Tuesday, 6 August 2013

Meet My Favorite Tool

Do you have a favourite tool?
Well, this is mine-the sander.
I use this tool so much that I own four of them.
I should say we, hubby and I own four.
Every time I turn around there is something crying, 'sand me, sand me'.
Look at the old china cabinet I found in the basement and painted.
I loved the turquoise colour, but it was way too bright and way too perfect.

Take a look at it now.
See what a difference a little sanding can make?
It looks like it's been sitting in Grandmother's house getting nicked and worn from  years of use.
Another example is this mirror.
I painted it with craft paint.
Honestly, the beautiful details were lost in the paint.
Now isn't this much better?
You can see the the swirl details and the bevelled edges of the antique frame now.
At the most, this may have taken five minutes-tops.
This is a tool I wouldn't want to be without.
I bought this sander on sale for about fifteen bucks.
I can't begin to tell you the hours it has saved me.
I've tried hand sanding, but I just don't have the patience for it.
I want to see results now!
I'm no expert on refinishing furniture, but this has worked for me and I wanted to pass it on in the hopes it might help someone else who likes to see QUICK results.


  1. we have that tool also, it is handy dandy just like you said.The china cabinet is beautiful, gosh that color is amazing!!!and so is the mirror,you do good work!!!!!

  2. I love my sander, too, but haven't had time to do any furniture work with it in WAY too LONG! Your pieces both turned out great! xo Diana

  3. That is why I never have refinished anything..the sanding! I had no idea you could pick one up at such a great price and that one could use it on almost anything. Thanks for the info, I will now be on the lookout for a good sale.

    Love your header! xo

  4. Yep I use a sander too. It is to much work to do by hand. Love the. Distressing on the hutch. I'm itching to see the whole kitchen.

  5. Kimberly,

    Your sanding talents are superb! What a difference in character and texture you have created; so much more interesting! Thanks for the tips and like you, I like fast results. Just get too excited about things!


  6. Looking good... I bought myself an electric sander about the size of a small iron. I so rarely use it. I need to dig it out!

  7. I like the distressed look of these pieces...your little sander did a great job.
    I'm thinking of just going ahead and distressing my lower cabinets in the kitchen...seeing how they are become slightly distressed NATURALLY...with the grand kids around all the time.
    I might try something like this.
    I don't even know if we HAVE A HAND SANDER... if we do, I'm using it! :)

  8. Please hop on a plane with all four of your sanders (maybe hubs too) to sand for me please. Pretty please? With a cherry on top?

    I am SOOOOO procrastinating on painting my furniture because I don't want to sand. Or empty the drawers or cabinets or you name it. But I have to. I keep publicly saying I am going to paint so I have to do it, right?

    Okay, enough about me, that's not where this comment started (or wait.....I think it did). I LURVE!!! your mirror and cabinet. Just found it in the basement? I need a basement!

  9. A sander of your own, and lovely finishes, they look great, and you have mastered the art of "sanding" to perfection!! Cheers from Jean.

  10. Kimberly,

    A woman must have a few tools of her own. I love the sander, saw, drill, chain saw, and well there are so many more. If I don't have them myself, I borrow my husbands and never return it to where it belongs. It ends up in my tool area and I always get in trouble, lol.....

    Love your work girl!!!

  11. Hi Kimberly, looks so much better now, great job...gotta love a sander, Francine.

  12. I like the was the mirror and cabinet turned out, like the distressed look. I like the little hand held sanders too

  13. I love my hand held sander too. My favorite tool is a hammer that used to be my dads...I think of him every time I use it.

  14. What a cool tool!!! I think I have to get one of them!

  15. I need one of those! Your mirror colour is gorgeous and the mirror shape is so nice!

  16. Hmmmm I might need one of those!

  17. Looks like a handy tool to have around! I really like how the mirror and cabinet look after sanding.

  18. A woman after my own heart. I am so glad you have your favorite power tools. Sanders are so handy. We have used ours so much.
    I love that chest you found. It is so pretty.

  19. Yes, that's a great little tool, Kimberly! And I love how you distressed the china cabinet and mirror with it. They look great.

  20. Beautiful work! It really does the job for giving pieces that worn or weathered look. :-)


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