Tuesday, 3 December 2013

Frosty's Cocoa

Oh, and it sure was yummy ladies!
I haven't posted much since I'm still no closer to having my laptop working than I was last time we talked.
I know no one wants to hear a post of nothing but whining.
I know this because I don't!
 So I'll say this real fast*******
I got my laptop back and it is not fixed.
In fact it is in worse condition now than when I sent it in for repairs.
 I am still doing the little relay between my old laptop and my husbands computer just to post.
So if you don't see me posting often, this is why!
I am, however, enjoying visiting your homes and seeing all the decorating and the projects you are working on for the holidays.
I've been doing a bit here each day too.
By the time I'm able to post again I will probably have the whole house finished!
I have to tell you it is gorgeous here.
We have had snow for some time now (over a foot.)
But  the temperature hasn't gotten above 20F for a few days now.
A big plus is that when it's that cold it is usually sunny.
Who knows, maybe I'll get out there and make a Snowman!
Until next time.....


  1. Sometimes computers just drive me wild. My lap top is on it's last legs too. Seriously you wouldn't believe the things it won't do, soo frustrating. Hope you get yours up and running soon. Soo cold there. We hit 80 here yesterday, but it is down to 54 tonight, pretty chilly for us, haha.

  2. That cocoa looks yummy! We had a little snow down here today and it drove everyone off the roads in fear of ice. I seem to have lost my winter driving nerve!

  3. Kimberly, yummy cocoa, and it sounds as though laptop problems are in many places. Snow all over, from what I see on wunderground, and very cold. Take care, you and yours, on the icy roads. Cheers from Jean.

  4. Sometimes I think that computers are not meant to last more than two or three years anymore...like the cell phones. At least they are selling them a bit cheaper than they used to be. I once wasted almost 300 dollars working with a computer repair shop. We ended up throwing it away- never could get it to work right again.

  5. I had to break down and buy a new lap top this past summer ugh I hate to buy things like that as I am never sure what I am doing.
    I did just buy a tablet but lets see if I figure out how to use it.

  6. Love your mug of cocoa and of course with a side of chocolate you can'g go wrong. I'm sorry your computer wasn't repaired properly. That is very upsetting for you I'm sure. At least you can still visit around and see what's going on this month with all the christmas decorating. It sounds beautiful there although very cold. It's above freezing today so our snow is slowly melting. Take care. Hugs,

  7. Oh yummy, i would like a cup to please. Happy decorating, Blessings Francine.

  8. Have you thought about just putting a new hard drive in the computer. That's what I do when hubby's laptop gets crazy (from logging on in hotels) It's cheaper and faster too. I can fix the problems with a $75 dollar hard drive and you can do it yourself.

  9. Ugh, when the computer starts to die it really puts a crimp in things, and so frustrating when you send it to be fixed and it isn't! We don't have any snow yet, but it looks like it's coming at the end of the week. Here's hoping you're back in action with a repaired computer soon:>)

  10. Oh my....that cocoa looks so yummy!
    I need a cup right now. Computer woes can drive a person crazy. I had issues a few months ago, had it worked on, but the thing still is not working 100 percent. Stay warm and cozy today...

  11. Computer frustration! They say the industry makes computers to be replaced every three years. I know in the accounting world at work we depreciate them out in three years and replace. Super frustrating for the home users! Shhhhhhh, my little lap top is 3 yrs. old, don't tell her! Stay warm and have an extra cup of cocoa!

  12. The snow does make everything beautiful, doesn't it. I love snow, and am very grateful that I live in snow country again, after 18 years of no snow to speak of.
    I do hope your laptop is fixed soon, their life spans are very short, which is criminal when you consider how much you pay for one! A PC does last longer.
    I look forward to seeing your pretty Christmas decorating.
    Hugs, Cindy

  13. Oh I hoped it would be all fixed. Bummer. Well enjoy your days, I can't believe all of that snow you have already.
    Have a wonderful day.

  14. I hope you get your laptop fixed soon . That's the thing about these computers once they go they never get fixed properly or work the same again . Oh that coco looks good ! The weather here today is lovely we had frost but the sun is out and that makes me happy no mater what the temps are ! Thanks for sharing ! Have a good day !

  15. How disappointing! What next? I hope that the repairs were guaranteed. Hoping that Santa will come through for Christmas. And, you feel free to whine. I'd be stomping my feet and putting on a real show.

  16. That cocoa looks wonderful!

    So sorry to hear the news about your laptop. How frustrating! I hope you can find a solution to it all soon.

  17. Cold outside, cozy inside, with a cup of cocoa, you cannot go wrong, especially with Frosty for company!

    Hang in there, Kimberly...you'll be back in full swing soon enough!


  18. Computers can be so frustrating…and wow that is a lot of snow. Enjoy your decorating, Jen

  19. I think I's go crazy without my computer. You have a great deal of patience!

    Yummy looking picture!

    Peace be with you and I hope your computer gets well soon.

  20. MMM...I think this cocoa would go great with my peppermint bark, that was if I had more left LOL. Sorry to hear about the computer, drives me nuts when that happens.

  21. Yum!! Thanks for sharing..sorry about the computer..that stinks. Blessings

  22. I know that I'd be whining if my computer wasn't working! I hope you get the problem resolved soon. Love your cocoa cup!

  23. Computer problems are the worst! I had my own sad saga this summer with my desktop computer going in and out of the repair shop repeatedly. Have fun enjoying the snow and decorating in the meantime!

  24. Its like were in the same world Momma....cold and a squirrely computer! Heidi

  25. Oh, how I love a big ol' mug of cocoa! Winter time, especially!!

    Hope you are able to get your computer fixed correctly, once and for all. You certainly, have much more patience than I.

    Warm wishes, my friend.. and happy snowman building !

  26. been through that craziness of getting a computer to work LIKE it should... I feel for you! errrrrrrr..

    It's 1 degrees and the sun is shinning and NO melting going on either.. bitter coldness here - but I feel the sun shinning through the living room window and that is where you will find me - love that sun shine - wink!

    Your blog header is great -- like a lot.

  27. I'm so sorry about your computer...they can be SO frustrating! Hope it's up and running smoothly soon! Sweet hugs!


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