Tuesday, 31 December 2013

Camp and Cottage Decor

I've found myself collecting images of my favourite Camp and Cottage Decor.
I think I must be missing our home on the lake!
I happen to think this entry way would work  for a Camp or Cottage Décor, don't you?
I love the bright, white board and batten walls along with the red in the rug and the accessories.
I also noticed it has a red door much like the one in our cabin.
And I bet we all can remember these old fashioned refrigerators...
I think it screams Camp and Cottage!
My sister had a similar pink one in an apartment she rented over forty years ago. It had a cute matching pink stove too.
In my cabin this would be my reading corner...
Here, you see, is my library table were I gather the books to read in the above corner.
When I tire of reading I would head out to my screened in porch to enjoy a little cat nap.
Because we all know that is what Camp Living is all about-rest and relaxation!
If you have any trouble finding my cabin, look for the porch with the natural branch features and the beautiful stone facing..

and the windows with the unique framing design.
Now tell me, when you collect photos of your dream place, is it a cabin?
Or a farmhouse?
Maybe a cottage?
I honestly like all sorts of houses and I am usually content in whatever home I find myself in, but I must admit that I've always been drawn to rustic or log homes.
Maybe I've just read the 'Little House on the Prairie' series too many times!
Now friends, may you all have a New Year blessed with good health, peace and joy!
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  1. I enjoyed each and every one of these photos...I could so see myself
    choosing these settings for our home. Happy New Year's Eve!!

  2. I would love a cabin style home by a river so we could go canoeing anytime we want. I like many of those images especially the first one!
    Wishing you a very Happy New Year!

  3. You & I share the same likes, Kimberly. Happy New Year! LOVE the new blog header, btw. Blessings

  4. I could snuggle down in anyone of those pictures. I like you can be content in any home but I can always dream of that cabin in the woods! Happy New Year!

  5. Lots of styles compete for my attention, too. I suppose that my home lends itself to a camp look, but I am drawn to farmhouse style most often.

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  7. Hi Kimberly,
    Who does not love a nice cabin to relax and enjoy! The pictures you showed are gorgeous. Love the first one with the red door and that entry way is great. Here is wishing you a Very Happy New Year and I hope a Cabin stay maybe in your new year!

  8. Beautifully inspiring photos, Kimberly! I love farmhouse/cottage style, the simpler, the better. Fresh flowers, an earthy essence and lots of light make me smile.

    Happy New Year!


  9. these are great and so warm
    I love so many styles...but dream of a farm house one day, who knows, I will probably die still living in the city.
    fun pictures

  10. Wow, I just love those photos, I guess since I love camping I would have to say that I love cabins, even though I didn't spend much time camping under a roof.

    I had just been thinking I would love to have a cabin look as my formal home....hummmm.

  11. The Camp and Cottage style is so relaxing and warm.

    Happy New Year, my friend!

  12. If I had to choose only one style of home, it would probably be a cottage. Any house is actually fine, as long as you make it your own. xox Happy New Year in 2014!

  13. Great photos. I love them all. We have a little cabin in the woods and I feel very lucky. Here is wishing you a happy and healthy New Year.

  14. I would want to sit and read in that screened in porch--enjoying the fresh air and nature while engrossed in a book. Lovely images, Kimberly. Wishing you all the best in the new year!

  15. Happy New Year Kim, I wish you all the best for 2014. Hugs, Chris

  16. Happy 2014 to you and yours. My wish for you is a year full of lots of JOY, PEACE, LOVE and BLESSINGS.

    Happy New Year. I love little log cabins also... They call my name!!!!

  17. Kimberly,

    Lovely pictures, I would love a home decorated like some of this pictures. Happy New Year!!!

  18. Kimberly, all are lovely, but the porch is my favourite, and the fridge, we had one similar in about 1963!!! New Year Greetings to you and yours, from Jean.

  19. I lived in a one room cabin for several months, it was an interesting way to live.
    I have just recently pinned a whole lot of log cabin images, I am loving the yellow light that spills out into a wood room.
    I love many different kinds of decor, but recently I've been pinning images like this! It's because I found a website called Canadian Log Homes, gorgeous.

  20. Hey Kimberly, I love the camp, cottage look, adore all those pictures and want. I like to collect things like that for the trailer at the lake....Happy New Year, Francine.

  21. Dream house pics were and still are usually of beach cottages. One criteria I had was mullioned windows and another was a window seat. Our house has many sets of mullioned windows. We had to add the window seat.

    Happy New Year and Happy Dreaming

  22. From my home and heart to yours-Happy New Year!
    Hugs, Noreen

  23. I would live in your composite home in a flash if I could. But I may have just found my dream home in a real estate listing: it's 45 acres with a 5 acre pond and views of the mountains, with a charming cape ccd style home. If I could add a little log cabin on the property it would be pure heaven!

  24. Happy New Year --

    Farmhouse -- it speak home to me buuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuutttt I will take any clean well built home and decorate it slowly to enjoy the changes that take place and become the home sweet home - no matter what size and shape or style it is - it's the home sweet home you were blessed with and that's the JOY of it all!
    smile --

  25. Happy New Year Kimberly.
    Yes, I love all of your photos. I only though go visit my cabin in my mind when life gets out of control, my control but never God's. :) I always think I would love them. Every single photo is some place I could live, I bet you do miss your woods and lake.
    I hope you have a wonderful 2014 I look forward to reading more and seeing your lovely photos.

  26. Love your taste in decor..
    Happy New Year my friend. xo

  27. I love that entry, Kimberly! Wow- When I collect pictures they are all over the place but I keep coming back to traditional and I love a Cape Cod with shaker siding- xo Diana oh yeah- Happy New Year!!!!

  28. These are wonderful inspiration ideas for your dream home, Kimberly. I don't collect photos of dream homes but mine would be a white cottage with a white picket fence and roses and an arbour and a big maple tree with a wood swing. Oh, and a covered veranda with a porch swing too. I guess I could go on and on. Hehe. I wish you and Tim a healthy and happy 2014. Blessings to you! Pam

  29. Lots of inspiration here. We can all dream. I think it would be wonderful to have a getaway place.
    Here's to a bright, happy and healthy new year. xo

  30. I'd like to live in one of each kind of home, switching out every couple of months. Those photos are sooooo cozy looking! That reading nook is really calling my name.


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