Thursday, 20 September 2012

On The Road Again

I'm sure many of you are wondering why a woman
that's spent the last month crying about how she
couldn't wait to get back to her home, is now leaving to go on the road again.
It's true I missed my home place, but more importantly I've missed seeing my parents and
my grandchildren more than our home.
 My mother had fallen while
I was away and had to enter a nursing home. My
father is ninety five now and although he still gets
about and still stays active he is becoming frail too.
So I'm at my daughters to
spend a couple of days with her family, then on my way to Iowa to see my folks and brother and sisters.
Many of you will remember the garage that went
from this.......
To this sweet cottage for my MIL last year. Tim has
now painted the front entry and is going to make
shutters for all of the windows while I'm away. To
tell the truth ladies, the guy has a honey-do list a
mile long! But they are all projects he 'wants' to do.

  As for my own projects, they'll have to wait until I get home. Here are the sheets I've collected so far
for patchwork curtains. I'm thinking I may need
a few more, so wish me luck while I'm on the road in finding some.
Fortunately I have a sister that loves visiting the
re-sale shops as much as I do!
I hope you're all enjoying the cooler weather that
autumn is bringing. We're having cooler nights, but
warm days here. How has it been in your neck of the woods?


  1. We are having very cool nights. The forcast is for it to really be almost cold this weekend. Sorry to hear about your parents. Hope all goes well in your travels.Smiles to you, Susie

  2. Hello, yes, nip in the air, Fall has arrived in Winnipeg. So sorry to hear about your Mom, hope she is on the mend. Love the little cottage,will be so sweet with shutters. Your patchwork curtains will be so cute, great fabric. Enjoy your time with family, yey!!!! Blessings Francine.

  3. Still REALLY warm days here in California. Last night it got down to 68 which is an improvement believe it or not. Enjoy time with your family! Praying your mom is on the mend now.

  4. So sorry to hear about your mom:( It is nice you will be able to visit for a while though. Can't wait to see all your sheet squares come together. I have been collecting vintage hankies to do a project with. It is fun to thrift for them.

  5. There are good reasons to be on the road again and family is one. I sure hope Mom mends quickly. I'm sure a visit from you will help. Enjoy the grand kids for they grow so fast. Fall is here in OR with cool nights, more cold nights. I'm covering my tomatoes at night to get the last to ripen. Safe journey!

  6. I sure don't blame you for wanting to see your family, it is hard to be so far away. Have fun!

    Our weather has been much like nights and mornings and warming up by lunch time. xo

  7. Glad you can take the time to go see your Mom...enjoy your trip and do some thrifting for me....

  8. Oh, it will be so nice for you to get to visit your family!
    Travel safely, and I hope you are able to find a lot more sheets :)

    Be certain to show us how the shutters turn out too.. I'm sure they will look great on the little cottage!

  9. Sounds like a wonderful time of touching base once again. I hope that you find that all is well and that you have some fun with your family. They must be just as happy to see you. Have a wonderful time...

  10. Have a wonderful time with your family!

    I love the little MIL cabin - so sweet! Be sure to take pictures of Tim's handiwork when you get back!

  11. Has your mother-in-law moved in?
    What an adorabel cottage. Almost the same size as ours.

    Family, it's what it is all about.
    Get all the hugs and kisses you can.

  12. Have a wonderful trip, enjoy all those people you have missed.

  13. So...I'm assuming your MIL is living in that cottage??...really cute. On your property?
    Sorry to hear about YOUR mothers fall.
    Enjoy your visit with them all, and safe travels.

  14. Safe travels to you, Kimberly. I hope you have a nice visit with your family.

  15. Drive safe and hope you have a lovely visit with family. The little transformed cottage looks so cozy and inviting! Happy Fall. I love this time of year! We still have a month of hot weather....seems we get an Indian summer every Sept/Oct, so I am looking forward to cooler days and nights.

  16. Have a safe trip and nice visit! And, have fun at the re-sale shops.

    The cabin looks great, I hope you show us what it looks like after your hubby gets the shutters on.

  17. Enjoy your visit with your family...projects will always be there when you get back

  18. Nice to be home, but I totally understand missing your parents. Have a safe trip.


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