Saturday, 14 April 2012

Yukon Journey Day-4

  Day #4-Warning: You may be bored to death!
This ladies is what one gets when you complain about
traveling in the rain all day. Yep, snow all day!
In the event there is someone out there that is from another
planet and has never seen an oil well, here is one of the many
we passed in Alberta today.
Although I'm being a bit of a 'whiner'
I am so thankful to the good Lord for another day of safe
traveling and a clean and comfy place to lay my head.
Tomorrow we're on to Ft. Nelson, BC.
Sweet Dreams My Friends
I am getting excited (anxious) about my new home. I have
never moved into a place I've hadn't seen first. Believe me,
it was tough not knowing what to pack to decorate the new
place. So I basically didn't! I brought family photos, our
bedding, and my favorite kitchen canisters. So I'm starting
from scratch basically. Do you think that qualifies me for a shower of some sort?  Well it was just a thought after all.
Take care-Kimberly


  1. Absolutely qualified you for a Move In Shower!;>) I am glad you had safe travels today. Snow...snow...April and you have snow. I don't think I could take it! xo Diana

  2. yes yes, thats a great idea! I hate to say it but they say we will have snow here tuesday so at least you'll miss that one!
    Take care, beautiful cabin in the photo,

  3. You are brave, strong, optimistic and full of faith! I'm sure you'll have some mixed feelings when you get there but you will find that inner strength and march through it all. I guess I missed exactly what you are doing when you get there but it must be important! Take care, Liz

  4. Yes you do get to have a shower. It will be fun to go on the hunt for decorations and the 'must haves'. - I always think of anywhere in B.C. as being close to us..we are only an hour from the border and my honey works right on the border. I realize that B.C. is a big place but you are a lot closer to me now than you used to be and closer to some of the other bloggers too. Have a good night my friend. xo

  5. Hi Kimberly, I thought you'd see snow somewhere along your way.... Glad you made it safe and sound and can relax tonight in a nice warm bed...

    With your wonderful attitude, you will do GREAT in your new home/environment.... I think we all need to uproot sometime and just start over... I'm too old now--but if I were younger, I'd do it in a heartbeat.

  6. And I thought I downsized!
    You get the award for the year.
    You are also very brave.

    Thoughts & prayers are with you and your hubby.
    Keep checking in. I love your updates.

  7. Oh Kimberly, what an adventure you are living. No belongings? Guess you'll have to thrift more. lol!

  8. That does qualify you for something! Perhaps a medal. As charming as the last photo is, I certainly hope that that is not what you will have to endure. I have not seen an oil well like that. To me, it is a beautiful thing.☺ A good journey to you today...

  9. Well, if not a shower at least a shopping spree! ;-)

  10. Wow, I don't think I could head out without 'stuff'....I bet you will have fun fixing the new place. Think of all the thrifting you will get to do.

  11. I like the things you chose to take.
    The kitchen canisters must be fab, to get picked. Wow, didn't like seeing the snow, I'm sure it didn't thrill you either. I am ready for planting time, and to see everything green. Hold in there, so you will have so much to blog about and the decorating will be fun. I say yes to the shower:)

  12. Good morning! Well I certainly think it SHOULD qualify you for a shower or a shopping binge at least. How brave you are! I will admit I am a whimp and am not sure I could do any of this...but then think of the adventures I miss...I think the Lord picked just the right gal for all of this. I am anxious to see your house too. Thanks for bringing us all along. Enjoy today's travels!

  13. You no doubt passed through Dawson Creek and Ft St John. I have two nephews in Ft St John, my little sis, Sue, is moving there in a month's time.
    Happy travels.
    Btw, about yesterday's post. I forgot to tell you that we ate in Vermillion Bay at Buster's Barbeque last year and enjoyed it.
    Hugs, Cindy

  14. Oh, I had no idea you didn't have movers moving your stuff or pulling a trailer full! You ARE brave and I'm sure most of us could throw you a "Blog Shower"...when you get there let us know what you miss the long as it's not too big or heavy...shipping you know! LOL!
    I WAS born on another planet and therefore thanks for telling me what that was. I think I saw some in Texas once but they didn't look like that one. They were horizontal and vertical and went up and down....they were probably older models. LOL! IT was years ago.
    Last night there were 3 episodes of Sargent Preston on back-to-back...I was in heaven plus he was a handsome guy! He's probably 120 now though. I think I'll Google and see if I can learn more.
    Is the Yukon in Canada then? It's not a town though it's a region correct? Geography was not a strong suit of mine or of many in the U.S. They really failed us in that area. I need to get a map out so I can follow you! Safe long will it take? Snow? I need to live there! LOL! We're supposed to have severe weather later today so I guess I better go prep my storm shelter...that's the price you pay for a warm Spring.

  15. You do deserve a shower!!

    I'm so glad that you've been able to travel without incident.
    Heavenly Father is watching over you :)

    Is that last picture a picture of your new home?

    It sounds like you packed some important things to make the new house feel like a home.

    Continue safely on your journey... and thanks for sharing with us :)

  16. I have ridden on this is desolate...whine away!

  17. I can't imagine how you do it...but I say you deserve moer than a shower....a truckload of goods from wherever you like to shop most. What a brave lady...I certainly want to follow you on your journey!

  18. My Mom did that. She moved into a place she had never seen the inside of and she turned it into the best place.
    They bought it because they liked the barns! I always laugh.
    In a way, I think it would be lots of fun. A new place and new things to see and new friends to make.
    No matter what, God has you in the palm of His hand. For me when I have taken that step of faith, I see the hand of God the most clear.
    I see the amazing miracles in ways I don't in my normal day to day life.
    I really am enjoying seeing these pictures. I know I will never go that far.
    I am glad you had a place to rest too.

  19. How exciting. It is going to be wonderful and beautiful and such an adventure.

  20. Oh what nasty weather! I heard there was snow in Alberta. I'm headed to Fort Mac on Thursday for 12 days so I hope the weather is nice for me!! lol Yes, I think a shower is in order or a big check to purchase new things for your home. Maybe they have some great thrift stores there? You may need a moving van to bring your new stuff all back home when you return. LOL Continue with the safe travels and enjoy the visit with your friends. Blessings and hugs, Pam

  21. Snow, snow, snow. I for sure think you deserve a shower!!!!!

  22. HI Kimberly, Snow-oh my; we've had lots of storms in Colorado but I'm not worrying about them because I"m away. You do have such a good attitude. When we moved to Colorado my hubby with 2 sil's bought two homes and we girls didn't see them til we moved. They did a great job though. I know you'll make it cozy and so inviting. Safe travels my friend.

  23. Oh dear. Sorry to hear about the snow. Wishing you continued safe travels. It might be fun to have a fresh start with decorating in your new home. I'm sure you'll make it lovely. :)

  24. I've been away and missed some posts. I'll be back to read more. Here's wishing you safe travels! I'd love to be able to move to a new place. Moving and starting over somewhere new sounds like an adventure! Along with a lot of hard work...if only I could skip that part! Take care!

  25. Yes, I'd say that you deserve a new home shower!! I think you are very brave to move without any of your things to make it seem like home. But at the same time, it will be a lot of fun to have a totally fresh start.


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