Saturday, 13 October 2012

A Louder Thump!

  Last night around 11:30 I heard a very loud thump.
I could have sworn something had hit the house. I turned on all the outside lights, but saw nothing to worry about.
When I went over to visit with my MIL this morning, she said she had heard it at the same time, and she felt certain it had hit her cottage. I went outside and looked all around her place, but found no trees down.
My husband, smart man that he is, went up on the roof to look. And sure enough a large branch from the top of this tree had fallen smack dab on the center of my MIL's roof.
Now this is a tree that my husband wanted to cut down when we had gotten home this summer. But I thought it was just too beautiful and wanted him to  cut out the dead limps only. I guess I thought he was a monkey, or something. That he could just
scurry up this tree with a chainsaw in his pocket and take out the dead limbs at the very tip top. 
 Well, I hope I've learned my lesson now. 
Not likely, but one can always hope!
This is Leopaul. He is a retired logger and the fellow who keeps us in wood every year. So when Tim decided that tree was coming down-he was the man to call.
Can you see the blue rope attached to the front of
the truck? After Leopaul was done sawing, Tim was to back up the truck pulling the tree down. But that
wasn't at all necessary. It fell on its own!

Remember those wood tiles I showed you a while back? I thought they wood look so much better in
our entry way than our white tiles. Well, I mentioned that
to my husband while he was cutting this tree into
 pieces. I'm not sure, but I could've sworn I saw his eyes rolling as he turned back to finish his sawing.
I took that to mean a definite 'no'!
Here is pattern #3 from Aunt Martha. Three more to go.
Have a great weekend!



  1. I hate to see trees cut down, but sometimes it is definitely a matter of safety. Glad you got a professional to do the job.


  2. You sure are having a lot of trees come down lately. Are you having the high winds like around us. So glad everyone is safe, but it sure could have been a much bigger mess. Cant wait to see the rest of the patterns:)

  3. Oh My! Good thing that huge tree didn't fall on the cottage. I guess it was time for it to come down after all. At least you can use the wood to burn next winter. ;)

  4. So glad it was only a branch on MIL's house and not the tree. So bye, bye tree, all are safe now.

    This Aunt Martha pattern is really cute!!!

  5. Lucky you...that things weren't worse. Hate to see a tree removed but I totally get it. No more branches on the house.

  6. Now you have me thinking about trees..This summer, our son said that my precious maple in the back yard at City House, should come down..Eeeekk, I way!! I may have to rethink that now...Glad no one was hurt and no real damage.

    Have a wonderful weekend! xo

  7. Sure glad it was just a branch! kind of scary. Glad it's down and all is safe. Enjoy the rest of your week-end!

  8. It is always sad to see a tree being cut down, but if it puts folks in danger then it has to go. So glad there was no damage.

  9. Wow, that's truly what you call "bump in the night"!!! Glad nothing permanent damaged. I love your place and the idea of snuggling up before the fire in a blanket with a good book. That doesn't happen down here, needless to say.

    Love those redwork transfers, too.

  10. Isn't it hard to admit that sometimes the guys are right? I am still learning this myself. I'll say something that is so obviously stupid and John will just roll his eyes. Poor man!

    Lovely color still hanging on there despite the snow. Glad that the tree is safely down, that there'll be more wood for the future. Another cute embroidery!

  11. Hi Kim.. Sorry I have been missing for awhile but I did some catching up.. smile..
    Love your patterns so far..
    Those trees cause a lot of work when they decide to come down...
    Take care, my friend...

  12. I hate having to cut down tree too. But, as my husband is always telling me, you can't let them be a hazzard. He has a couople he wants to cut down too so they down get blown over into some of our power lines.
    I am glad it didn't do any damage to you MIL's roof.

  13. It's better to cut a tree down that is very close to the house to prevent branches or the tree itself from destroying the roof. THis way if you have high winds or a storm there will be no danger. We had a very old tree that was extremely large cut down and the very next day we had a bad storm knocking down many trees. If this tree was still there, it would have destroyed the house. I'm happy that no one was hurt and it didn't damage your place.
    I still love the area where you live, it's always so beautiful and colorful there.

  14. Thank goodness no one was hurt. I love trees too but after that ice storm we had I was grateful I didn't have any near my house. They were exploding literally! And falling everywhere! I'd push for the hallway thing...I remember was great looking!!! You do it! They have smaller tools nowadays just for women. I have a little circular saw that works just great and is light weight. You go girl!

  15. I'll be looking around our place before the high winds of winter arrive. We've had a couple of close calls with fallen cedars and I don't want to wake up one morning to a big hole in the roof! I'm glad that no harm was done in your case.

  16. I'm glad there wasn't any damage with the big limb and I hope you don't hear anymore thumps for awhile. Cute embroidery!

  17. It's a shame the tree had to come down, but probably wise to do it for safety reasons. I would have been hesitant to take it down too.

  18. I missed being able to comment on my friends blogs so here I am, I started another blog, thats scary business falling trees, beautiful colors though, I love the Fall so much, I hope no more trees come down around your place!!!

  19. I know that thump sound. We've had huge limbs come down in ice storms and the next morning it looks like a war zone. It's good you were able to bring those two down before the really cold weather hit. Sounds like that one was too close to your MIL's cottage. Hope there was no roof damage.


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