Saturday, 15 February 2014

Simple Saturdays

How many times do we talk about living a simpler life?

I’ve noticed that it has become a topic of conversation on several blogs as of late.

I know that simple living isn’t exclusive to just cutting expenses or living with less stuff…..

But I want to share with you on this Simple
Saturday something that I have been implementing for the last six weeks in my weekly routine.

drying rack*
And here you have it:
I have been drying my laundry inside on drying racks!
Several weeks ago I noticed that Canadian Tire was having a sale on their clothes drying racks.
And I thought, why not?
 I love hanging our clothes on the outdoor line in the Summer months, so why not give it a try inside in the Winter?
drying rack1*
I did try it, and I’m sold.
Not only do I get the joy (yes, I really said joy) of hanging the clothes to dry, but I estimated that I also saved twenty five dollars in four weeks by doing this.
That was a nice bonus!

Now it is your turn.
Have you begun to simplify your life in some manner that you wouldn't mind sharing?
 I'd really love to hear.....

* These wooden racks photos are of racks I like, mine are plastic.


  1. Good morning! I hang dry almost ALL of me tops. Right from the washer onto hangers and then in the doorways until they are dry. In the winter months this might take a couple of days, lol. I find they do much less shrinking this way. Don't know if I could bear drying everything this way though. The racks look great. Enjoy your week-end!

  2. I've used one of those old folding clothes-drying racks for winter use ever since I bought it at an auction more than 35 years ago. I actually haven't owned a dryer for the past 10 years and really don't miss it. Love the smell of clothes dried outside in the summer.

  3. I am wondering about the extra moisture in the house over time. I have read that it can be a problem, but I know that my great-grandmother had huge drying racks high above her woodstove in the kitchen (high ceilings) and they pulled down for easy access. Twenty-five dollars is a good chunk of cash!

  4. I used to do a lot of that when we had our bigger place. Now there is no room, unless I move the cars out of the garage, LOL. It does bump up the humidity a little, which is badly needed indoors during the winter time.

    I can't think of one particular thing at the moment that we've simplified, except for our lives in general when we downsized. I agree with the philosophy that less is more!

  5. My laundry is in the basement...this would be very nice. I am a stickler for not over drying clothes. I dry for a minute or two to get the wrinkles out , then hang on hangers on some pegs to finish drying. I have been trying to do the drying around 4-6 in the evening to help warm the basement. Does that count? I recycle lids from anything plastic....our town uses them for making park benches. They send them to a company that melts them all down for new plastics. Thinking of this, I need to do a nice post on those benches. Blessings, xoxo,Susie

  6. Interesting you mentioned this today. I was just hanging some clothes over a drying rack that we use but I do still put some things in the dryer. And I was thinking back to when we first got married and I had lines strung down part of the basement and put it all there to dry... didn't have a dryer.

  7. Interesting you mentioned this today. I was just hanging some clothes over a drying rack that we use but I do still put some things in the dryer. And I was thinking back to when we first got married and I had lines strung down part of the basement and put it all there to dry... didn't have a dryer.

  8. First of all I love that drying rack. That is the coolest thing ever. Just looking at it I could think of all kinds of things to use it for.
    Well this year, when we were doing our budget, I was shocked at the amount of money I spent in a year. I have successfully so far been able to cut 100.00 dollars a week out of my grocery bill and have decided to only cook from scratch. We have stopped for years now not going out to dinner. I am going to cut more out of it too and I am working on that. I really want to be a better stewed than I am now. So I like this.

  9. I am currently cleaning out a lot of "stuff" that has accumulated over 33 years of marriage, mostly in the basement. Time to let it go! I wish I had room for an indoor clothesline!

  10. I LOVE drying my clothes out on the line but seldom dry anything indoors without using the dryer. I would think the bonus would be humidifying the dry winter air in the house!

    I really DO need to simplify more things! xo Diana

  11. I remember winter drying when growing up. Mum sometimes hung the clothes on the line outside and brought them in frozen and hung them on one of those 3 sided wooden drying racks to dry. I don't use one very often but am thinking of buying one of those clothes lines that come out of a small reel hung on the wall. You can stretch it out a long way or back and forth. Our daughter uses one in her basement which is quite warm. She used it outside at their former house. I like these racks you shared. Pam

  12. I love my two old drying racks, use them all the time, Francine.

  13. I live very simple - My huband loves his Levis pants hung out to dry but did not think about putting up racks to dry my clothes indoors -- I am planning a visit to Wallmart and see what I can come up with.. thanks for the idea and reminder...keep trying to save..

  14. I have one of the standard drying wood racks that I use to use but I have gotten out of the habit. Guess I had better change that because I too enjoy hanging them out.

  15. Hi there, I've been hanging clothes in the house for several years. We are not allowed in our community to have outside clothes lines (Bummer) ---so this is the next best thing. I only dry (in the dryer) our sheets and big things like that. I hang some of our clothes on hangers on the shower racks in the bathrooms and have a rack similar to yours in the laundry room for towels, etc... Works for us!!

    We also seldom use our furnace in winter since we have an incredible wood-burning fireplace... AND we don't use AC in summer much since we have lots of cross ventilation and fans.... SO???? We try our best to save money where possible and to live simpler.


  16. Good for you to save money this way. I don't do that, but I probably should.

  17. I love to hang outside in the summer but we have seed ticks that get int my clothes so then I hung in the basement but then I used more electricity ironing everything. the iron used lots of electricity and there was my time involved. I like to iron but knit items are meant to be dried in the dryer plus I have front loaders so they're almost dry when they come out of the washer. When I move back North I'll be drying outside all my years of line drying outside I never had ticks in my clothes!


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