Thursday, 15 August 2013

I Tried It and It Worked

  Have you ever seen a smart tip or idea on Pinterest and thought, 'that surely can't work'?
Well that is exactly what I thought when I read that you can re-grow romaine lettuce simply by placing the remains of the stalk in water and placing it in a window.
But look, it's working!
I'm especially excited because the lettuce in my garden appears to be stunted from all of the rain and no sunshine for so long.
We did have a reprieve from all the rain last weekend so Tim and I headed to the lake.
This is a bay off of Lake Superior about an hour from our home now.
It does seem a little strange to have to drive to the lake after living on it for so many years!
But I do have to have my fix every now and then.
I've still been concentrating my efforts on decluttering.
Excuse me a minute: Mary Wells is singing, 'My Guy' and I can't miss it.
Do you ever watch those Doo Wop shows?
I do occasionally, but what I really got hooked on was, 'Il Volo'.
 I think I've seen those young guys eight times now.
I did draw the line when they came on tonight with a Christmas special.
There is no way I'm listening to Christmas music before the U.S. Thanksgiving!
Would you?
No, it is just way too early.
Oh, I really got side-tracked, didn't I?
Must be the hour.
If you'd like more info on how to re-grow your own lettuce I have it pinned under
'A Green Thumb Garden'.
Take a look, it's amazing.



  1. I loved your thought process as you got sidetracked. It makes me feel not so crazy. I drive my daughter nuts with the way I get off subject.

  2. How weird is that. It doesn't seem possible to regrow lettuce that isn't planted in the ground. Is it a one time thing, or will the same old stalk keep reproducing over and over again?

  3. What a great idea. I will definitely try it. The views of the lake are gorgeous. xo Laura

  4. Beautiful views of the lake! Lovely, crisp photos. (I can listen to Christmas music any day of the year. I'm weird like that.)

  5. I do watch the Doo Wop shows and I also love Il Volo. I have one of their CD's. You lake pictures are beautiful!

  6. I haven't saw the lettuce trick, wow, thats amazing.You have truly found a paradise, you can tell you're further North by the trees, it looks like it was a beautiful day too!

  7. Good morning! How beautiful the pictures of the lake are. Soo peaceful. I could sit there for hours! An hour away is not too bad...close enough to get your fix now and then that's for sure. I can begin to listen to Christmas music by the first part of Nov., haha. Enjoy your day!

  8. Good idea on growing your own lettuce. The lake pictures are breath-taking..

  9. I did wonder if that would work when I read about it. I am amazed that it does. The pictures of the lake is beautiful.
    I am glad you do have time to go have some time like that.
    Have a nice day.

  10. You make me laugh out loud!
    I can just picture you in the middle of decluttering and along comes a song that you can't but sing to.

    I'll let you know if I grow some lettuce. Giving that one a try, for sure.

    Love the picture of the two chairs!!!

  11. I didn't know you could re-grow lettuce. How cool!

    Beautiful views of the lake. I can understand why you would need to return there to get a fix now and again.

  12. It is very cool seeing things re-grow. :-) No Christmas music until after Thanksgiving meal is over. They start playing it on the radio before that... I just refuse to listen.

  13. Great tip about the lettuce! I love your photos of the lake. Such a beautiful place. I'm with you on Christmas music...not too soon please! I went to Hobby Lobby yesterday and next to the Fall aisles was Christmas stuff. My first reaction was "oh no, not so soon"!

  14. Kimberly,

    It's been 36 years since I've been out on Lake Superior. I need to get back to my home town and check out all the changes. When I do, I will bring my husband. He's never been to the Upper Peninsula of Michigan.

    You can also grow celery the same way. Cut the bottom off of the celery sticks and place it in water.

  15. Well..I had no idea about the lettuce, interesting! Thanks for sharing your pics, they are quite lovely! Blessings

  16. What an absolutely lovely spot. We enjoy our cottage at the lake in Maine but this has such a wonderful rugged look with the trees right down to the rocky shore.


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