Thursday, 28 June 2012

Lovely Places

Every day Tim & I take a 10 minute drive to a
beautiful, quiet spot to sit and have our devotions after our work day. On our drive there we see so many lovely wild flowers blooming now. I can't
name any of them, can you?
The wild roses are the same as the ones growing
in our yard back home. We also had them when we
lived in the U.P. of Michigan. I bet many of you
see these growing wild where you are too.
Notice how the dead is left behind on this one from the former year?
This is the spot were we park each evening. Kind
of pretty, eh?

This is the view on our right side as we drive.
And this is our view on our left as we drive. The
mountains are as varied as the flowers are here.
All beautiful in there own way.
We have been very busy here at the lodge. I'll
try to fill you in on it tomorrow. We've
had a large Native assembly all week  and we also
have a group called, 'Ground Truth' here for a month working.I've already made this!
So details can wait for another day.
My 1st year anniversary drawing is still open,
so if you haven't left a comment to let me know
you want me to toss your name in the bowl,
please do so.

The winner will receive a one year subscription
to the above magazine. A magazine is published
for each season.
Until tomorrow friend,


  1. Oh my goodness Kimberbly. What gorgeous scenery! I love the photos. You are so blessed to be able to be in such a lovely place for this time. Are the purple flowers called Rocket flowers? I'm not sure or Fire weed? Whatever they are they are beautiful. I hope you have a wonderful holiday weekend. I'm sure it will be busy. Blessings,

  2. The scenery is stunning. How wonderful to have such a beautiful place to sit and reflect.

  3. Kimberly,
    What a beautiful place your at, I love the pictures. When I look at them,I'm in awe of the beauty. Please toss my name in the bowl for your magazine giveaway. Thanks, have a great evening.

  4. Hello Kimberly, oh I`m so jealous of the view you see every day. That is just incredible,the mountains,lakes, wilderness abounds. Maybe one day,keep hoping. Blessings Francine.

  5. now thats a view, so different than home isn't it.Its been warm here, everyone is waiting for the new walmart to open, zellers in the mall is closed now.
    I was wondering if you have saw many bears, don't work to hard, I can't wait to read tomorrows post!

  6. Oh my gosh! Such beautiful scenes, Kimberly. I love that first shot.

  7. Now that's a view!
    How nice that you both do devotions together and what a heavenly spot you have.

    The views that you show us of the Yukon and from your home are so beautiful. Something we can't get around here. They are one of a kind.

  8. Hi Kimberly...
    I cannot imagine a more beautiful, and serene place for you and your husband to have devotionals together.
    Jaw dropping beauty!

    Thanks for sharing.

    I'm looking forward to reading all about what's kept you so busy this week.

    Have a great evening.

    Smiles :)

  9. Wow ---what a fabulous place to go and have your devotions. How can anyone look at that view and not know that there is a God????? Awesome...

    Sounds like you all are staying busy --but enjoying your life. That is special.

  10. Your views are breathtaking! Wow! Happy Blogaversary!!

  11. Kimberly- We have been traveling so I am just catching up here and there as I can. What beautiful scenery. I love that you and hubby can steal away and spend some time together to do devotions after work. That is just wonderful. Blessings to you - I can't wait to hear more because I find the life you are living just fascinating! xo Diana

  12. Gorgeous country for sure. Mimi

  13. Kimberly the scenery is beautiful, thanks for sharing. Thank you for following my blog. I will defiantly be emailing you for any tips and advice you can give me. I appreciate the offer.

  14. How heart-achingly beautiful! I'm glad you're enjoying your sojourn back in the north.

  15. Well, Kim, this looks like heaven on earth! Gorgeous place for contemplation and prayer. ENjoy the end of June~

  16. Oh my goodness , beautiful scenery and flowers!
    Have I missed entering your giveaway?

  17. You live in such a beautiful area, absolutely breath taking

  18. Gorgeous is too tame a word to use for all that beauty. What a place!

  19. Such a beautiful view! You are very blessed to live in a place where you can see this every day!

  20. So beautiful! It's amazing that just a few short hours from where we live, the landscape is so different! We are having rain, rain, rain, rain, rain.

  21. Such a beautiful land.. Your photos are glorious..
    Take care, my friend...

  22. No matter where you point your's beautiful. What a great area to find peace and faith.

  23. Oh my goodness, the views are all so beautiful!! I thoroughly enjoyed your photos and can only imagine how beautiful they are in "person".
    Congratulations on your blog anniversary. What a lovely giveaway you are offering. I love that magazine.

  24. Hi Kimberly,
    Your photos are amazing and Congratulations on your Blogiversary! A wonderful Giveaway too. Hope you're having a lovely weekend.


  25. Congratulations on your anniversary. I would love to be included in your drawing.

  26. Very pretty spot to sit and meditate- nice captures!

  27. Wow! What a beautiful spot! I am amazed at those photos. Thank you for sharing.

  28. beautiful countryside - I can still see a bit of snow..
    I've been down sick and just starting to gather-up myself and see all that I've missed -- Congratulations on your anniversary.. you take ready ready nice photos,,

  29. Not just pretty, but absolutely beautiful. A great place to go!


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