Saturday, 7 December 2013

All Things Dollar Tree Christmas Party

Today I am participating in

When Debbie posted she was going to have a 
Dollar Store party I knew exactly what I would use.

I had bought a package of  Deer head votive at our local Bargain Store for only $1.25.
I am five hours North of any real dollar store, but
I think this qualifies as a dollar store purchase don't you?

To make my centrepiece I filled three tart tins I had with Epsom salt and then added my deer head votive.
I covered three small canning jars with Birch bark I had gathered from the woods.
The Pine cones that I've had for many years were then added, along with fresh greens my husband had just gathered.
I tied a favourite plaid wool scarf around the handle of the wooden box and voila;
A simple dollar store purchase, plus items I had around the house make a quick and easy centrepiece display!
Please hang in there with me friends as I am still battling with this old laptop.
It literally took over two hours to post this!
Anyway, I hope you're all enjoying your weekend.
It's cold and sunny here with snow drifts of three feet in some places..


  1. Those votives are so cute, and I love the whole centerpiece, especially the birch bark!

  2. Kimberly, lovely, hand made, and the scarf finishes it so well. We have bark off our gum trees, but not so pale as your birch. I would forget a long drive to the Dollar Shop, this is perfect. Cheers from Jean

  3. Your centerpiece is lovely, and it is so neat that you gathered so much from around your home to put this all together.

    Have a wonderful Christmas season.


  4. Kimberly-
    I love your dollar store centerpiece. Great job you did...very festive and it has a "Christmas cabin" feel to it for sure.
    Hanging in there for your computer situation...
    --will be here when your at full power! :) Pat

  5. Hello Kimberly, ohhh, I love the centre piece, looks great, Francine.

  6. Deer head tea lights? I have never seen those but what a great find!
    I love what you did an dI have a box/carrier just like the one you made your arrangement in, can you believe it? Now, if i could only source some deer head tea lights! LOL!
    P.S. We got a foot of snow and it is only 22 today and was 9 when I got up this morning and this is the South but I'm loving it!

  7. You did great on that challenge! Hope you stay warm up there, sweetie.

  8. Kimberly, your center piece is adorable...loving that red plaid. xoxo,Susie

  9. I love it...especially the pinecones and birch bark. I bought some epsom salts...I've made a start! heehee!

  10. AWESOME! Love it!! Blessings

  11. That is charming, the deer head votives!

  12. Very cute! Amazing what a creative gal can do.

    Oh, Kim, two hours? That is dedication. Hoping that you have a working computer soon.

  13. That's very cute, Kimberly. You are so creative. It looks great!

    Sorry to hear you are still having laptop troubles.

  14. I can't believe how cute they are!
    great job.

  15. Sorry you are having so many problems with your old laptop. That makes posting just miserable.

    Anyway, that is a really cute project...easy and cheap to make. Great idea! xo Diana

  16. Very clever! I like the idea of covering the jars with birch bark. Sorry for the computer woes, that is no fun, hope you can get it fixed up. Have a nice Sunday and stay warm!

  17. So cute and clever!!! I would say they definitely qualify for a dollar store type purchase!

  18. Kimberly you did a really cute centrepiece with your bargain store purchase. I love it! I'm sorry it took so long to make this post. That must be so frustrating and I really hope your computer problems will be over soon. You really have winter there already don't you? Wow. It was chilly here today - minus 5C and sunny - but there's no snow around except for the few blobs left from ploughing last week. The grass is green! Warm hugs. Pam

  19. Oh how adorable. And you bet they qualify, cheap, cute and buck qualifies. Lookslike a million. Thanks for sharing.

  20. Cute! Love the way that you pulled it all together. Looks so pricey, and yet it was so thrifty.

    Sorry to hear about your computer troubles continuing.
    Here hoping it will all end soon.

    Warm wishes..

  21. I like your little dollar store centrepiece, it's lovely! The "Dollar Store" will soon be no more. Our Dollar Tree is actually a 1.25 store and Dollarama has only a few things for 1.00!


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