Friday, 21 February 2014

Friday’s Finds

How am I finding Friday?
I believe this picture paints a thousand words!
What am I working on today?
I’m working on moving.
No, not from my home!
I am moving my blog from Blogger to Word Press. I know I’ve threatened to do this for so long that you probably thought that I was just blowing off steam. No, I am serious.
I’m not going to re-hatch right now why I made this decision. We’ll talk about that another time. But, this is what I am busy working on all day today.
It will probably take a couple of weeks yet, so I will give you lots of warning of my change-over date.
Camp and cottage Living
Before I say goodbye…..
Do you remember this photo of
my birdhouse looking so sweet in the sunshine?

Here it is today.
Can you see it peaking through all of that white stuff?
It is there, truly it is. You just have to look really hard.
Now tell me my friends, did I actually write in fairly recent months that I loved the North?
I only have one question:
What was I drinking thinking?


  1. Your poor husband...after a while where can you put all that snow. The rains we had melted lots of ours. We have sunshine today and big winds...hopefully it will help to dry things up. Your little bird house, so sad. My husband had to repair our bird feeder that we put sunflower seeds into. Hope your weekend is wonderful. xoxo,Susie

  2. Haha Kimberly, that is so funny. That is a unreal lot of snow. My goodness.
    Well have fun moving.

  3. You have snow like we do. It will be June before it all melts here. Stay warm.

  4. I feel so sorry for your man, that is what I would call " Hard Labour", and yes, living in the North, I'm sure you do love it, maybe just not quite so much this winter for you, come springtime the love will rekindle all over again, Glenfiddich or not. Cheers, Jean.

  5. I just can't imagine all that snow! God bless your hubby....


  6. Yikes! You sure have had a lot of snow since the first photo of the bird house was taken. Good luck with the change over to Word Press, Kimberly. Hugs. Pam

  7. Oh my, Kimberly. That would be more than I could bear. I hope you can get some warmer temperatures there soon to melt some of that away.

  8. That looks like our house ugh I do like living in the north but this is not usual for us. So I will grin and bear it and then enjoy our beautiful spring and summer.

  9. So you're on your way over...I will be watching with interest.

    This has been a particularly challenging year in the north and I see that you're as buried as we are.

  10. Oh my! All that snow! LOL on the whiskey, not sure if I ever had that brand..and I am ashamed to say..I do like whiskey on a cold day. Blessings

  11. Ha, Ha, we got hit with a big snow storm too. My path to my bird feeders is ridiculous. I have to climb a mountain of snow and try to wade. :-)
    Oh the fun of snow and the north land.

  12. We're in the same boat here. Snow, snow, snow, and today high winds! I hope your word pres transition goes well but I have to say I get so tired of filling in the blanks just so I can leave a comment with Word Press.

  13. holy smokes - SNOW - oh my goodness that's a lot - In Garden City, Utah it snowed two days non stop and we had 8 feet of that white stuff yo deal with off the roofs of friends and businesses.. OH my back breaking - indeed.. how much snow do you have..?
    Hugs -- KEEP SAFE - don't slip..

  14. Yes, but it was your hubby out there shoveling not you! LOL!
    I lived rural so I never shoveled. You should give him some of that scotch when he comes in...I think he'll need it!

  15. uMMMM...I'd say that scotch might come in handy for TWO reasons- ONE dealing with the cold and snow and TWO trying to switch over from blogger to wordpress. Good luck! You are much braver than I am- xo Diana

  16. Wow!!!! looks like your living here, so much snow....Sweet birdhouse gone bye bye...Blessings Francine.

  17. Too much snow--even for you. Right????? Gads--I cannot imagine THAT much snow--anywhere... Yipes...

    Good Luck with your change from Blogger to Word Press.

    Have a great weekend.

  18. Wow, look at that snow! Incredible :) Okay, can you please let me know what you think about moving to Wordpress...I have often thought of doing it as well but am nervous to do so. I would love your input :)

    Happy weekend - stay warm and safe!

  19. Oh my, you are buried alive! Yes, what were you drinking? lol! Really, you live in a beautiful place. We have no snow on the ground now, but we need more in the mountains. I know Winter isn't over for us yet. I always wonder why people move to Wordpress. Will be interested to know.

  20. That is a lot of snow!!! I will be very interested to hear what made you decide to move, later, when you have time.

  21. Now that is a lot of snow!!! Can't wait to hear all about your transition to WordPress. I have been tempted.

  22. Kimberly,

    I'm wondering if all that snow, surrounding your own home and burying the birdie's, has maybe risen the cabin fever temps and motivated you to move your blog!;)

    Wow! Will be waiting for the announcement...


  23. With that much snow, I'd be hitting the bottle too, LOL! Best wishes on the move over to wordpress. I keep a "placeholder" blog over there, just in case I ever decide to switch. Blogger was really terrible for a while, back a couple of years ago, and I almost jumped ship then. But the new editor got straightened out & I haven't had anymore problems with it. But with Google these days (too big for their britches), it's good to have an alternative!

  24. Hunker down with that drink and enjoy the snow- spring is just around the corner!

  25. Kimberly,

    OMG........Now I know why I didn't move back home. Too much snow!!!!
    Your poor husband is shoveling all of this by hand. Do you have a snow blower?

    Be safe, stay warm, and hunker down my friend.

  26. I laughed out loud when I saw your poor birdhouse covered up completely. Sorry..I don't know what's wrong with me this morning. I guess I just need a good laugh- but your husband waist deep in snow! Tell him to be careful out there!
    My first thought when I saw the Glenfiddich bottle? Kay Scarpetta! My mind must be in another world today.
    I'l bet I can guess half of the reasons you are leaving blogger...I have contemplated moving to WP myself.

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  28. HOLY Moly that is a lot of snow LOL. Good luck with your blogger to wp move. You will like it!


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