Thursday, 8 August 2013

I Got a Little Side Tracked

  I really had the best of intentions when I started the kitchen project.
I would complete it, then move on to work on the spare bedroom.
However, since I was taking far too long puttering in the kitchen Tim  decided to move on to the spare bedroom ahead of me.
Here is a bad picture of the flooring he laid.
It was 11:30 PM when I took this shot!
Another not so good shot of the floor.
This is the same flooring we'll be using in the kitchen.
 I didn't have anything at all to do with the laying of bedroom the floor.
But, of course, when Tim moved the three stuffed full dressers out of the bedroom I thought this would be the perfect time to whittle three dresser down to two dresser.
I'm happy to report I did just that!
I have a box full of size ? clothes that I only dream of ever fitting into again that I'm getting rid of.
I have to be honest, it was hard ladies, so hard.
I felt like getting rid of them was like saying I was giving up-like I had lost hope of ever losing the weight needed to wear my jeans again.

But I'm determined to let go-finally.
Besides, if I do lose the weight then I deserve some new clothes.



  1. That is a hard thing to do for me too to let go of clothes I am hoping to wear "someday." Absolutely, though, if you lose the weight you deserve to buy some new one as a reward! :D

    The bedroom floor looks great!

  2. It does feel good to get rid of things. Good for you. I take my clothes to a consignment shop when I'm done with them. I may as well make a little money back.

  3. good for you a whole dresser gone and the pretty floor.
    when I put something on and it doesn't fit right I throw it in the give away pile I have good intentions of getting into shape and you are right buy new if you do in the mean time you and I are just cluttering up our lives.

  4. I'm all about getting rid of things!! It feels so good!

  5. I love thinning out...and yes, it would be fun to buy new clothes!

  6. Exactly! That is the same reasoning I use in the opposite direction, too! Well done...where is the extra dresser going?

  7. I like your logic! Makes perfect sense to me - and a good clear-out is always a good thing.

  8. Right, and I love those moose!

  9. Good for you!! I love those thermos & the lamp! Blessings

  10. Here Here!

    Yes, when you loose the weight you will feel like NEW jeans!

    The floor looks great.

  11. Yes, Kimberly, when you lose it, go buy yourself some nice clothes in the style that you love best.
    Your floors are going to be really beautiful, good for you that you're getting wood floors! I think that is something to get excited about. :)

  12. Congrats girlfriend, way to go!!!!! Must feel so the old thermos, and the rug...BlessingsFrancine.

  13. I like your thinking, Kimberly! I'm gonna throw out some clothes that no longer fit, too. The prospect of new clothes might make me lose a few pounds!

    The new floor looks great! Have a nice Friday and weekend!

  14. I so totally understand this post. It is hard isn't it to finally accept that this is now and how it is going to be. I will never be that skinny me I once was but as my kids say, " you are so much more fun when you are just you we don't want a skinny Mom." So I think I will always not eat desert nor things like that just because I don't feel good when I do. To not view it as giving up but accepting who I am now. That is so tough. Bravo on cleaning out the dresser though. Very hard but very good.

  15. Good for you. It is a wonderful feeling to clean out the nest every now and then. Have a great weekend!

  16. Yep, you lose any weight, you deserve new clothes. That's my theory and I'm stickin' to it!!

    Besides, I've discovered that I never miss all those clothes that I give away.

  17. I'm hating to let go of them because material is so expensive I think I could cut them up and use it instead of buying I wrong? Tell me I am so I can get rid of it all! LOL!

  18. Distracted.....content good but picture of dresser with plaid thermoses (or would it be thermi?) and other woodsy cottage things is keeping from reading - keep going back to the pic. Sorry.

  19. If only weight loss put an aging body back into a previous shape! I have saved jeans, lost weight and found that my new figure needed a slightly different cut of jeans to look great. It is worth hanging on to skirts and blouses but fitted pants can usually be given away.

  20. Oh yes! If you get back to the size you covet then you definitely deserve new clothes. I think you should go out and celebrate whittling 3 dressers down to 2 by buying a pair of perfectly fitting jeans at today's size. You can always "downsize" when needed !

  21. My goodness -- you are doing a LOT of fixing and the wood floor does look good I like the color..Moving to a new place and area deserve a new something to wear (wink) at any size!

  22. I totally agree about the clothes, gave away stacks myself of stuff I had been holding on to for the longest time. It actually was liberating and much less depressing not to be looking at those small sizes anymore!

  23. Yes, I find it really hard to get rid of clothes. I have lost a lot of weight but I find that I must have some kind of emotional connection to my clothes. I have whittled it down but still have way too many t shirts!


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