Friday, 20 April 2012

Yukon Travel Photos

I don't have time to write alot, but I'll show you the many beautiful
vistas we saw as we were driving our last day. We were supposed
to have more time to set up our housekeeping, but we were needed
at our workplace earlier. Our new employers mother is hospitalized
and not doing well at all, thus we're trying to get started with very
little training on a new touch screen POS system. Today was our
1st day with training and tomorrow we're on our own. Yikes!

Muncho Lake, BC
This is one of several mountain streams that are just opening up.

There were many buffalo in northern BC!

Many caribou also!

Toad River Lodge has over 8069 hats on their ceiling and walls. It's very rustic.
I hope it won't be too long until I will be free to visit soon and give you more details of
what's going on here. I can see the mountains right out our kitchen window so I'll try
to get some photos for you soon of them. Until then, take care-Kimberly


  1. Are you going to be running the logde? It really is beautiful.

  2. Beautiful pics:) So glad you made the trip safe and sound. My hubby would love the hat pic, he things hats are decor. I would be grossed out wondering how much dust they were holding and when it was going to fall down on me. LOL

  3. Kimberly,

    Yay, you made it!!! I love the pictures of the mountains, water, animals and lodge. Can't wait to hear more once you get settled in and have time to write.

  4. Beautiful photos of your trip...thanks for taking us all along with you...Mel's Designs

  5. Oh, Kim... The views are awesome ..
    Praying you will love it.. I can't wait to hear what you will be doing.. I must have missed that one.. At least it will soon be Summer for a bit..
    God bless...

  6. Wow...what an adventure! Beautiful!
    What will you guys being doing?

  7. Beautiful scenery- glad you are settling in to your new adventure- whatever it is!

  8. How beautiful...thanks for sharing, I so enjoyed..the hats, now isn't that a guys place?

  9. Hey, that place looks great! Do you think it is a suitable place for a big family from Eastern Europe? It is pretty far away but I really like the photos- the place looks amazing!

    Warm regards,
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  10. I just went to the it. And how cute the way the name came about, having to be 'towed' across the river before the bridge was in. I like that I can see the lodge where you are. Have fun getting started and thanks for checking in with us. xo

  11. Gorgeous pics....soo busy it sounds like. Love the hats. Looking forward to more later! HUGS

  12. Kim, you sound busy as all get-out. The photos are amazing, absolutely incredible. Hope that you two are fast learners!

  13. I admire you and your husband.
    You are also so encourging to me, right now, as I struggle with issues of change.

  14. I find myself being a little envious of this grand adventure. Can't wait to see and hear more!

  15. What a beautiful place - I can just imagine the smell of the air!

  16. Oh it is so pretty, I have read about that restaurant before. That was so funny, because I always read books about that area. Then to see your picture of the hats. The author described it but I never could really see it in my head and there was a picture today. It just made me laugh.
    I can't wait to see more of what you see. :)

  17. Beautiful!

    Safe travels my friend :)

  18. Beautiful territory..can't wait to hear about everything.

  19. LOVE these photos! So beautiful there.

  20. Oh how beautiful. I can only imagine how amazing it must look in person!! :o)
    I hope you have a wonderful (and warm) weekend. :o)

  21. Welcome to the most western side of Canada! I am so happy you made it safe and sound. I love the photos. You must be amazed at the scenery. Hope the melt comes soon.

  22. NICE photos! How wonderful that you saw buffalo, are they wild? I have never heard that there were anything other than bison that was being raised for food.
    And seeing the caribou was a treat, too! Lucky you! I saw several small ones, one time when I drove through the wilderness on a daily basis in the Dawson Creek area. The wildlife tend to stay away from highways, I have found. So you were very blessed to be able to see these!
    Hugs, Cindy

  23. Wow, Kimberly... The photos are awesome... What a beautiful place. Can't wait to see your new area (when you have time to show us).. I know that you are busy now just getting started...BUT--whenever you do have time, we'll enjoy seeing your area more...


  24. This is my first visit to your blog and already I am totally jealous of your! Love the pics. Can't wait to come back and see more.

  25. Wow! Gorgeous area! Thanks for the pics and nothing like getting thrown right into the fray with your job! So sorry about your friends Mother but sounds like a wonderful place and a great opportunity and adventure! Toad River Lodge is that the name of the place you're taking care of and living? What all do you have to do? Looks like a store and then there's lodging? Do you have to do all the rooms too? That would be a bit much I think. Hope they don't work you too hard! Glad you got there safe and sound!

  26. Thank you for sharing your pictures they are good. I live in the UK so its a treat to see these wonderful shots.

  27. You still have quite a bit of snow that far north! The views of the mountains and animals are amazing.

  28. Really beautiful and really cold looking! Good luck on the job stuff!


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