Sunday, 10 November 2013

Happy Birthday to Billy Graham

In case you missed it, this last Thursday Reverend Billy Graham celebrated his 95th birthday.
Reverend Graham had what he said was his last word to share with the public.
I watched  and I listened.
And I was touched.
I would like to say that Billy still has the gift, but the truth is that Rev Graham is still just willing to be used as the Holy Spirit leads him.
The most repeated word I heard from all the interviews of those who where close to him was how humble he was.
This is a man who has travelled the world over winning souls to the Lord, been in the company of many world leaders, and with the help of his friends and supporters has established a world-wide ministry that is still touching the lives of so many of us still.
And he still remains humble.
I personally want to say 'Thank You' to Rev Graham for his continued faithfulness and the wonderful example that he has set for all of us.
I can just imagine the Lord saying to him, "Well done my good and faithful servant."
Watch here if you missed it!


  1. Yes indeed,humble and devoted he certainly i,and I too can hear the Lord greeting him that way. Thank you, have a blessed Sunday.

  2. Yes my hubby and I watched all of that program. He sure is a man of God.

    Humble indeed and 100% devoted. Amen.

  3. Our country is in desparate need for more men like Billy Graham!

  4. Billy Graham is a great man.. humble, faithful, and blessed.

  5. While watching his program the other night, and through a few tears, I told my husband that I just couldn't imagine a world without Billy Graham in it. What a wonderful role model this endearing, humble man of God has been. I certainly would like to add my thanks to him along with yours, Kimberly. And a happy birthday, too!

  6. I remember hearing Billy Gramham since I was a child. He has served . Xoxo,Susie

  7. Amen - One of the most amazing people we will probably ever see in our lifetime. He is amazing in his humility and with the way he shares his love for the Lord with people- xo Diana

  8. Oh... THANK YOU!! for putting the link on your post.
    I wanted to watch Rev. Billy Graham last week but missed it!

    Bless you for linking it back!

  9. O, I didn't know about his birthday...thanks so much for sharing this.
    I worked a Franklin Graham Crusade a few years ago and one of his speakers said something like, "How wonderful that Billy Graham has brought so many to our Lord"...and then he said, "But, just think about the man that brought BILLY to the Lord."....I loved that so much.
    Thanks so much for coming by...

  10. He has done so much and made good use of his time here on earth.

  11. He has been a man who has walked in the light. And he has made a tremendous different with his life. The world could use some more like him.

  12. Hi Kimberley, I remember watching Billy Graham on TV so many times, with George Beverly Shea, Sandy Patti and so many other beautiful Christian entertainers. He lived what he preached and was a wonderful example for us all. It looks like Franklin is going to continue doing the Lord's work in the same vein as his dad. Billy is looking so frail now. Hugs, Chris


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