goodness, did panic ever set in. We were 20 minutes out of Dawson Creek
 where we had bought gas, so I knew exactly where I'd left it.
Tim could not drive fast enough to get me back in there to see that my
purse was still safely intact. Believe me, there was a lot of praying going
on! Fortunately the manager had seen my bag sitting on the counter
 and had already put it in the safe. Bless her heart. So after many
prayers of thanks we were again on our way again.
OK, this is possibly my favorite of all the photos. I love
the old, pitted pottery. It looks so homemade. You don't
see this type of heavy pottery around much here anymore.
It reminds me of the old, old mixing bowls or crocks.
 Hubby was kind enough to cover for me this morning
 until we have a meeting with out employer later this
morning. He knows how much I've missed my blogging!
I'm curious, have any of you ever left your purses behind?
Please tell me I'm not the only scatter brain out there. I'm
going to try to pop over to visit and see what all I've missed
this last week.
Have a great weekend-Kimberly


  1. Oh Kimberly, I'm so glad you found your purse. No, I don't think I've ever left mine behind anywhere except at a friend's house but I can't remember for sure. I was looking at this magazine the other day but passed due to the price. I may still pick it up as it looks beautiful. Gorgeous photos in it. I'm sure it was a nice way to help pass the time on the road. Blessings, Pamela

  2. OMGoodness, I know all about that feeling of panic, you think about all the trouble that you may have just created for yourself and on and on. I left mine in a bathroom across the USA line in a small town. Someone actually took it out of the filling station and dumped it into a garbage can. For some reason the police found it then. That was before debit cards and I did not have a credit card and of course, no cash either. Thank God my drivers license was intact.
    Thankfully, the station attendant kept yours safe.
    I have not seen that magazine before, it looks wonderful.
    Your husband was so kind to let you stay home and blog.
    Hugs, Cindy

  3. I felt sick to my stomach when you said you left your purse!!! Thankfully there are still honest people left. - I dropped my wallet in an Albertsons parking lot once and discovered it missing 2 min. later...too late, it was gone and the bank told me that my bank card was used at 2 gas stations within 10 min. of the time that I left sad. xo

  4. Kimberly,

    I'm so glad you were able to get your purse back. You're very lucky the clerk put it in the safe. The magazine you found looks like a great find. I love decor magazines.
    Catch you later!

  5. Thank goodness your wallet was safe and sound when you returned. That certainly looks like a lovely magazine. I'm not into buying magazines anymore but do like to stop by Chapters and browse through them.

  6. Oh Gee, I have left so many things behind places. I still check every time I leave the grocery store to make sure I haven't left my wallet.
    I am so glad that you got your purse back and I have never seen the magazine before I love the pictures.

  7. What a relief to recover your purse!
    I would have had a complete meltdown.
    So far, I've not left my purse any place.

    Love that magazine. Of course... cottage style is just the style I adore :)

    Remain safe, and looking forward to reading about more of your adventures .

  8. I love the photo of what looks like a pantry space.
    I am so glad you recovered your purse! What a giant pain if it had been taken! Good for the manager; people like that give me hope.

    Years ago I was driving a short distance from home and stopped at a light. Someone pulled up close behind me and I heard their car door, and after looking in the mirrors I realized I had left my purse on the trunk! I was embarrassed and prepared to sheepishly get out thank the person when suddenly they grabbed it and jumped in their car and drove off! OH, WAS I MAD!!

    Glad your experience was better!


  9. I love your magazine especially the pantry picture although I love the old pitchers, too..
    I left my purse on top of a coat rack once in a Value Village Thrift store.. Thankfully, someone took it to the front desk but believe me I was praying hard... smile..
    Glad you are all situated..

  10. Yes- I have walked off and left my purse before. Thankfully, it was still there and untouched 3 hours later. I have not seen that magazine but it looks like a good one! xo Diana

  11. Yes - I've done it too. It's a terrible sinking-stomach feeling isn't it?
    That magazine looks good - it would be a big treat!

  12. There is a horrible feeling in the pit of a tummy when a purse is left behind. I left mine in a taxi cab in downtown San Antonio, just last year. Thankfully, with much prayer, we were able to retrieve it. Slow night I suppose, cause we were the only customers and he did not even realize my purse was in the back seat. Great magazine! love those old crocks as well...Can you believe the cost of mags today?
    Enjoy your time and send lots of pictures.

  13. That looks like a wonderful magazine! I haven't seen it before and I used to be a magazine-aholic. Now that I'm into blogging and see so many neat things online, I don't buy so many. My hubby is so glad. :D

    So glad to hear you found your purse! I'm sure that was a scare.

    Enjoy your weekend!

  14. So glad you got your purse back. How scary. I don't think I have ever seen that magazine, I love the pics so will have to look for it.

  15. Beautiful photos, Kimberly. Wow, so much to see! So glad to hear you got your purse back. That would be a scary feeling.

  16. Of course I have (G)!!! When our son was two ( terrible two!!!) and it was Easter Sunday. I was trying to take a photo of him in his cute outfit and must have been so flustered I left my purse sitting on the sidewalk and off we went to church. I guess I was doubly blessed, because when we got home, there was my purse sitting in the same spot. OH MY!!! Glad it did not ruin your vacation. Loved the pics and I need to check out that magazine.

  17. How scary!! Glad you got everything back. I am such a magazine addict. I haven't seen this one or I's probably had already bought it. I'm really trying to curb my addictions but I may have to go to magazine anonymous. How is it going settling into the new house? Good Luck and Hugs on this new venture!!

  18. Oh this looks like the perfect magazine for a long trip! I love to daydream on road trips too...passes the time so much quicker. Thank God the woman put your purse in the safe! What a mess that could have been....can't say as I have ever left my purse behind, but I have left plenty of other things...sigh. haha. Hope you are having a good week-end!

  19. This looks like my kind of magazine!

    I have indeed left my purse behind before. It's a scary feeling, isn't it?

    Looking forward to catching up on your adventures!


  20. Yes...I have done that too and that is why I now have a Travelon bag that goes over my head and my shoulder and leaves me hands free so I cannot leave it laying on a counter or a grocery shelf etc. ...well as long as I leave it on....once I take it over my head and off my shoulder God knows what I could be capable of!
    I love that magazine! I've never heard of it....I'm going right now to see if I can find it! Glad you got a break!

  21. Glad the manager put your purse where it was safe until you could come back to claim it! Thank goodness for honest people! I love that last photo with the spring flowers in the crocks.

  22. Luckily I've never done that, but it's a relief that there are still honest people in the world! I've left glasses only to go back and not find them.

  23. Not yet, but my niece in her 20s has done it a few times already. So glad that it was where you remembered. Yikes!

    That magazine looks great and I really like the pitchers filled with tulips as well.

    Hope that the snow doesn't last long. We lucked out and didn't get any in this latest Nor'easter...just a lot of much-needed rain.

  24. So relieved to know that you found your purse. How nice of the clerk to place it in the safe.
    Like you I buy very few magazines now, but I did see this one and had to have it. Isn't it inspiring and gorgeous. I think it is put out by Phyllis Hoffman and it seems anything I've seen by her is beautiful.


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