Sunday, 18 August 2013

Can You Help Me Identify This?

No, I don't need help identifying the flowers.
I just wanted the first photo to be something pretty
for the eyes.
This is the bouquet Tim picked for me on his walk today. I didn't do any rearranging to them at all.
We just found a vase, filled it with water and plopped them in it.
Not bad for random picking!
But the flowers are definitely screaming Fall to me.
Would you agree?
Now, down to business.
This is what I need help with.
When we bought our home we inherited a china cabinet full of old dishes and crystal.
This set is especially pretty.
It has a thistle pattern etched on it, gold trimmed, and has a knobbed stem.
This is the best shot I could get of the pattern.
It was taken looking inside the glass out.
I am hoping someone else may have this pattern of crystal and can tell me the name and the maker.
I have spent hours searching, but have come up empty handed.
I know a lot of you ladies are great collectors of crystal and china!
There are also some odd and end dishes of these three sets.
The bowl is Johnson Bros Tulip Time.
The plate on the left is Somerset Excel and the one on the right is Royal Doulton Greenbrier.
I am going to sell all of these since I have too many dish sets already!
I wish I had something exciting to report, but it is has pretty hum-drum around here.
I'm just enjoying the last of those 'lazy-hazy' days of summer!
Are you already thinking about Fall?


  1. I'm no help with the dishes but the flowers are pretty.

  2. I have never saw that pattern of crystal, maybe you could google it, the flowers are lovely, isn't he a sweetie to bring you flowers, I think the crystal looks expensive!

  3. Hello Kimberly, love those roadside flowers, so pretty.....not to sure about the name of crystal, but do love Johnson Brothers dishes, sweet....Blessings Francine.

  4. I haven't seen that pattern before, so I'm no help. They are very pretty and I hope someone will know. Pretty flowers, too!

  5. I just did a quick search but came up empty..I love a mystery though, so I will continue.

    Have a lovely week. xo

  6. Hi Kimberly. I've missed several of your posts until now as we were away. Your wildflower bouquet is so pretty. I have noticed after our drive yesterday just how much it looks like fall here already. The golden rod is prolific and we saw a lot of trees that had changed colour. I'm thinking they are really stressed from all the rain we've had. The thistle patterned crystal is so pretty but I haven't any idea of the pattern. Sorry. It sounds like you've been busy cleaning, decorating and sorting. I hope you have a great week ahead. Pam

  7. Your husband brings you wildflower bouquets? How romantic!

    What a wonderful set of goblets! Hope that someone knows just what they are!

  8. Not a crystal and china person, so cant help there. The flowers, however are so pretty and fallish looking!

  9. It looks like Thistle by Central Glass works pattern but on a different stem design. My Tiffin crystal came in several stem styles, and crystal used to have options of gold banding.

    I suggest sending a picture to and see if they know the number of that stem with that pattern.


  11. I am afraid I will be no help at all. Our weather has been very fall like so I have indeed beed thinking of fall (usually means my cooking is going to change...more soups and baking)

  12. Well hoping someone knows, but it definitely isn't me. Soo pretty though..loved them. The flowers are sweet!

  13. I have no idea. How wonderful your husband bought you flowers. Yes, thinking fall here. Blessings

  14. I don't know what that pattern is-but it is really pretty! Your bouquet is beautiful- xo Diana

  15. I'm no help at identifying those for you. They are pretty, though. It has been a very cool and very pleasant August here. I was out taking pictures of flowers in the park this week, and fall definitely is in the air.

  16. I haven't got a clue, but I like your pretty wild flowers, too, but I'm not saying or even thinking about that four letter word that starts with f and ends with all. I am LOVING this summer weather, 30 deg C today!
    You inherited some very pretty dishes, Royal Doulton even!
    I'd be tempted to keep some of it. I am still looking for your painted kitchen photos and your painted furniture photo, too!
    Hugs, cindy

  17. I came back to see if the mystery was solved. Looks like "thoughts On Life..." had a clue.
    Did you find out anything?
    They are beautiful!

  18. WOW sweet inheritance -- wish I could put my brain smarts to work here but I have non for this area - wink!!

  19. Perhaps our Fall coming will be until late Oct with Indian summer weather continued. Lets hope as summer here was rain, rain, clouds and the last two days sweltering.

    Not the summer days when I was a kid. It was beautiful summers.

  20. TheDutch windmill patterin in blue is Dutch.

    My mother in-law had those with 9 kids. I have some also.

    Highlights:Embossed, Hanging, White, Blue, Stoneware, Porcelain, No This item is a beautiful Porcelain Fles Plate of a windmill landscape. Blue and white stoneware, the Royal Delft factory of Delft Holland is the mark on the back. Each piece is coded, as this one is. On the back you will find the factory mark, item number, artist's initials and date code.

  21. Wonderful wildflowers, wonderful hubby! Can't help with the glassware but looks like you have some clues from another blogger. Good luck.

  22. Love the flower bouquet! The stemware looks like it is from a Scottish crystal manufacturer.

  23. I came over from Vee's! A wonderful gift you sent her! I cannot think of many things nicer than a china cabinet with old dishes!

  24. I came to you through Vee...what a perfectly delightful site. I love the dishes she was blessed with thanks to your generosity. Lucky girl Vee and Blessed girl you!


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