Monday, 25 November 2013


Do you ever have those days when you finally just say, "I give up."
Well, today was mine.

I haven't mentioned it, but for the last month while my laptop has been in for repairs, I have had to go through the most ridiculous process of posting on my blog.

I have been using my old laptop, which will not upload any of my photos to my post. So the process is to mail any photos I want to post to our e-mail address. Then save them on my husbands computer photo gallery. Next I upload them to my post from his computer.

No big deal, right?
I'm not finished yet.

 I haven't gotten to the good part....
My husbands computer lets me upload the photos, but it will not let me write anything on the post.
The cursor won't move.
So then I run back to the old laptop to attempt to write the post for publishing from what has been saved.
Of course the photos are not in proper sequence, so when I try to move them to where I want them I often end up losing them.
Which is what happened today!

Finally, after hours of attempting to share my bedroom re-do, I just said
enough is enough.
It was going to look shoddy and disorderly and I wasn't going to have any of that.

I did receive a call from Staples today about my laptop.
Which is another whole long drawn out story of ridiculousness.
But I will spare you that one because I know a person can only take small doses of negativity at one sitting.

They called to say my computer is being mailed to me today.
Hopefully, I will receive it before the end of the week!
And hopefully in tip top shape.
If you're wondering why I put a Christmas card on my post so early...
All I can say is that it was cute and the laptop let me upload it.


  1. Oh my goodness!! That takes a lot of patience!! I think I would have given up long ago!! The card is so cute!

  2. oh boy, computers are wonderful inventions WHEN THEY WORK!!!! I hope all gets ironed out soon, men while that is a lovely card, take care sweet lady,

  3. Oh dear. What a shame, Kimberly. That would be so very frustrating and I can understand your dilemma. I really hope your computer arrives before the week is out and that all is well with it so you can post properly again. I do love the sweet Christmas card though. :) Hugs, Pam

  4. Oh boy, computers, love , hate relationship for sure......hope all goes well for you, love the sweet card, Blessings Francine.

  5. Aw computers, I totally understand. I have to go through some things to get the pictures I want on my blog. Nothing like yours by the way.
    My screen is going out and so the thing flashes like a strobe until it finally gets warmed up. I can't just sit down and get on, I go do my housework and keep checking back until it has stopped. I was trying to get a recipe yesterday and I was staring at the screen as it flashed.
    My husband remarked how silly I looked, but I said, you just do what you have to do. :)
    I hope your computer works perfectly when you get it back. :)

  6. You are a dedicated blogger! I just went through that and I had to get a new computer and I won't bore you with what I had to go through to upload my backups and deal with the new Windows 8....and I have a degree in CS! I commiserate and I will say a little prayer that your technological problems are over for awhile at least! Cute card!

  7. Wow- that is an ordeal! I hope your laptop is good as new and everything goes back to normal..and it IS a cute Christmas card!

  8. Good enough reason! 'T is the season or close enough! Your computer situation sounds interesting...somewhat similar to mine.

  9. I would be crying if I was you. Nothing worse than computer problems when you are a blogger. I know how much time it takes me with all the photos so I feel for you girl.

  10. On goodness Kimberly.... It must be in the air... My computer has been in the blink since last Thursday. Thank goodness I have an IPad to keep up on things... Not so good for writing posts or editing pictures though. May your days be short until your laptop arrives. Take care now... Karen

  11. I too would be totally frustrated...this season of frustration will be over soon....until the next one :-)
    Praying all is well with you computer once it arrives. Maybe God wants your focus else where for the moment? That's the first thought that comes to my mind once I reach frustration..." maybe God __________". Hang in there and have a blessed Thanksgiving my friend.

  12. I love this sweet card. I'm going to start writing my cards SOON! And I hope you get your computer back soon...I know how frustrating it can be! Sweet hugs and Happy Thanksgiving!

  13. Oh how frustrating these computers are when we can't get them to do what we want! I feel your pain -- sometimes my posts look fine when I type them, but they appear with the weirdest spacing; and going back to try to edit just makes the pictures disappear. Sigh. I love that you posted your Christmas card because your computer would allow it :) Good for you for hanging in there and getting a post out, perfect or no! And may your laptop return to you quickly and in excellent shape.

  14. frustration at the highest level, I too would be inclined to leave it all till fixed. But words alone are always good, and an early card, just because, why not. Hope the postman delivers one goody parcel very soon. Cheers, Jean.

  15. Hang in there, Kimberly...been there, done that, and it's VERY frustrating, indeed! I was without my laptop for a whole week this summer and went automatically into withdrawal, went a little stir crazy and felt 'naked'! But, you know what, it did me good in the end, forcing me to really think seriously about some issues in my life, and got me away from the screen, which is terrible for our eyes and our overall general health! Having said that, I do hope you get it back very soon, as we want to see your creativity!!


  16. Yup, the card is cute! Sounds like a real pain Kimberly. Hope you get it fixed soon!

  17. I had one of those days today - the Internet stopped working and the phone would only give one ring and then static when my husband was trying to call home. Finally with the help of the Vodafone man found out that it was the filter connecting the router that was causing the problem. after going to the shop and paying $19 it is now working again.
    Love the sweet Christmas card and wishing you a happy week

  18. I can feel your FRUSTRATION!
    What is so wonderful,is you went to ALL that trouble for us! Thank you!

    By the way, cute card.

  19. Oh dear. Enough is enough. What an aggravation! Well, I'm glad to hear that your laptop is on its way back to you now. I hope it is good as new for you.

  20. Shoot and bagooties! You've really been a very patient woman!!
    Hurray for the computer getting fixed, and hopefully it will work as it should, when you get it back.

    Don't worry... we'll all see the reveal, when you can get to it.
    And, in the meantime, hope you can relax and enjoy this wonderful time of year :)

  21. Oh dear! Blogging and computer troubles are the pits! {{{{{hugs}}}}} I hope you get the laptop back all fixed up and ready for you to post, post, post!

  22. Kimberly,

    Take a deep breath my friend, this too shall pass. Things will work out. I've been there will issues.


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