Tuesday, 24 April 2012

Winter Wonderland

Last night at closing time it began to snow! It's not all that unusual for
this time of year here and I understand the east has gotten far more.
But I was impressed all over again with it's beauty.
This is all that's left this morning. You might notice the mountain on the right.
We have a view of many mountains here. I wanted to show you the view from
our kitchen window, but I haven't had time to clean it yet! From the outside, that is.
Many of you have ask how I'm doing. Well, as long as I have my daily dose
of this I can get through! I told my blogger friend Pamela that I'm either
getting old or lazy. But in reality I'm closer to 60 now and just do not have
any intentions of working the long hours I did when I was in my 30's or 40's.
And this old body is just starting to rebel on me.
Which is why I faithfully stick to my daily regimen of vitamins and muscle
pain gel now! Every time I take a Vita-Vim it reminds me of the 'I Love
Lucy' show where she does an advertisement for vitamins. Have you ever
seen that one? It was a liquid drink called-Ida-Vitaminie, I think. I sure
wish I had some of that right now. Or better than that the 'Elixer of Life'
 that the traveling Kernel gave to Aunt Bee. Remember when she had shared
this great energy potion with her church club ladies and Andy walks in
and find them all around the piano singing 'Role Out the Barrel and We'll have a Barrel of Fun'? At least I think that was the song. Please correct
me if I'm wrong.
Oh, what I would give for some elixir right now.
I'd best be off to relieve Tim for a while so he can have some breakfast.
I'll try to keep you posted better now that I'm somewhat settled.
 Take care my friends.



  1. Bless you sweetie! I Imagine you're standing on concrete when you work too? I'm 63 with RA and Graves disease and when I go to Wal-Mart and walk around on that concrete floor for 2-3 hours...I'm beat when I get home and sometimes even the next day! LOL! It makes me mad sometimes because I was always a hard worker and now I'm like a slug!
    How I ever did it all those years I'll never know because I sure can't seem to stay on top of things now.
    Moving and a new job are big stressers so give yourself some time and when you have a few minutes to rest, do it! When you get a minute please email me your new address as I have some things to send to you. If there's something you need too or want that you can't get there let me know and I can send it along. I'll say a prayer that you rest well and feel energized and that the sun shines down on you! Take care and don't be hard on yourself...leave that to others...I'm sure they'll be around before long! LOL! TTYL!

  2. Did you know when you started blogging I thought you were about 30? I saw pictures of your kids and I thought well gee I must be wrong about that. I thought you were just a kid. :) I have to take mine too. I love when Aunt Bee gives that elixir to her church group and Andy walks in to see them looped. I have laughed and laughed every time I see it.
    I seem to remember the Lucy one.
    Well, keep close to his Word that is the only place sometimes I can find the strength to do what I must. It becomes my lifeline.
    I will keep praying for you, I know this is hard. It does get harder as we get older too.
    Bye for now

  3. So glad to see that you are getting settled in. - I love that I Love Lucy episode, so much so that a friend gave me a framed photo of Lucy in the commercial for a birthday gift years ago...It was, 'Vitameatavegamin' and if my info is correct, it was 23% alcohol..not sure how much energy we would get out of that! Anyway, I too have to take my Super B complex, calcium and D3, it keeps me going. Oh, I can't forget the heating pad too! xo

  4. Oh- You are home...at least your chosen home for now. I am so looking forward to Spring that I have a hard time thinking I would get more snow this time of year. I am so glad you see the beauty in it. It would be hard for me to live where it is even colder than it is here.

    I'm with you-trying to keep this old body going as best I can without giving in to the aches and pains. I can't do what I did even 2 years ago...and it drives me crazy! xo Diana

  5. Vitameatavegamine! I love that one!

    I am enjoying reading about your newest adventure and I really love the pictures.


  6. Oh Kimberly, I know how you feel! I'm over the 60 mark and playing on the floor with my grandson is a big challenge for me. LOL The snow is pretty on the trees and mountains for sure. I use Biofreeze too. Works great doesn't it? I don't remember those episodes you mentioned. Guess being over 60 makes me forget! HA! Hugs, Pamela

  7. Well I would have never guessed your age. You are always soo active and busy. I am a BIG vitamin taker too. I loved both of those TV shows, and remember both of those episodes well. Soo funny! I am looking forward to that view out your kitchen window, but rest whenever you get the chance for now. Take care! HUGS

  8. Hi Kimberly,
    It's been a while since I've visited so I'm trying to catch up now.
    You new view looks very pretty, although a tad chilly :).
    I do remember the old shows you mention. I laugh just thinking about them.

