Saturday, 15 September 2012

This Is Me!

This is me today. I'm looking a little mean. My tongue is hanging out from hunger. Food, food,
someone please give me some food! Why, you
ask, does she need food? Did she lose her shirt
in the Yukon and have no money now for food?
Oh no my friends, something far dumber and
stupider than that. I read about this diet......
Yes at nearly 57 years of age you would think
I would be far beyond falling for a 'lose five
pounds in three days' diet. But apparently I'm
not. It's a Military diet. I guess for anyone that is overweight and wants to enter the services, but are
too heavy according to the superiors that be.
If I'd been thinking clearly I might have taken into
consideration the age of one hoping to enter the military. Somewhere close to forty years younger
than me. Yah, I remember those days when the fat
just melted away just because I dreamed it would.
Not so today, my friends.
See those bananas?I get one of those every day.
But, I have to tell you the real reason I thought this diet might work was because I get to eat a cup of
ice cream every day!
You can only guess what's going to be in my dreams tonight. This.....
And this.
Please tell me I'm not dreaming and I can really have this.
Now this is going to be  me tomorrow after I wake up and remember
that I'm not going to be re-enlisting in the military.
Bye-Bye Diet.  
I'm really so much happier now!




  1. You are too funny! Your post made me hungry! Have a great weekend!

  2. LOL love your sandwich! Glad you have seen the light re the dreaded "D" word.
    Love Leanne

  3. that was funny. No, can't do all those "diets" anymore. Just eating HEALTHY is hard enough. Enjoy your week-end!

  4. Sounds more like the (see) food diet!!! LOL......
    Stop your making me hungry!!! :-)

  5. You mean you've lasted for four days? Wow. You're good. Bananas are used for gaining weight so I'm not sure how they fit into a weight loss diet. Hmmm... A banana and a cup of ice cream a day. A cup's not very much... Nah. I'll keep looking.

  6. Lol, funny. I just finished supper but now I want pizza and enchiladas!

  7. One banana a day..THAT's IT???
    why........that would drive me banana's....(sad attempt at a joke here)
    I hate diets. I have to just pay attention to portions sizes, and Good Foods. If I can't put it into my lifestyle...bye bye

    and yeah, every year the lbs stick like super glue

  8. Haha! Funny sandwich. A banana a day and nothing else doesn't sound like enough to me!

  9. oh my gosh this is so funny, you made me laugh today!Eat well my friend, we need thoe extra pounds to keep us warm winter is a comin'

  10. Well, I have to know did you ditch the 5 pounds???

  11. I love the sandwich. But, I really love all the other stuff you had pictures of. LOL


  12. If it was easy everyone would be doing it ...losing weight that is. I just watched the dvd forks over knives (I think that was the name..ha! can't remember and it has been like one night!)..anyway..very good about plant based eating plan...I'm going more and more in that direction.

  13. Haha! LOVE this post Kimberly. The only good thing about that diet was the cup of ice cream a day. At least that would be MY favorite part. I like bananas too. :) Enjoy your non-diet this week. Hugs, Pam

  14. Hahahaha! You are so funny, I wish those things did work at our age, it would make things so much easier.
    Have a lovely evening.
    Hugs, Cindy

  15. How funny, diets are so hard. Enjoy your day and meals!

  16. I've never dieted but that's because I never needed to...until now! LOL!
    I don't think I'll start either as I don't think they work but I will be watching my portion size and cutting out a few things and working harder physically or at least walking again after a too hot to walk Summer.
    I loved the pictures...thank goodness I just finished supper!


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