Monday, 4 June 2012

The Old Alaskan Highway

  Today we went for a drive along a portion of the old Alaskan Hwy. There are
not many drivable sections left, but this one is along a river bank and
very picturesque.
This photo was taken from the exact same spot only looking to the left. Quite a difference with the clouds hovering over the mountains, isn't it? We decided
this will be a perfect place for a picnic when Tim's sister and mother come
to visit in July.
Here is the finished Swiffer duster cover. It was very easy
to whip up. I'll have to wait until I'm home to fit it to my mop.
 Our quarters are carpeted, so I'd have no need of it here.
I found this at the dumps free store along with a very nice cooler.
It's like new, which tells me the previous owner wasn't too keen
on 'The Maker's Diet'! I'm not to sure the present owner will be either.
Anything with that horrible four letter word turns me off right away!
But I love Charles Stanley, so if he has something good to say about
it I figure it might be worth  just looking at.
I'm off to Whitehorse today (3 1/2-4hr. drive). Then we work three
days before driving to Skagway for Elijah's wedding. It's going to
be an outdoors wedding, so I'm hoping the weather is agreeable.
I hope that all of you who were water-logged  last week will
see the sunshine this week too!


  1. It looks like the perfect spot for a picnic...reminds me so much of British Columbia.
    What a great idea for a swiffer duster cover! I like the mix of turquoise and green.
    Have a good weekend
    Magie x

  2. yea a free dump store! You know I am all about the dump.
    It is beautiful for sure.
    we are soggy and they predict rain all week yech. It should move out west where they could really use it.

  3. Kimberly,

    Yes, I like free stuff :-)
    The pictures are beautiful up there, I so wish I was there. It just seems so relaxing there. Enjoy your new finds and don't work to hard. Be careful driving to Whitehorse. I will pray ya'll have great weather for Elijah's wedding.

  4. Wow we are quite a ways from each other.....

  5. Beautiful photos along the old highway. It would definitely make a great picnic spot. I hope you have safe travels to Whitehorse and that the weather will be perfect for Elijah's wedding day. You have a busy week ahead! Blessings, Pamela

  6. Where did you find that pattern? I'd love to do something like that for my steamer.

    Sounds as if you have some fun coming up with a wedding and all. I hope that it will be beautiful weather for everyone!

    Book looks interesting. But that Stanley...he can be rigid. =>

  7. So glad to see that terrible snow is gone. Beautiful view. I have not seen that book before, but I'm sure you will do a recap for us:)

  8. Wow, gorgeous views. Hope the weather stays nice for the wedding. We are still water-logged here. Take care, Jen.

  9. I hope it all works out and have a lovely time with your kids. I hope you will be with all of your family.
    I love looking at the pictures.
    I look forward to when you get back.

  10. Have a wonderful trip to Skagway and give our best to Elijah!

  11. Such beautiful country! Your wonderful photo looks like it's a perfect spot for a picnic. Hope you have a great trip and nice weather for the wedding. Have fun!

  12. I have "The Maker's Diet", too, and I've not read it either! My son did though and he followed it for a few months because his stomach was really bad, I think he said that it did not give him any trouble as long as he stayed on it.
    Oh, and I'm glad you found a way out of your rut, we all get in those sometimes. I really do hope the weather is beautiful for your son's wedding.
    My nephew's wedding was in a log chapel, but it was on a campgrounds that is miserable if it's rainy and cold, but the weather was about 72 deg. with a blue, blue sky. Just gorgeous! It can be really bad there in May, so God heard our prayers for that day.
    Hugs, Cindy

  13. We love Pastor Stanley and watch his message every Sunday before going to our own church. It must be a good diet if he did the forward. Will you let us know about it.

    How exciting about Elijah's wedding, hope you will be sharing some photos with us. xo

  14. That does look like a lovely spot for a picnic. Safe travels. Congratulations and best of luck to the soon to be married couple.

  15. Hi, Loved seeing where you are and the thrift-treasures you've found. I'll pray the weather is perfect for the wedding. I'll be interested to hear how it is because next June we are going up to Fairbanks for a land tour before we do an inland cruise. I'm hoping the weather is nice in June and maybe there will be Northern Lights?
    Blessings to you.

  16. Wow, oh wow, so beautiful. Awesome!

  17. Great views! I love it up there.
    When the sun is out, WOW!

    So, what about this "dumps free store"? Sounds very intriguing.

    Time away and family, good for you!

  18. Looks like a great picnic spot to me. Beautiful. Sounds like you have a busy few days ahead of you...and some driving. I am praying for good weather for the wedding day- xo Diana

  19. Thanks for showing the Swiffer you made -- lovethe colors and the photos of the countryside BEAUTIFUL!I don't see any snow left - wink!
    Be safe in your travels..

  20. Gorgeous pictures, Kimberly, and a beautiful area.

    I like Charles Stanley also... Sounds like a good book...

    Looks as if you will be busy the next week or so...


  21. Such a beautiful part of Alaska! Great pictures. Mimi

  22. what a beautiful drive...and with you on Charles Stanley...I have heard good things on this book

  23. You sound like a busy lady... it was nice that you had time to explore a place for the July picnic. What a beautiful site. The Maker's Diet...I've never heard of that, but I'm like you...if Charles Stanley has something good to say, it's worth taking a look at.

  24. OK, I'm excited about the dumps free store, that would be a frequent stop for me!. Have fun at the wedding, I'm going to have to Goggle where Skagway is...Who's Elijah? Be sure to get pictures, we love weddings!


  25. What beautiful pictures.

    Hope you get good weather come the weekend!

  26. The Alaskan Highway is beautiful! It's raining here today and pretty soggy. Hope you have sunshine for the wedding.


  27. What beautiful country you have the pleasure of living in and enjoying.. lucky you!!

    Great job on the swiffer cover!
    Looks like it'll work great.

    Travel safely, and best of luck with the wedding!!

    Smiles :)

  28. Beautiful pictures Kimberly. It sounds like things are going well. Hope the wedding is wonderful and that the weather cooperates.

  29. My older brother lived in Fairbanks, Alaska, many years ago. he was there when they had their last big earthquake. I imagine it's beautiful country up there in the Yukon.

    I will pray you have beautiful weather for Elijah's wedding day! We lucked out with our daughter's wedding day as it rained toreentially the whole week afterward. I was all worn out from the wedding preperations and clearing out my Mom's house so it could be sold...I'm looking forward to some quite time now.

  30. Wow I am always so amazed at all the untouched land and space and beauty. Hope the wedding is good and sunny for you all.

  31. So beautiful! Well, you have more of a social life than I do! LOL! Have fun, enjoy the scenery and especially the wedding and then company in July! You're going to have a busy Summer!


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