Monday, 15 October 2012

Simpler Days

My sister dug up this photo of the two of us with
my brother the last time I was down visiting my folks. It made me thinks of simpler days when....
Then I ran across this and it brought back so many
more memories from the days when life was safer
and simpler.
If you grew up in this era too, please leave a comment of a memory you have from your childhood that brings to mind those wonderful
days of innocence for you.
Pattern #4
Happy Monday Friends!


  1. Is that an embroidery iron on transfer???

    I detested handwork but Mom insisted I learn. I wanted to use the old treadle sewing machine. Mom said, Not yet, you will sew your finger. Wellll, I sneaked in one day and tried a little sewing and in my concentration the needle went completely through my finger missing nail and bone.

    I never told but I suspect Mom knew. I waited for her to direct me on the mysterious treadle sewing machine after that.

  2. I remember me and my brother riding our bikes down the long dirt road to the creek every day in the summer to fish. We never had to worry about some crazy person picking us up, and Mom never had to come looking for us because of worry. We also never watched tv, we would be outside playing.

  3. Love it! I remember being able to ride my bike or walk down the road to a small country store and get a drink and a bag of chips for less than a dollar. There was no fear of getting abducted. Playing in the woods across the street with my cousin was fine. No worries. Don't you wish we could step back to that time if only for a day? Sweet memories.

  4. Hello Kimberly....sweet picture of you kids....yes, I remember those days to.... love the phesant pattern also....Blessings Francine.

  5. Oh I can think of lots of them....roller skating through the neighborhood, hide and go seek after dark, (loved this!) walking up to the corner store for penny candy, collecting pop bottles for pennies, getting to go trick or treating with girlfriends only (no adults, can you imagine?) when I was only 9! catching a bus at the corner in the summer time that went to the local high school for swimming for 25 cents....Oh the good old days for sure! We never watched TV during the day, (unless we were sick!) played video games (which reminds me, we did play lots of board games and cards) we ran through the sprinklers, we were ALWAYS outside. Oh! I do remember getting the first color TV on the block and everyone coming to our house to see Disney's Wonderful World of Color! haha...OK, I guess I've strolled down memory land enough for now. Enjoy your week!

  6. Wow, can I ever remember riding my bike on our country road, never a worry of strangers. I would be gone most the day playing with neighbors in our fort by the river. A loud whistle meant time to check in. Of course I had an older brother that told on me if I even thought of doing something wrong or dare devilish!!

    Another great transfer!!

  7. My memory of the simpler days is when the WHOLE neighborhood would paly with each other. The children didn't go to daycare. We would play all day or afterschool until someone would go home for dinner. The rest of us would follow. I actually remember a mom clanging a dinner bell.
    Great memories! Thanks for taking me back for a moment.

  8. Kick the Can with the whole neighbourhood.....Hide and Seek in the dusk....knowing that ANYONE'S mum was as likely as my own to call me on my behaviour, and being better for it!....eating every supper of my childhood at the table (unless we were on a picnic!)....riding my bike for miles with the knowledge that I just had to be home for supper...making snow forts and having enormous snowball 'wars', boys against girls....not being allowed to go to a dance when I was 12 because 'there would be years and years to go to dances but not so many years to be a child'. My mum was SO right.

  9. I enjoyed this post and it brought back a flood of childhood memories so similar to the ones from your commenters above. I remember (1950's) when the Eaton's Christmas catalogue came and we chose one gift (toy) we would like. It wasn't guaranteed we'd get the exact gift but it didn't matter. We had an outdoor hockey rink behind our house that we skated on for hours after school and on weekends - day and night. We biked all over the neighbourhood as we grew older, played scrub ball, walked to schools that were blocks away (from grades 1-12), walked to the corner store that was 3 blocks away and got loads of candy for 10 cents. And Scotties chips and a glass bottle of coke were 15 cents total!! Great memories! Thanks Kimberly!

  10. I remember those simpler times. We would ride our bikes all around the neighborhood and always felt safe. We had a garden every year and Mom would can and freeze or make juice or jam or sauce from what we grew. Laundry hanging on the clothesline, picking cherries from the tree in our back yard, gathering big armfuls of lilacs to bring in the house--so many things I remember. :)

  11. It makes me sad that my grandchildren will never KNOW those days.
    I was always outside playing,...and walking home, in the dark (as the streetlights were coming on) All by myself.
    I was rarely afraid.
    When we'd hear dad whistle 3 Times, that meant, get home and in the house RIGHT NOW.

  12. That is a nice photo, are you the baby? I am so glad that tree didn't hurt your cabins.
    You have some lovely patterns.
    I hope you had a lovely Monday. You can tell what mine has been like, I am just getting around. :)

  13. What a great post! Memories...I remember a time before tv! Then the excitement of getting one. It only had 3 channels then. Later on, we got a color tv and that was a Big Deal!
    I attended a one room country school and have many great memories of those days. Oh, I could go on and on!

  14. It is a different world for children today. No more games like we used to play such as Hide and Seek or Cowboys and Indians (for sure not this!!) We would stay out til supper time playing a game of baseball or riding bikes almost every day!
    Have a great week,

  15. I have such great memories of my childhood- climbing trees, riding my bike, playing outside until dark-thirty or whenever Mom called...

  16. Oh, I love this walk down memory lane. I so remember all of us kids playing outside ALL DAY LONG and our parents never had to worry about our safety....We never had to look very far to find something to play with. Not toys, just things like rocks, sticks and all sorts of things...
    What fun!

  17. There were no street lights out in the country where I lived. But, Mama could make herself heard for a quarter mile when I was down visiting my cousin!! We slept with windows and doors open - only an unlocked screen between us and the world. Never even thought about locking a door, even when we weren't home. Played barefoot, didn't have a TV until about 13. Do something wrong and your neighbors didn't wait to tell your parents, they told YOU immediately and then they told your parents. Yep, you ate what was put on the table. Our community cared about us and allowed us to be kids, not miniature adults. Oh, I could go on but you get the gist of it.


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