Wednesday, 11 April 2012

Yukon Journey-Day 1

We said 'goodbye' to our beautiful Lake Superior today. For how long I'm not sure. I was a
little sad, but also filled with joy knowing that our son and his new bride will have a turn at
experiencing what DH and I have with our years here on the lake. What do they say? "Joy
shared is joy doubled". That's how I felt.

We followed six of these matching vehicles until we had a chance to pass them.
Can you read the advertisement on the back of this car?
 Here's a happy driver!

O.K. there you have it: Google Maps Streetwise. Tim and I popped into Tim Horton's in Wawa
for refreshment and when I came out there were the Google cars. I thought maybe they were
going to report me to the O.P.P. for taking so many 'unauthorized' photos! But no, I got away
without any jail time. Thank heavens. I did ask a fellow in line with me if he was one of the
google guys and he said, "no". I wanted to get nosy.
I'm sorry that's the end of the story. I never found out what they were up to. Or what those odd
shaped black things on the top of their cars were. Maybe one of you already know and can tell me!
We are spending the night in Thunder Bay tonight. I'm afraid that's all the excitement we
experienced today. So now I'm off to shower, then back to see what all of you have been up to
Sweet Dreams-Kimberly


  1. Those are cameras...the google cars drive around filming and then when you put an address into google maps and select street get the actual picture of that address...taken by one of these google camera men. At least that's what my son told me..

  2. Yes that is what i thought too. I can look up our old road in Holland and they show everything...

    I hope you have a great rest of the trip and congrats to your son and his new bride!

    Big hugs

  3. Oh my you have a loooonnng drive to Whitehorse! Safe travels my friend. God speed! Hugs, Pamela

  4. Like that you were nosy about the google cars, I would have done the same thing. LOL Have a great trip and can't wait to here about the new place:)

  5. Have a safe and exciting trip, Kim..
    Praying for you...

  6. Yup, later, you can go online and watch what they filmed for yourself, once they get it all uploaded or whatever they have to do.

  7. Safe journey. I envy you the spectacular scenery you will see along the way as you cross our fabulous country. Hoping you can check in frequently and share photos with us.

  8. I'm thinking cameras are on top of the cute little cars. Keep us updated as you travel along...Praying traveling mercies upon you.
    Sleep well tonight.

  9. Denise is right, I went to and found a link for you.

    Have a safe trip my friend, can't wait to get the next report. xo

  10. Wishing you a safe trip. Drive carefully and enjoy every moment of the trip. I am so excited for you- xo Diana

  11. The google cars! They photograph everything and how fun that you photographed them!
    My oldest son is on street view coming out of his house, looking perplexed about what was passing by. He looks so silly.
    Have a safe trip!

  12. How fun to come across those guys! Enjoy your trip! Drive Safe!

  13. oh my gosh Kimberly I posted the photo of these Google map cars on my facebook! They stayed at the Sleep Inn across from us last night! Seven of them, I have to say I felt a little sad for you when I first started reading, it must be hard leaving, but exciting too, don't you forget to give me your address, I will send a bit of home to you!

  14. Goodbyes are always a bit shaky. Now those cars are terribly interesting and I'm wondering what movie they're going to film or something. Have a safe and pleasant journey and I hope that you find Timmy all along the way. Is there one where you are going?

  15. I would have been sad leaving too, but how great that your son can live there! Yep, those cars must drive every street in the with cameras because you can google a street view of any house. Drive safe!


  16. We had one of those google cars in our neighborhood going from street to street. Like everyone else said, think they are used to update maps...Have a safe journey

  17. Well those guys get around, they had cars like that up and down our streets taking those pictures.
    I am glad the first leg of your journey has been nice.

  18. Well---I'm excited for you all.. I know it's a little 'scary' to be taking such a big step in your lives. BUT--on the other hand, it's also exciting I'm sure. Glad you are keeping us posted as you go along your way...

    Have no idea about the Google cars.....

  19. Drive carefully into your next adventures. Have fun, I will catch you on your next post.

  20. As you already know..those are the camera cars that map the roads.
    It's kinda cool.
    When our kids were on their missions, I would google their addresses and I could see where they were living :)

    Continued safety to you and your hubby, and thanks for the up-date and pictures.

  21. You and I have a lot in common!
    Just like us, our children moved into our home when we moved.

    You will find moving such an adventure. Just as you have shown us. Even driving you come across interesting new things.

    Drive safely!
    (I will miss the lake)

  22. Yes the Google guys came down our street and we never knew it but if you go to our address you can see a street view of our house with my husband sitting in the driveway. Kind of weird that they can do that isn't it!

  23. I hope you have a safe trip. How cool that you saw the Google street view cars! I've heard of them but never knew anyone who has seen one. Loved your pictures. I think it is great that you are passing your house on to the next generation to enjoy too. :)

  24. My hubby saw those when they were taking the photos of Winnipeg, a while back.
    Wave as you pass through Winnipeg! Or phone me and we will have coffee!
    Hugs, Cindy

  25. How fun to see the google guys! We do love to play with google earth. Have a safe trip. Mimi

  26. That is tooooooooo funny! Google, now where would we be without google? So glad it was a wonderful trip..and the pictures are great and you had such a great blessing!!

  27. How fun! the Google map guys! I love being able to type in an address and "see" what is there. I can get a really good idea of what a place looks like before I have to drive there for the first time.

  28. Well, you're on your way! I was a little "tired" yesterday so didn't get around the "web" like usual but I'll catch up today. Thank you so much for posting this. It's always sad to leave but so nice your son and his wife can experience what you have there on the lake. Your next adventure awaits you!
    That was cool about the Google cars...a reminder to blog! LOL! Safe travels my friend and send me your address as I found the missing present for you! Ha! Ha!


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