Friday, 22 November 2013

Bedroom Re-Do Sneak Pre-View

Hello Friends!
Do any of you remember that Master Bedroom Re-Do that I began some time ago?
Probably not!
It has been a while....
But today I do have a sneak preview for you....
This lovely lady is gracing our bedroom dresser now.
As are these pretty nesting birdies I picked up somewhere in Northern Missouri while traveling.


This photo is a collection of vintage jewelry from our night stand.
I've started collecting keys also in the hope of making vintage key pendants as gifts.
Oh yes I know, just what I need, another project!
We received a couple of inches of snow last night and the high today was 18F, so I think I can say that Winter is definitely here in Northern Ontario.
If you are interested please check back Monday for my complete bedroom reveal.
Now I can finally move on to my Christmas decorating.
Have any of you started your holiday decorating yet?
I will be visiting here today:



  1. I'll be sure to make a stop on Monday.....I'm sure the reveal is going to be just gorgeous...
    Wow...that is really cold! We are in the 40's around here, and I get so tickled because the weather forecasters call it a Winter BLAST!

  2. I'll be back by on Monday- no snow here yet, but it looks like we might get a bit of ice on Sunday.

  3. I'll be back Monday too! looks beautiful!

  4. Count me in on Monday, happy Weekend, Francine.

  5. Brrr! 18° ?!?!
    We got down to wet and rainy, 36° and that is cold enough for me. ;)
    I remember that your working on your bedroom. You made some really cute ruffle pillow ships that I loved. These little bits and pieces are quite the tease...I can't wait to see the rest!
    Have fun decorating for Christmas...I've not done a stitch of decorating yet.

  6. You have such sweet things! I love all your bits and pieces you have picked up along the way.

    You KNOW I will be back Monday to see what you are up to- xo Diana

  7. I have the tree up and fluffed but no decorations yet. I did a little on the porch also. Threw away our mushy old pumpkins....they just could not make it to Thanksgiving. I like the decorations of your make over. xoxo,Susie

  8. Will be here!

    Not that holiday... Tuesday's coming. It'll be strange to have the Christmas tree up on Thanksgiving, but that's the way it has to be.

    I like that you are always interested in doing new things!

  9. Minus 8C, that is cold, guess it is a good time to be doing all the indoors things, here it is TOO hot to be outside working. Love the jewellry collection. Cheers from Jean

  10. Thanks for sharing a peek into your bedroom. I love the pretty roses print over the dresser and all the vintage jewellery. Making necklaces sounds like a great hobby. It sounds like you have a good start on winter there. They say there is a storm coming here on Wednesday but they aren't sure how much or just wear it will fall. I'm kind of looking forward to it. And yes, my decorating is complete except for the tree. Have a good weekend, Kimberly!

  11. Lovely to see a sneak peek into your bedroom, love the sweet birds and your vintage jewellery.
    happy weekend

  12. A lovely little look into your new bedroom reveal, Kim! Sweet trinkets!
    Looking forward to Monday!


  13. will be back for sure! Christmas has been up for a week here! WAY ahead of myself this year for some reason...

  14. I enjoyed seeing this sneak peek. I will look forward to seeing the final results.

  15. OH, how pretty. So many little romantic touches. I LOVE the forget-me-not teacup.

  16. Kimberly,

    Love sneak peaks!!!

  17. Count me in on Monday, I love seeing reveals! You have lots of neat things, can't wait to see what you've done with them.

    Haven't started decorating for Christmas yet, though I've been tempted. I'll wait until after Thanksgiving.

    Enjoy your Sunday!

  18. All your vintage bling looks so pretty!
    Winter is here in Ohio, too, I'm sad to say...cold and snowy.

  19. Beautiful! -7 windchill and 20* here in western NY. Winter is def here as well. Blessings

  20. Looking very interesting, Kim.. Love your broaches.. No snow here yet thank the Lord.. smile..xo

  21. Sweet décor! Such lovely little touches.

    Brr... you are getting a blast of Winter.
    It's turned cold here too, and I'm keeping the woodstove going :)

    Have a wonderful week!

  22. excited -- I am..


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