Tuesday, 5 November 2013

Home Again

Hello Friends!
I'm back at the home place again.
Tim and I  wanted to make one more round to visit the g'children before the snow decides to take permanent residence here.

Our first stop was at Clayton and Lauren's home to go Trick or Treating with Reece and Brigam.
As you can see Buzz was pretty worn out after making his rounds from door to door.

He was quickly restored from the brownies I made for our after supper snack.
Reece is so funny. We went to about five houses and then he wanted to start eating his candy.
Lauren told him he could have a piece of candy when we were back to her Mother's house and done Trick or Treating.
So he decided he was done!
After only five houses...
No joke he didn't want to go to anymore doors after that.

II didn't get a photo of Brig in his costume, but here he is getting his bath.
He sure loves the water!
This guy is really one of the best baby I've ever been around. He hardly ever cries....
He fusses when he's hungry or tired.
That's about it. He was a dream to babysit.
Now, I'm waiting until tomorrow or the next day to show you photos from our time with our other g'children.
I don't want to overdose you!
I did have a wonderful surprise when Tim came back from Canada Post today....
My Lola Nova book has arrived.
Yeah, my gift from Sherri at Little House in Paradise .
I won this a couple of weeks ago in her gift give-away.

It is full of so many unique gift ideas or items for your own home.
You can see by the photo just how well the tutorials are laid out step by step.
Remember how your kids used to build tents over the furniture?
Here is a cute idea for the kiddies.
Okay, I am using my old laptop and it is getting ready to black out on me, so I'll sign off for now and get back to you as soon as I can!




  1. Kimberly , Cute pictures of the g.kids. That's funny about Reece only wanting to go to 5 houses. I know you surely enjoyed your time with them all. xoxo,Susie

  2. What adorable photos of your grandchildren. Love the name Reece, as it was my dad's name. xo Laura

  3. Your grandkids are so adorable!! How nice that you got one last chance to visit them before you get snowed in.

    I'm glad you are pleased with the book...You will have plenty of time for some of the projects this winter, for sure. xo

  4. Cute pictures of your grands! How funny he was done after 5 houses, haha, you just never know what they are going to come up with. Glad you got a visit in with all of them. Book looks good...enjoy!

  5. How nice to be able to get in another visit with your grands.
    The weather certainly can wreak havoc with travel plans.

    Enjoy that new book. Looks like some fun patterns.

    Warm wishes..

  6. Cute photos ! Glad you had a lovely time with grand kids . Thanks for sharing ! warm here today temps reached 12°C rain over night tonight and tomorrow here ! Have a good week !

  7. So cute Kimberly, so nice to visit family.....Happy Reading, Francine.

  8. I am so happy to see you here, Kimberly. I am glad you got to see all the kids before the snow flies, too. Blessings to you- xo Diana

  9. You are a good grandma!
    Making time to go and see your grandchildren, babysitting and trick or treating with them.
    Time to rest up before the next visit, right?

  10. Your grandsons are pretty cute, Kimberly. I think 5 houses for candy is just about right for a little Buzz Lightyear. :) Glad you had a good visit and got home safely. Pam

  11. Such cute little kiddos. Glad you had fun with them.

  12. Kimberly,

    Your grand babies are adorable!!!
    I'm glad you and Tim enjoyed yourselves.

  13. Cute photos! So glad you are home. I can't wait to see your other pictures.

  14. You have some cute grands! Too funny about stopping after 5 houses.
    Glad you have a great time and more memories made this visit before the snows begins. Enjoy your new book!

  15. Your grandchildren are darling..
    Glad you had a lovely visit..
    The book looks very interesting and yes, I remember those tents.. ox

  16. Sounds like you had a lot of fun with these two, also! You are a good grandma!
    Your book looks like a very good read and you will have your head full of tons of new projects to do this winter.
    Hugs, Cindy
    I hope your cold is subsiding!

  17. Very sweet pictures of your grandchildren! Sounds like you had a fun time visiting them.

  18. Love spending time with the Littles... aren't they a joy? I just started watching 4 this week...my daughter went back to work after having her baby boy...We've had them 5 days total (not including the weekend)and we're already getting a routine. Such fun!
    The book looks interesting; and I DO remember the furniture tents.
    I bet you will have some projects to work on with the ideas from this book. Have fun with it.


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