Thursday, 27 December 2012

What Should I Wear?

Tomorrow is Tim's and my 39th wedding anniversary. You might remember the red velvet shoes he bought for me to wear on our wedding day.....
Well now I must decide what dress to wear to go out for our anniversary celebration! This is were I need your help.
Now this is my favorite. I love the old fashioned look of the 40's-50's.
This one is sweet too. But, my waist line not being what it was when I got married, takes this out of the realm of possibilities.
This one is adorable with all those red roses and the white fu-fu branches. It reminds me of something that could have been worn in 'White Christmas'.  But again, it's  just a tad too young looking for a lady who just turned 57 years old on Christmas day!
This dress is the probably the closest to what I believe would work the best for me. The color is a spot on match with my heels. The design appears to wrap ones body in a way that might be slimming, and the fabric is flowing, not clinging. What do you think, is this the one you would chose if you were me?
Alright, I'll be honest with you. My anniversary request was to go to 'The Hobbit' movie and my husbands plan is to surprise me with somewhere special for dinner. However, I don't think either place will require red velvet shoes with a fancy, matching dress. I did get a new red wool coat for Christmas with a black fur trimmed hood-I think that will work just fine! Don't you?





  1. Happy Anniversary. Enjoy your 'date'.

  2. Happy Anniversary....I love all your choices to wear but your smashing new red coat sounds amazing!

  3. HAPPY ANNIVERSARY! Your shoes are wonderful, and all the dress choices are amazing. I'd love to see that coat...sounds wonderful. ENJOY!

  4. Happy Anniversary,
    Your choices of dresses is awesome but ya where did our waist go. Love those shoes.

    Well your coat sounds so lovely.

    I love red. I wanted a red coat this year but they ran out in many stores for me the red. Very popular this year. So I ended up with the green one and hat to match.From hubby. I still love it.
    I think I had it up in my blog somwehere. I got it early or nothing.

    I am happy with it though very blesssed.

    So enjoy your date on your big Anniversary.Plus the meal.

  5. Happy Anniversary!!!

    Now if it were me I would be wearing my red velvet shoes with blue jeans! Yep, put on those shoes and waltz right into that movie theater with you red coat and red shoes!!!

    Enjoy your special time with hubby!!!

  6. Happy Anniversary!
    What a guy to buy you those shoes.
    And you kept them. My feet grew after each child and there is no way I could fit into shoes that I had back then.

    Congratulations on your 39th and here is to many more.

  7. Hmmm...You could do a little play acting so your marriage doesn't get stale. You got a hooded red coat? How about Little Red Riding Hood and HE could be the wolf.....just a thought. oh..and...Happy Anniversary! xo Diana

  8. I am with you on that last dress but if I were going to see the Hobbit I think I would wear the coat and lots of warm clothes. They turn on the air conditioners on in the theaters here. I hope to go see it soon too.
    I hope you have a lovely anniversary. Wow 39 years that is so awesome.

  9. Happy anniversary and Happy Birthday. My vote is for the last dress or the 40's inspired dress. Those shoes are a hoot. Love them:) You sure don't look your age. Have a wonderful time:)

  10. Happy anniversary. If I wore those shoes on my wedding day I would not be able to get back into them.
    I am a whole size larger in shoes.
    I think it is from working on jobs I had to stand on my feet.
    I say wear the red shoes with a great pair of jeans, a great fuzzy sweater, and your wonderful new coat.

  11. Sweet Kimberly,

    Happy 39th Anniversary To You and Your Dear Husband.

    I love all the dresses, my favorite is the last one because it's adorable, and it goes with your new shoes.

    Hmmm.....going to the movies and dinner. Maybe something warm to wear with the coat, then later at home celebrate with the shoes and dress and a nice after dinner drink. Just a thought since it's cold outside.

  12. Have a wonderful celebration! 39 years is a milestone! Next year will be your 40th or "Ruby" anniversary!

  13. You will look lovely no matter what you wear.......Happy Anniversary, Enjoy, Francine.

  14. I love the first dress! Happy Anniversary! Hope you have a great time. I'm sure you will be beautiful no matter what you are wearing.

  15. It's your anniversary, wear those shoes and a smile. :):) Enjoy yourself. May you and your husband have many,many more years of love together. xox,Susie

  16. I wanted to see what you chose!

    A red coat will do. Were you naughty and wore nothing UNDER that red coat?
    Kidding. Happy Anniversary.

  17. Happy Birthday and Happy Anniversary to you! Wow. What a special week this has been for you and hubby. I think the last dress is sweet but so is the first one. The one with the branches is a bit 'different' (aka weird!) :) I hope you wear your red coat and if weather permits, your red shoes (gorgeous and still in style!). We're getting a blizzard here tonight. Enjoy the movie!

  18. Oh fun! We want to see that coat! Enjoy your special day and I hope that you'll review the movie, too.

  19. Congratulations on your anniversary! Have fun at the Hobbit in your new red coat. Every girl should have red shoes and a red coat!

  20. Happy Anniversary. Those are the best shoes!! I think you should wear the tutu dress to The Hobbit movie ;)

  21. Happy Anniversary, wow, 39?? that is so awesome. I love the shoes. The last choice would be my choice too. I think you shoud wear it anyway!! The coast sounds really awesome.. Hugs, :D

  22. Oh, Happy Birthday, Kimberly!!

    And, Happy Anniversary, too. Wow, 39 years.

  23. Happy Anniversary, I hope you had fun! I think the tree dress was my favorite LOL! Your new coat sounds perfect though!

    Happy New Year!

  24. I love that you are wearing those shoes sweet! The dresses are all so cute and yes, that last one is perfect.

    Happy Anniversary and many more to such a cute couple! You both look so young and happy. I love the trouble he went to getting you that special soap.

  25. Happy birthday! So you're a Christmas baby!? I hope you enjoyed your time out with your hubby. I'm not sure which dress I would have picked, sounds like the beautiful red coat would fit the bill perfectly, though.
    Hugs, Cindy

  26. I did like you pick on the evening dress-- and about the shoes you are brave to were a high heel -- I keep to 2 1/2 these days but I do have 3 inch heel in my closest that's calling me ,,, but I keep going back and forth...wink.. I love the color red just wished it looked good on me!
    You should take a snap shot of your red coat to share with us - love to see you wearing it - wink!

  27. What a nice way to celebrate your anniversary. Tolkien fanatic here. I can't locate a post of yours that tackles about sheds or cottages or log-cabins. Instead i just commented here to say happy anniversary.


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