Monday, 10 February 2014

Retro Patterns

Retro-involving, relating to or reminiscent of things past
Saturday I went searching on-line  for retro patterns to frame and hang on  the wall in my sewing room.
You might remember the curtain I was making for our sewing/office.
Once it was finished and hung, I started looking on-line for retro patterns to fill the empty space beside the window.
DSCF7257 (2)
I found two ‘I Love Lucy’ style patterns that had  just the right colours. I think they turned out pretty cute!
While scanning through all of the patterns I caught myself saying to no one in particular, “Oh my gosh, I remember that pattern.”
In fact the one above was one that my Mother’s friend had sewn for me to wear to an informal dance that I attended in High School.
Seeing the retro patterns got me to wondering if any of my you had bought any of same patterns that I had.

I thought it would be fun to show you a few  and if you’ve had something made from one of them please tell me which one and where you remember wearing it. Or tell me what you remember about the fabric you used  for the garment.
Did you make a prairie skirt back in the 70’s?
I sure did!
What about this ruffled blouse?

I made several versions of this blouse in the 80’s.
You can see I was going for the more simple style here, trading in the ruffles for much cleaner looking lines.
Now it’s your turn!
Do you see any of your old patterns here?
Please share......

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  1. Yes-- I have seen some old patterns that my mother had made for me. I even posted a dress pattern I made here:

    Fun post you wrote!

  2. Fun...First off let me say what a GOOD idea for decorating your sewing room...and then, I don't think I had any of these exact patterns, but I sure had some similar ones. For instance the short little dress. I had one that was empire style, scoop necked, and puffy sleeves that I made countless times in different colors. But I remember one in particular that was bright yellow. I wore it to multiple dances, lol. Oh and of course the prairie skirt. Though I didn't know how to gather well in those days and my skirt was not all that good, lol. But it was a gorgeous shade of purple and pink. This was fun. I loved traveling back in time. I wonder what happened to all my old patterns? Enjoy your day!

  3. Seeing your patterns sure took me back...I used to sew like crazy. Loved my clothes for my four daughters. I used to make my mom pant suits. Blessings, xoxo,Susie

  4. That's a great idea of a sewing room. I don't have any of those patterns, but I remember lots like them, especially in the 70's.

  5. I think I had 8615! lol I definitely made some of those peasant skirts and wore them in the '70s. They were fun and easy to wear, weren't they? Enjoy your day!

  6. I think most of those pattern styles are back in now. Love them all and they bring back memories.

  7. I didn't see any that I made but I did have those skirts. My Mom made most of my clothes in high school. I had lovely clothes. I made my own clothes in the 80s but I don't see any of the patterns here. How nice to remember that,

  8. I had the 6290 Simplicity one, I think. Or if not that one, one very similar to it. I remember making a top like the one on the far left at the bottom. The material was a cream color with little pink flowers all over it. In fact it looked very much like the picture on the front of that pattern. :-)

  9. That is a prefect way to decorate a sewing room. So simple yet so creative!

  10. No, I don't recognize any of these. Now if you had shown a dress pleated up the bodice...yes. If a suit with a cute jacket and a-line skirt, yup. I was off to college by the 70s and so my mother was not sewing for me anymore. (I did not and do not sew clothing.)Bet you had some fun on Memory Lane.

  11. This is such a fun idea, Kimberly! I love how you framed the old patterns - perfect for your sewing room :) Have a delightful day!

  12. Oh my gosh, I am stuck in the 70's-80's!!!!! lol--In all seriousness, love the idea. Blessings

  13. Oh my, love the pictures of the patterns, brings back memories when my older Sister sewed, Francine.

  14. How fun. I don't recognize these, but I certainly made dome things back in the 70s. xo Laura

  15. I have some of the old patterns that my Granny used to make my clothes.
    I'd go to her house on the weekend and come home with a new outfit!
    I recognize the style and decade for your patterns but don't recall having anything from those patterns.
    Your decor for your sewing room has given me the idea to use in my own craft room. ;)

    Loved seeing these--and your cute curtain.

  16. Sorry but no. I sewed much earlier and then had my career and stopped but now that I'm retired I'm wanting to get back into it.

  17. My mom made me the blouse in the 80's pattern. And she just recently made me 3 prairie skirts. :-)
    Fun Post!

  18. I had several patterns that were similar to the ones you had, Kimberly. Who ever thought that we would be "retro" at some point in our lives? lol I used to make all my own clothes and when my kids were little I made all their clothes, too- xo Diana

  19. Wow! Kimberly, this is the second post in a few days where, for some reason, I've found myself talking about my Home Ec experience in junior high, and the wrap around skirt we made one year. I can't say that I did well with sewing, but I'd be more attentive today, I think! Pattern 8615, the white dress with the ruffle skirt is something very similar to what I wore to my junior high prom!


  20. Yes, Yes and yes -- from the first pretty shirt to the last - but one exception I did not in NO way wear a mini-dress - wink! My mother sewed all my dresses for school... nice to remember...


  21. Cute little detail to add to your sewing room.
    I remember those styles, and pattern well.
    With 6 kids, my mom sewed a lot of our clothes.
    Best part of that, was that we were able to pick out our favorite fabric.

    Have a happy day!

  22. My grandmother always sewed for my sister and I. I am sure she made us dresses with the short flippy sleeves like the ones shown in the second pattern. The graphics on these are so cute, I love your idea to frame them for the sewing room!


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