Tuesday, 2 October 2012

What's In My Cabinet

I am participating in Sandi's 'What's in your cabinet' party'. This is a china cabinet we've
had for many, many years. The teapot was a
gift from my MIL when my husband and I first
married, as are some of the tea cups.
This is an almost full view photo of the cabinet.
The top part once had legs that were cut off and
placed on the top of dresser drawers. Where the
china cabinet sits, there would've been a tall mirror
flagged on each side with two smaller drawers.
This actually devalues the piece in the eyes of a
antique dealer. You would think it's uniqueness
would make it more valuable, but that's not the case.
This shot lets you better view the bottom drawers.

The bottom half of the cabinet is a real hodge podge
of glassware and red tranferware dishes, and trinkets. I only use most of it for holiday dinners.
This piece will go to my daughter, along with the
matching dining room table and chairs. I have to
say I'm looking forward to that day. It takes up the
 space where I'd like to have my reading nook! I would have a perfect view of the lake from here.
Oh well, maybe some day.
So what's in your cabinets, my friends?
Any treasures?


  1. Hi Kimberly,
    What a beautiful cabinet! It looks lovely sitting on top of the other piece, in my opinion. And what lovely treasures you have inside! I love the teapot on the top shelf and of course I am swooning over your red transferware! LOVE it! Thanks so much for joining my tea party and have a lovely day.


  2. I'm not opening the doors to show anyone what's in the cabinets. They don't look nearly as lovely as yours! My sister inherited my mother's bow china cupboard. I wonder if she has it all set up. I hope so!

  3. I spy several cups that I also have. It is so nice that you are able to display them and in such a pretty cabinet!

    I have teacups in my the bottom cupboard of my buffet from both grandmothers, that I will always treasure. xo

  4. China Cabinets are full of stories and a rich history behind each treasure.
    Your is beautiful,even without the mirrors. How fortunate for your daughter to be next in line.

  5. its beautiful and full of treasures, its also a beautiful piece as well, my china Cabinet is in rough shape but it still holds my treasures, just a little rough around the edges, kind a like me!!!

  6. You have a very beautiful cabinet, Kimberly, filled with lovely treasures. My old oak front cabinet holds various treasures that my grandmother gave me along with some things I've collected. A couple of my favorite things are mustache cups. You don't see those anymore. :)

  7. I love seeing inside your cabinets - you have such fun and cute stuff!

  8. It is so pretty. I love your transferware. I have a weakness for it. With the view you have though, I can imagine you would want to see it from any angle and room.

  9. I, too, like your transferware. I collected flow blue for years, but now have developed a "need" for red transferware. I only have four plates so far, but I'm on the lookout.

  10. I love this cabinet and those lovely teacups.
    We bought a hutch when we got married (only 3 yrs ago) and in it I have a plate from My great great grandmother, great grandmother, grandmother, my mom...and mine.
    They are real treasures for sure.

  11. Oh my goodness Kimberly I LOVE your cabinet. How pretty it is! And the treasures inside are soo good too! I bet your daughter is excited to be getting this beautiful piece. Hope you had a good day!

  12. First I love your china cabinet...then what it is filled with is beautiful

  13. Hi Kimberly,
    Found your blog on Sandi's Tea Time Tuesday and I see you have a home on Lake Superior! I live within walking distance of the lake and love to take the grandkids there in the summer. Love your transferware dishes in your cupboard! (My cupboard looks alot like yours!). I am your newest follower and have a good evening!

  14. Ohhhh do I ever love this old cabinet chock full of china goodies! It's beautiful Kimberly. Love the teapot and cups etc. The cabinet is really unique.

  15. I love your red transfer-ware. Your teacups are also lovely. That's a great china cabinet.
    Hugs, Cindy

  16. Lovely...I would never have thought of setting the cabinet on the drawers like that. Very pretty~

  17. Kimberly...I also wanted to tell you that I am really enjoying that magazine subscription to The Cottage Journal...that I won from your blog...
    I have received 2 issues and I absolutely LOVE them! Thank you again so much! I think of your kindness each time I receive one! xo~betty

  18. Love the cabinet, it's beautiful but I love what's inside even more, especially the red transferware...Christine

  19. Lovely!!!
    I am finding cabinets are not easy to take photos of. Your's look so good. Smiles,Dottie


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