Thursday, 19 December 2013

Re-Purposing Wool Scarves

A few years back I started collecting wool plaid Winter scarves.
I didn't really have any use for them then, but I liked them and knew something would come to me.
And it did!
Have you ever heard of wrapping a kitchen chair with a Winter wool scarf before?
Well I hadn't either, but there was that little white chair all cold and frosty looking, so I just couldn't help myself!

Here's how I did it...
I tied the scarf in a knot in the back of the chair.
Next I added a little greenery, a crocheted star my SIL made for me, and a glittery 'K' for Kim.

You can see in the first photo that I tied a red silk ribbon to the front of the chair, just for a little added charm.

This scarf was for Tim's chair.
I bet you wouldn't have guessed that on your own!
Today is a special day for us.
Thirty three years ago our only daughter was born.
She has been a wonderful gift from God.
Happy Birthday, Emily!
Now, December is a busy month for us.
We have Emily's birthday,
my birthday and my husbands,
and then our wedding anniversary.
Yes, a lot to be thankful for....
And on that note, I would also like to say how thankful I am for all of you!
I'm thankful that even though my life is pretty mundane and uneventful you are kind enough to drop by my little blog and listen to my weekly blathering and say nice things about my simple projects.
You bless my days with your comments.
I most sincerely pray that Gods blessings will be upon each and every one of you!
Merry Christmas


  1. Such a creative and cute idea...I never would have thought of it! WOW! And I thought my Decembers were full, lol. Hope you have a blessed and merry Christmas!

  2. I love this! What a fabulous way to re use those old scarves!!!

  3. Kimberly you are so creative! I love this idea, its perfect! You have a very busy month, best wishes to you all!!!!!

  4. Fantastic idea I love them ! Oh Happy Birthday to you all and Happy Anniversary to you and hubs and hope you all Have a wonderful Christmas !

  5. Great idea. :-)
    I have a December birthday too. Fun!

    May you have a wonderful Christmas season and great family time.

    xx oo

  6. That looks great! What a clever idea. Happy birthdays all around and Happy Anniversary too. I hope you have a wonderful Christmas!

  7. Oh how creative & cute! That is a great idea using the scarves.

  8. You are the most creative one! What a cute idea! Thanks for popping in to see me and Merry Christmas to you and your family.
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia :)

  9. Love what you did with the scarfs. Happy birthday to your daughter.
    have a wonderful

  10. Great idea with the scarves! Really adds a nice touch.

  11. Just goes to show that you should "shop your home". Even better, have your sister or friend do it, because they will see your things with a fresh eye and make suggestions you'd have never thought of on your own.

  12. Aw...Lord love ya, Kimberly. We come here because you are REAL- and warm and lovely. And your projects are cute and sweet. I LOVE this idea. I have a couple of old plaid scarves somewhere that I need to dig out for a chair or two. What a cute idea.

    Hope you have a great upcoming weekend- xo Diana

  13. Kimberly, what a beautiful and creative idea!! Your scarves look perfectly pretty tied around the chairs, and being white, they are a wonderful base for the plaid!

    I've enjoyed connecting with you this year and hope to see more of your lovely posts in the new year.

    Merry Christmas and enjoy all of your celebrations!


  14. Morning Kimberly, what a great Idea with the scarves, looks wonderful....I enjoy my visits with you, Merry Christmas, Blessings Francine.

  15. What a great way to use the scarves they look so festive on the chairs.

  16. Clever you! I like this easy idea - and it is festive without being over-the-top.

  17. Oh yaaa... that is very cute!
    Looks like a bow on the chair.

    Happy Birthday, Happy Anniversary, Merry Christmas!

  18. Such a cute idea and very original! I am loving tartans and will probably gather more to use next year, love this idea:>)

  19. What a great idea! I will keep a look out for wool scarves! I am so grateful for you, as well, Kimberly - you have been one of my most faithful followers and commenters and I appreciate it so much!

    Merry Christmas to you and your family!

  20. I really love this idea Kimberly and the embellishments you added are so sweet. You certainly have a busy month of celebrating in your family. I wish you and Tim a wonderful Christmas season as we celebrate the birth of our Saviour. Blessings to you! Pamela

  21. That is the cutest idea! Merry Christmas, Kim! It is always a pleasure to visit with you!

  22. That is a really cute idea! I like it! It really does look great.
    And you are so welcome, you are sweet enough to say nice things about my simple projects and mundane uneventful life, the least I can do is enjoy yours!!!
    No, really I do enjoy seeing what you do. Our styles are similar and I enjoy your blog very much.
    Merry Christmas to you and yours!!!
    Hugs, Cindy

  23. Wow---lots of celebrations for you all this month. Happy Birthday to ALL and Happy Anniversary to you....

    I love the new use for those scarves... NEAT -and so creative...

    Merry Christmas

  24. you are totally amazing -- you come up with such near ideas and you give me ideas for future uses....Thanks.
    Merry Christmas..

  25. Super cute Kimberly! I love plaid and using scarves to dress up your chairs was a clever idea! Merry Christmas!

  26. Looks pretty! You are so creative. Merry Christmas to you, sweetie!


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