  9. Kimberly,

    I feel your pain girl, I'm going to be 50 and when younger put my body through to much and now I hurt. Especially on days the pressure changes. Only do what you can do, don't overexert yourself. It's beautiful country side there enjoy yourself a little. Your friend Sandy

  10. You do have a beautiful view :)
    I've really enjoyed seeing your travels and reading about your adventures. Can't wait to see what your up to next.

    It's ok to need vitamins and minerals.. we all do.

    I too love that Lucy episode... it makes me laugh every time.

    Take care of you .

  11. I take vitamins every day too. That episode of Lucy is a very funny one. I'm glad to hear you are starting to get settled in there. I hope it feels like home to you soon.

  12. Don't you love just the light dusting of snow that is gone the next day. You do have a lovely view. Take care of yourself. I hear ya' on the "no spring chicken" bit.

  13. Oh my, my heart just sank when I viewed the snow. I am so ready for Summer, that the snow would be a big disappointment to me. I use that bioflex also. Great stuff:)

  14. I feel your (aches and) pains! I fell down in Seattle yesterday - didn't damage anything, but I sure am sore today! I have a massage scheduled on Thursday - until then, ibuprofen!

  15. Hi Kimberly, I just wanted to stop by and let you know I have so enjoyed you taking us along on your trip to your new home. I have so enjoyed the scenery. Even called my mister in to see the buffalo. I have been naughty and just not been commenting much lately. So glad you made it safely and are getting settled in. Hey girl, I know what you mean about getting older. I will be 57 in Oct, and have arthiritis so bad. Some days its hard to go, but I keep on truckin. You take care and enjoy the beauty of that wonderful place you are calling home.

  16. I am so very thankful for that daily dose of vitamins from scripture each day. also glad to have Vitamins as well.
    Sounds like you are very busy in this new job. What kind of job are y'all doing? I keep a prayer journal and your family is in it...Enjoy your time there, and keep us posted with lots of photos.

  17. Your view from the kitchen window is really beautiful, Kimberly! The snow looks cold, but it's pretty!

    And, boy, do I ever know about those aches and pains and lack of energy when we get older. I'm 66 and often start tackling a job and poop out when I've only been working an hour or two. I forget sometimes that I'm getting older and think I can do what I used to at a younger age! But the old muscles quickly remind me!

    Enjoy your home and your wonderful views!

  18. Getting settled in and taking care of yourself! What pretty scenery you have! Have a nice weekend :)

  19. That view would be a tonic any day of the week!
    I'm glad you're settling in and getting some of your routine back on track - even if it's your vitamin routine. I remember that Lucy episode!

  20. You've gotten some funny comments.
    Another great view! Keep them coming.

    I see some familiar vitamins in your picture.

  21. Your mountain view is lovely! Can't wait to see it though all the various seasons. I think you are one of the strongest and bravest women I know... leaving everything and taking off on a new adventure in the wild! :-)

  22. Hi Kimberly,
    I haven't visited for awhile and I'm catching up. Your view of the snow is beautiful. I know what you mean about getting older. I'm over 60 now and I think I'm feeling it. Vitamins are a must every day.
    Glad to hear you are settling in. Take care.


  23. The snow is beautiful, there's no doubt, that's part of the reason that I love Winnipeg so much!
    I thought of Lucy immediately when I saw your Vita-Vim! HAHAHAH! She is my favorite comedian, I have the whole set of them on DVD.
    Have a lovely day, my friend.
    Hugs, Cindy

  24. Hi Kimberly!

    The scene is beautiful snow or not. Nice view to wake up to everyday.

    I need a good healthy dose of the Word --to keep me on higher ground as well.
    I remember the Lucy episode... I thought it was Vita-Veeta- Vegimin... either way... that is funny!

    take care, have a blessed week.


  25. Bless your heart... Hope you don't have to work too many hours now. Hope you can enjoy that new area some.

    Beautiful pictures.. What is the elevation where you are???

    Beautiful snow photos.

  26. I so relate to you! Just have to pace ourselves! I have used everything you have in your photo. I have also found MSM to be helpful for the aches and pains.

  27. What a lovely view and area! I do love the snow..we only get a little bit here, but I use to just love it when I was a child growing up in Alberta.
    Thanks for following my blog, I am your newest follower :) I look forward to reading your posts..
    Magie x

  28. Hi Kimberly, Loved seeing your view but I'm done with snow for now-until next winter. I do love it but I also love every season; especially when its warm. I loved seeing different vitamins-you hardly take any compared to me. Getting older isn't for whimps.
    Thanks for sharing today.
    Blessings & hugs.

  29. Loved that episode of I Love Lucy. Hilarious. I totally know what you mean about trying to do things now that were a lot easier 15 or 20 years ago. I've only got 6 months til I'm the big 6 0! Mimi

  30. I take B12/B6 every day too. Important stuff!

    Pretty pics!


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