Tuesday, 18 February 2014

Looking Back at Downton Abbey

Do you ever go back in your blog to see what was happening in your life a year ago?
I have to admit I don’t often do this, but today I was curious if I had posted any Winter photos so I could compare then to this years photos.
But no, there were no Winter scenery photos.


Instead I discovered that February 18, 2013 must have been the day after Matthew of Downton Abbey had died in that tragic automobile accident.

If you want to read my wailings about how I wasn’t even sure I would watch the program this year you can read here.

Obviously I am watching the show again. But with only one more show left I’m wondering just what drama Julian is going to leave us with this year.
I’m really clueless anddown3
I’m hoping that we’re not going to find Bates being accused of murder again.

Tell me, if you watch the show, do you think Mr. Bates murdered Mr. Green?

I don't think he did!
I just can't imagine that Julian is going to put us through another Bates trial and prison saga.
What do you think?


  1. I kept saying, maybe he wasn't really dead...he would recover! It's definitely been a good show to watch and talk about. What if Mr. Bates had someone else kill Mr. Green? It's a thought! Enjoy your day my friend!

  2. I don't think so. = D

    Oh you caught Matthew in that wonderful, high-spirited moment. What a way to go!

  3. I don't think Bates did it either. Too obvious I think. Is there really only one episode left? Their seasons are super-short.

  4. We just started watching Downton a few months ago after hearing so much about it from our kids. We watched 3 1/2 seasons in just a few short weeks and now have caught up to the current episode. Sunday night was sooo good!! I sure hope Bates wasn't involved but - I don't know??? I loved Lady Mary and the pigs! ha

  5. I don't think Bates killed him. I think the dude saw Bates and ran from him and was hit by a car! Sounds like a good "ending" for me.

    ONE MORE SHOW?!!!? NO!!!

  6. I still miss Matthew. I liked his spunk- and I liked Mary's sweeter personality coming out when she was with him, although she would not be Mary if she didn't have that nose stuck up in the air. HA HA I don't know what to think of Mr Green's demise..or Bates. I wanted it to happen, but I didn't want Bates involved.

  7. I haven't seen the show but really want to start it from the beginning. Everyone talks about how good it is :-)


  8. Love DA and sure hope Bates is a free man.

  9. I love the show and I don't think he did either...I just couldn't take it! ;)

  10. We love DA too. I do hope Bates is a free man as well.

  11. I think everyone believes that Mr. Bates killed dastardly Mr. Green, but I don't think he did. Or if he did, I think he will get away with it. I hope.

  12. I think everyone believes that Mr. Bates killed dastardly Mr. Green, but I don't think he did. Or if he did, I think he will get away with it. I hope.

  13. I don't think he murdered him. I do have a feeling that he might have had a confrontation with him and had some bad interaction with him...but I think his death was probably pure accident. I am only hoping it is-I couldn't stand it if he went to prison again.

    Interesting story line with Edith, too, and I am wondering what will happen there. xo Diana

  14. I don't know what to think but they don't call it "drama" for nothing! LOL!

  15. I am TERRIBLY afraid he had one of his prison friends do it. Oh, that would be just devastating. Last year poor Matthew...this year POOR ANNA!!!!

  16. I don't think that Bates did do it.
    they have made it look that way but I have a feeling he didn't

  17. Hmmmmm
    I am a bit suspicious of Anna.
    Just sayin . . . .


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