Thursday, 27 September 2012

Too Pretty for the Nose

Since I've found two beautiful new hankies to add to
my collection I've been doing Pinterest research for
ideas for their use.
dishfuntionaldesign.blogspotNow whoever came up with these sweet and feminine camisoles sure had a great imagination, didn't she? I know this is not for me,
but I still like them.
This hankie quilt is beautiful,  but a little more time and work than I want to commit to right now. Look
at the very detailed quilting done here.
Here is a sample of a curtain made from
handkerchiefs. This is what I had in mind
to make originally for myself.

This appears to be a combination of fabric and children hankies. As my blogger friend, Pamela,
from Playing With My Camera pointed out it's
going to take a lot of collecting for a whole curtain!
Then Pamela gave me the idea to start with a valance.
This will actually work well for my bathroom. I have a beautiful white shower curtain I've never used yet. Topping it with a hankie valance sounds
like a good plan. You see-two minds are better than
one. Thanks for the advice, Pamela!
I have only one more day here with Mom and Dad.
The time I've had to spend with them has been so precious. It's going to be hard to leave, so say
a little prayer for me, please.
Happy Fall My Friends



  1. I've saved a bunch of very old hankies to make a quilt. We'll see how it comes out.

  2. Thanks for the hankie inspiration! I am going to show these to my 11-year-old daughter who has been collecting them for years. (It was a relatively inexpensive way to make her happy in an antique or collectibles store.)

    Oh, I will say a prayer for you as you prepare to leave your loved ones. It is soooooo hard to leave (or be left)...

  3. Hello, all great hankie ideas, love the valance one your thinking of making. I have a little collection of them to, some are so so pretty, not to sure what to do with them though. Enjoy the days with your Mom and Dad,Blessings Francine.

  4. I do love hankies and especially the older ones. Great ideas for using them in the home....can't wait to see your finished product.

  5. Aren't they pretty! I think it's about time to get those hankies out of the dresser drawers and use them somehow. I use mine as valances that I simply drape over a curtain rod in my sewing room. I've since taken them down, but I enjoyed them for a long time that way.

  6. Yes, happy to say a little prayer for you and your parents. I hope that you'll be able to visit again soon. They need us more not less with the passing years.

  7. Haha. Do you know how strange it feels to read my name in someone's blog? It made me smile! lol I love the beautiful hankies in the photos and the two you found are beautiful. Two head are better than one for sure. Hehe. Thinking of you as you leave your parents and wishing you safe travels to your home. Hugs, Pam

  8. Wow, some fabulous ideas. The quilt hankie sparks the creative juices flowing. Have a great day:)

  9. I really like the idea's you have shared for using pretty hankies :) I have collected a few as well..I put them mine in embroidery hoops and hung them up :)
    Do share a picture of the valance when you have you completed it, I would love to see how it turns out..
    Magie x

  10. That is a very good idea...such a pretty way to display those pretty hankies.

    I said a prayer for you my friend..have a safe trip home, xo

  11. I have a small collection of my mother's hankies. I currently and using them as a valance. some of them are pretty warn but I love them that way. Safe journey and you will be in my prayers!

  12. I love the valance idea! I have my next re-do of my kitchen mostly planned and I think blue and yellow hankie valances for my two windows would be so cute. It also gives me an excuse to start looking for hankies again (I had stopped since I was, um, accumulating a few too many!).

  13. Such sweet ideas, love the quilt and the curtains....adorable. Love your idea, can't wait to see it.

    Glad you are having a nice visit.

  14. I too love hankies! Check out what I've done with them:

    I also have a book titled "hooked on Hankies" Check it out.

  15. Patti
    I checked out your post. I love the top you've made and it is definitely something I would wear!
    I can't wait to see your book too.
    Thanks for the tip!

  16. I have been collecting vintage hankies all Summer long to make a shower curtain out of. I need to count them and see if I have enough yet. I sure like the quilt idea too.

  17. I love the quilt, but yes, it does look like a LOT of work. I like the idea of curtains too.

  18. Love the idea of using the hankies as a valance (also loved the quilt but like you said pretty time consuming)

  19. Beautiful hankies. WOW, a whole quilt would be spectacular, but as you said, a lot of work and would need A LOT of hankies.
    (my mom used to make the most gorgeous quilts and they would win ribbons at fairs etc)
    I got NONE of her talent.
    When you finish your hankie valance, you MUST take pictures for us to see. I bet it will look wonderful.

  20. This are all so pretty! I love the idea you have for making a valance. It will be lovely over a white shower curtain!
    Will pray for you and your sweet parents. Have a safe trip home!

  21. Sorry, I should proofread before clicking the publish button. Should read "These" instead of "this"!

  22. A quilt would be so beautiful but a real big project.

    I love your Hankies.

    Great idea with a shower curtain. I bet that is so beautiful on the outside look.

    Do you think place mats would look nice with them? You would have to have a hard material under and then somehow sew the hankies on but the sewing would be easy I guess.

    Or a square table cloth or around on a small table. I am sure we all have those tucked away tables. I do.

    So sad that you would have to put in a drawer. you got alot of ideas now.

    Just suggestion's.

  23. I'm so glad you had a good time,
    I just used five hankies to patch a falling apart old quilt and it worked out great!! I love hankies , I really like your idea for the shower curtain valance,

  24. I love old hankies-especially ones from the 50's. What a lot of great ideas! I can imagine how hard it is to leave your parents but hopefully the time will pass and you'll be able to go back soon.
    Hugs, Noreen

  25. We never know which visit will be the last, do we. I hope you're enjoying your parents tremendously.
    Hugs, Cindy

  26. I turn them into pillows. Can't wait to see your bathroom shower curtain valance. What a great idea. I know how difficult it will be to leave your parents. I am so glad my mom has decided to move to Atlanta with me next summer.


  27. Just discovered your blog, Kimberly. I love to collect pretty hankies too. thanks for sharing your pinterest finds. Im proud to be your newest follower! Love Katie xx


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