Wednesday, 5 February 2014

Blue Medicinal Jars With A History

Blue Medicinal Jars
Several years ago I became the proud owner of three blue medicinal jars.

Two were named, 'Dr. King's New Discovery For Coughs and Colds' from Chicago, Illinois.
The other jar was labeled, 'Dr. D Jayne's Alternative' Philadelphia.

My husband found the blue medicinal jars in the attic of a 1900 home we had bought when our third child, a daughter, was born in 1980.

The home had been owned by an elderly couple who had made a decision to go into a Senior facility.
Instead of bothering with an auction, they wondered if we would like the contents of their home after their children had collected whatever they had wanted.

Oh my goodness, it was like Christmas twenty times over!

Everyday was like a opening a treasure chest….
The dear couple had literally packed a few of their personal belongings and left the rest for us, right down to the flour in the canisters!

I  hate to admit it, but in my young naivety, I had gotten rid of a lot of antique items that just didn’t seem of value to me at that time.

For an example: The shed was full of old antique oscillating fans, old hand garden tools and watering cans.

The kitchen had what was probably one of the first electric mixers. It even had an attachment for grinding and making sausages.

But back then it just seemed like old junk. I thought that I needed to get rid of it to make space for the new!

There are times I wish I hadn’t been so foolish to have given away such good stuff, but in the end it is just that; Stuff.

Blue Medicinal Jars
  I am grateful for the few items that I did choose to keep; like these three simple blue medicine jars.

Not because they are antiques.

No, it is because when I look at the jars the sweet memories flood back to me of all the wonderful years I spent in that old house with my husband raising our four young children.
Those days of slamming doors, baking cookies, neighbor kids running in and out....
Those days, my friend, where the days when I know I was drinking of the best elixir life had to give!

I will cherish those memories forever…..

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  1. Your jars are very nice. Interesting story too. I like the pink tub you have the jars in. Hope you are warm and safe. xoxo,Susie

  2. I have a dream like that of getting an old house and discovering all kinds of treasures after I move in.
    I love how you displayed them in your pan with the little banner.

  3. The memories are definitely the sweetest. xo Laura

  4. Oh I can soo relate to those kinds of memories. My 3rd child was born in 1980 too. One of my favorite memories is to think back remember the times in the house they all grew up in. LOVED this, hope your day was good!

  5. Beautiful memories and wonderful bottles.

  6. Wonderful memories, Kimberly! Wow, to live in such an old house as that and inherit all the wonderful vintage and antique things would be awesome. I have felt guilty about giving away some old things that were given to us as we started out married life too. Those were the days of hand me downs from our parents. Things they no longer needed. My mother gave me some things that I have since passed on or thrown out and I deeply regret it now. As you say though, it's just stuff. I love your old bottles and the enamel basin. And you have wonderful memories of raising your family in that house. That's the best part. Pam

  7. I, like you, inherited a lot of antique pieces that I didn't appreciate until we had sold them or given them away.

    So, I savor the family pieces i do have rather than bemoaning what could have been.

    Those blue bottles are wonderful.

  8. Kimberly,

    Those blue bottles are gorgeous.
    What a beautiful story about your friends, the older couple. It's hard to really see the need for older items at the time. Don't beat yourself up about not keeping the items. Just remember all the fond memories you had with this couple and their place.

  9. ditto -- best years I agree when raising children.. I too gave away a lot of stuff like those blue glass would be nice to have a FEW back -- I'll see what Good Will has on their shelves - and even in the future I might find myself giving STUFF away again - wink! fuN Post..

  10. Love the blue bottles and the story, thanks for sharing, Francine.

  11. I totally understand, when my grand parents passed away we just called a company to come and get every thing. We took a few things but just let so many treasures go and now I kick myself. I love those blue bottles. I am glad you kept those.

  12. Very lovely! I understand..we have lived in many homes..there are always treasures to be found. Blessings

  13. Oh my, what a great post!
    I really enjoyed reading this today. Just what the Doctor ordered. :-)

  14. Those are indeed treasures for the memories they hold. They are such a pretty color too.

  15. Sweet beautifully told.

  16. I find it is the memories attached to things that make them so dear, like your blue bottles! Makes you wonder how the elderly couple could bear to walk out and leave so much of their lives behind. I think I would have a very hard time doing that. I must say though, that situation, with a household of cool stuff to explore is a dream of mine!

  17. They are very neat and I'm the same way. I got rid of so many things in years past...things I see in antique stores with big price tags. But it's hard to know what to keep. I love thinking back to when all of my boys were in the house and all the fun we had. I sure miss them! Sweet hugs!

  18. I see from the comments we are not alone. Seems giving precious pieces away due to pure ignorance is a common occurrence!

    If we knew then what we know now...

  19. Loved reading your story of the blue jars. And I really like the little banner you have on the pan holding the jars! Don't feel too bad about throwing out old things. I think we all have those kinds of regrets. Who knew back in the day that those things would be in vogue now or worth several dollars.

  20. That's so sweet. I was never one to keep old stuff either. Now I view it differently. I guess it's an age thing! That's so nice that you have the blue bottles to connect your mind with a special time. Little things mean a lot to me...

  21. Love the blue bottles, Oh my I bet you would like to kick yourself for trashing all that vintage goodness, Love your little banner too! Lisa@ Sweet Tea N' Salty Air

  22. Love the blue jars with the pink enamelware and the darling bunting is just perfect. I also spied the vintage sheet curtains to the side there. I have 2 pieces of the pink enamelware and use it for dog bowls. I seldom see that color.

  23. Cool items!! PS I'm hosting a $150 giveaway for and thought you would be interested :)

  24. What a pretty vignette, Kimberly, the curtains and the little banner hanging on the charming bowl holding those tiny blue gems, and of course, the memories that it evokes!

    I, too, was ignorant of the whole world of antiques and didn't appreciate their shabby chic patina, not to mention, their intriguing history! I cringe every time I remember all the wonderful pieces of furniture I gave to Goodwill and the Salvation Army, but can only hope that it went to people who valued their worth, people like the present 'me'!

    Lovely story!


  25. Love those jars. What a neat story!

  26. The best keepsakes are the one that help us hold on to our memories.

  27. What a sweet story! Blue medicinal jars are the prettiest bottles I have ever seen and I can understand your sentiments behind a cherished antique and the beautiful memories attached with them, you carry them in your heart forever:)Have a lovely weekend! Hugs, Poppy

  28. Oh how I love those sweet jars! The story is even sweeter. Yes, sometimes we could kick ourselves. All of those treasures are very collectible today. However, like you say, it's just stuff and the memories are the best treasures of all!


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