Thursday, 11 October 2012

Today has been an interesting mix of rain..........
High winds causing high waves. So what's a girl to do on a day like this?
 Well, I found myself spending way too much time gazing into the flames, cuddled by my blanket,
 allowing my idle little hands to become the devils
workshop. Ha!
You know how it is-You think of all the projects you could and should be working on. But nothing really appeals to you. Nothing ignites those creative juices
of your mind into action. So after spending way too much time flipping through the  TV channels, I remembered my dear Aunt Martha.
Yes, she's not just my Aunt Martha, she's your Aunt
Martha too. She's always there when we need her, waiting patiently until we remember once again that Aunt Martha's around to rescue us from our
duldrums and put us back on our creative track.

Knowing her the way that I do:) I believe that
she would want me to share with you this very
special Thanksgiving pattern. Although Canadian
Thanksgiving is over, we still have over a month
until the U.S. celebrates hers.
If you like one of the nice fall patterns pictured above, I will be sharing them with you
in the next few days. So before you whip out the
thread and begin on this one, you might want to
wait and see them all first before you decide on one.
I'm hoping your week isn't as rainy as mine, but I guess it has caused me to dig deep to find something to do.



  1. Oh how sweet of you! Those are wonderful patterns. Since I'm still working on boot cuffs, maybe I can hold off.

    Your day sure looked pretty even if it was weather intense.

  2. What Winter weather you are having. Looks like you may be skipping over Fall this year. Love the pics:)

  3. Hello Kimberly, oh love that fire crackling, so cozy. Your weather is crazy, ours has been rather nice. Love the turkey pattern, thanks for sharing. Blessings Francine.

  4. Kimberly, That kind of day calls for a warm blanky and a cup of cappachino. BRR girl, that looks so cold. It's been plenty chilly here in Indiana. We have had small fires in the morning and evening time. Stay warm and safe, Susie

  5. Brrrrr! I think I'd stay by the fire myself. With your busy summer I think you deserve to sit and relax!

    Love Aunt Martha! She and I have been best friends for many, many years! That turkey would look great on a flour sack towel for Thanksgiving. What a great giveaway!

    Stay warm!, I've refuse to turn the heat on in the house. Stubborn I guess, not wanting summer to be over.

  6. I will be washing up our winter blankets today...hopefully getting them on the line one last time as we have our first storm on the way too..Looks like your post is just in time to help me get ready for a season by the shore! Enjoy! xo

  7. what a wonderful shot, Garry and I drove out t Gro Cap to watch the waves yesterday, we make tea and a sandwich and sit and watch the waves, it makes us feel at home!! Those are lovely transfers, I can't think of a better way to spend a snowy rainy day!! My blog was hacked again, I have called it quits but will always follow my friends,

  8. I do love Aunt Martha, I had a giant book filled once with all of the designs of all of the packets. I used them and used them. I wonder where I put it now. :) Have fun staring into the fire and day dreaming. Lots of castles sometimes need to be built in the air.

  9. Nothing better than cozying up to a warm fire. Those Aunt Martha patterns remind me so much of my Mom. She kept a collection of them in a cupboard when I was young.

  10. It is looking beautiful up your way! I love that pattern, what a fun project! Thanks for sharing! Thanks, too, for stopping by my Ideas House post!

  11. Nothing better I will join you I love sitting down in comport with my embroidery.
    I have started knitting warm gloves and scarfs ready for our cool evenings.
    best wishes Julie.C

  12. I think I have some of those in the craft closet - somewhere. It sure is chilly here too, I've been finishing up some projects (knit and crochet) and starting new ones. It's time to get out all those afghans I crocheted and get cozy.

  13. Kimberly, I would also be cozied up to the fire (if I had one) with a good book or my laptop on a nasty day like that. The turkey pattern is really cute. Can't wait to see what else Aunt Martha has. :)

  14. We had a snow
    storm yesterday...I think winter is pertty much upon us.
    I need to find something to spark some kind of creative juices. (except I am sooo not creative)
    Been working on a jigsaw puzzle to help pass the time.

  15. Hi Kimberly, thinking of you today. Oh dear, not ready for that kind of weather here yet. It was an absolutely gorgeous day today. But girl I know it's coming. Oh do I ever remember Aunt Martha. I have a few of her great patterns also. Thanks for sharing your fun Thanksgiving one. Hope you had a wonderful celebration!

  16. I love your photos of the outdoors, especially the one of the lake. I shiver just looking at it, but it's so beautiful!



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