Tuesday, 10 December 2013

The Christmas Window

I wanted to share my kitchen window with you today,  since it is where I've started my Christmas decorating this season.
I wasn't going to purchase any decorations this year since I have way more than I need or want already,
but I couldn't resist the white reindeer when I saw them at Canadian Tire.
And I knew just where I wanted to place them-on this little shelf in our kitchen window.

Can you see the snow outside our window?
It is definitely a Winter Wonderland here in Northern Ontario!
I went outside today long enough to collect a few greens Tim had gotten for me.
At 2F it didn't take long for my face to feel the chill..
But it was also so refreshing.
It was so calm, clean and bright out there!
It is days like today that make me realize why I love living in the North so much...
But that, my friends, could fill a whole book.
So I'll save it for another time...
I am making the five hour trip south Friday to the Soo(Sault Ste. Marie).
I am praying that STAPLES will do right by me and restore to my laptop the programs that were lost while they had it in their possession.
Until this happens I will just have to be happy with two picture post I guess!
What is it they say-that less is more?
I hope so.

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  1. Oh those reindeer are gorgeous... reminds me of my mother's milk glass figurines from long ago. Hope everything works out with your computer.

  2. I just love the reindeer!! Safe travels..Blessings

  3. Oh I like your sparkly reindeer. They look right at home there. Goodness, you are truly living in a winter wonderland...very good that you enjoy it, too. Cheering you on at Staples!

  4. Greetings from Southern Ontario, Kimberly!
    Love your window dressing♥
    Linda :o)

  5. I love your vignette on the window shelf. The old lamp and the silver tray with the deer are perfect touches to your climate at Christmas. The deer are reminiscent of the vintage ones of the 40's and 50's and are really sweet. I hope you have some success with your computer tomorrow. That's a long drive and had better be worth it! Blessings. Pam

  6. Pretty decorations on your shelf in front of the window ! No snow here but there was some sunshine today but now there are high winds that make it feel like -18*C BRR ! I hope They do a good job with your lap top and fix all up for you ! Oh that should be a nice trip have fun and be safe hope the weather is good for you . Thanks for sharing ! Have a good week !

  7. I love looking through your window to see what your view is! It makes things so real. Love that pretty silver tray for your arrangement, too! Hope you have a good trip and things work out!

  8. the reindeer are beautiful, your window is lovely, enchanted forest kind of looking,
    Stay safe on the drive to the Sault, that highway is so unpredictable in winter, which I know you know first hand,

  9. Love the sparkly reindeer, anything sparkly calls my name:>) We don't have as much snow yet, but it's coming. Good luck with Staples!

  10. I would not be able to leave the reindeer there either, lovely window setting. Take care on the road, and all good hopes for a healthy computer!!.Greetings from Jean

  11. Evening Kimberly, I love the window display, looks so beautiful, Blessings Francine.

  12. Oh i love the reindeer...and the whole look. What a gorgeous view out that window too, just that little bit I can see. Good luck at Staples...

  13. I love your deer and your kitchen is so pretty I thought it was your living room! Such a pretty display...I wish I was that talented but I get all my ideas from you and other talented bloggers. LOL!
    I sure hope they fix your pc for you. 5 hours? They ought to pay for your gas too!

  14. I love the reindeer and your Christmas window. So simple and pretty.
    It's funny, you love where you live, but most people wouldn't.
    People either love where they live or hate it. I love where I live too! hope you get the computer working.../files returned...
    be careful out there.

  15. It's a beautifully decorated shelf! I love the reindeer. Hope you get your programs restored. Have a safe trip!

  16. A very cozy window sill, especially when looking out at the bright and beautiful snowy scene! Adorable reindeer!


  17. I do hope your computer issues get resolved. I love the deer to, they look like they are sparkly too:)

  18. Kimberly,

    Brrr........I remember those day of walking outside in snow 4,5,6,7,+ feet tall.

    I love your window setup, it pretty and festive at the same time.

    I've been to S.S.M. before when I was 16 years of age, a field trip with high school mates.

    Hopefully, Staples will recover your computer so it's up and working correctly.

  19. Hi Kimberly,
    The reindeer are so pretty. All your decor is wonderful. I hope you can get Staples to restore all your lost memory. Good luck.

  20. Cute décor. The little deer are charming, as is the old oil lantern.
    Wishing you a safe trip, and the best of luck getting the computer issues resolved!

  21. That's a lovely arrangement. The deer are so cute.

  22. PERFECT! The white reindeer fit in so well. You did good!

  23. Looks great. I love reindeer this year for some reason. xo

  24. Love the reindeer. Best of luck at Staples!

  25. It looks so beautiful...just love the reindeer!!

  26. The window display is warm and inviting - never have decorated with reindeer's before - and yours are lovely and gives me some added ideas for Christmas decor... Be safe in your travels...

  27. Hi, Hope you had good luck getting your computer programs restored… Scary!

    Your kitchen Christmas Window --and the SNOW --is gorgeous… Wish we'd get a little of that white stuff here.

    Thanks for your sweet comment about my 101 yr. old father-in-law dying. He lived an amazing life--and never once was in the hospital. That's an inspiration.

    Merry Christmas.

  28. Such a pretty window! I just love the pine branch in the bottle - beautiful! Enjoy this lovely Christmas season :) Hugs and blessings!

  29. Have a safe trip, I love your window and those deer are wonderful.
    I hope they have you up and running soon.

  30. Great find on the white deer figures! That is a lovely scene and the snow outside is the perfect backdrop, LOL. I hope you can get your laptop fixed back up!

  31. I love your white deer ornaments! Hope Staples was able to return your computer to good working order. I know how frustrating that is.

  32. I hope Staples did right by you and gave you back your programs. I adore the little reindeer in your window. The little vignette is delightful.


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